Night markets: The inherent charm of Taiwanese culture

[Wanderlust Tips March 2019] When a long day has passed and night has fallen, the evening is the ideal time for exploring the many famous night markets on the island of Taiwan. The markets are a vibrant gathering of colourful street stalls and the best sidewalk dishes the island has to offer. For a long time, night markets have played an important role in the life of Taiwanese people, becoming a unique feature of the culture of Taiwan.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Night markets - The inherent charm of Taiwanese culture


The concept of the night market traces its roots back to the medieval Chinese Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). However, the Tang government put strict restrictions on night markets and their operations in A.D. 836, and it wasn’t until the Song Dynasty (960-1279), that night markets began to grow and play a central role in Chinese nightlife. These markets included restaurants and handicraft shops that were frequently located near business districts and red light districts.

Continuing on from traditional Chinese culture Taiwan’s night markets originated as small local markets in big cities. Most of them started as gatherings on street corners or near temples and offered traditional handicrafts and traditional medicines. After the 1950s, the night markets of the old urban areas of Taipei spread out into the suburbs and new industrial zones. Ones that are held periodically can still be found in rural areas of Taiwan.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Night markets - The inherent charm of Taiwanese culture

Traditionally night market vendors sold xiaochi – hearty Taiwanese snacks and dishes such as rice, noodles, tofu, vegetarian dishes, pastries, sauces, pickles and beverages. As time passed and the popularity of the markets grew, the items on sale at the night markets expanded to include more upscale items like housewares, clothes and souvenirs. Along with that, large chains started opening franchises in or near the night markets including fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and the convenience store chain 7-Eleven, which were then followed by fashion outlets. The purpose of the original night markets was everyday trading, but now they have become popular cultural focal points in Taiwanese people’s lives.


Local people and international tourists alike love to visit the night markets on the island of Taiwan. According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, some 70% of tourists to Taiwan visit a night market.

Many vibrant features make an unforgettable impression on visitors when they wander around the night markets, the bustling atmosphere, the abundance of items on offer like clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, souvenirs, and the shimmer of lanterns on Taiwan’s streets.

Most night markets in Taiwan open from 5pm and close at midnight. There are not only stalls selling pretty items but also reasonably priced restaurants, so visitors can enjoy shopping while tasting delectable food. Some quintessential dishes of Taiwan are fried chicken, rotten tofu, iron eggs, dim sum and grilled skewers that are eye-catching and delicious. Enjoying street food at the night markets is also a way for visitors to understand the local people’s enchanting food culture. Taiwan has many famous night markets, from Ximending and Shilin in Taipei to Fengjia in Taichung, and Liuhe in Kaohsiung. Each market is popular for its different goods, for example, Shilin is famous for clothing items, while Fengjia is so for Ta-a noodles (or danzi noodles) and coffin bread, and Ximending is a favourite to buy electronic goods.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Night markets - The inherent charm of Taiwanese culture

Besides this, the night markets are places of entertainment for people of all ages. There are many fun games such as toy claw machines , ring toss, fish or shrimp fishing in pots, shooting balloons with air guns or even playing mahjong. The games at the night markets always attract crowds of people, especially curious travellers as they are exploring the island.

The night markets of Taiwan showcase the cultural beauty of the community activities of indigenous residents in each area. Tourists can enjoy shopping for their favorite items with attractive prices while eating special Taiwanese delicacies, and all the while having the chance to immerse themselves in the rich spiritual life and lifestyle of the friendly locals in the heart of this modern urban landscape.


When referring to Taiwan’s oldest and most famous night markets, it is impossible not to be reminded of Taipei City. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan – the heart of the island. It is famous for its diverse landscapes, rich culture and excellent cuisine. After a long day enjoying its scenic spots, the night is the best time to take a leisurely stroll and soak up the bustling atmosphere of Taipei’s night markets.

Raohe Street

Raohe Street Night Market is one of Taipei’s oldest night markets. Visitors can find everything from everyday items to electronics. It is also a great place to buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. The characteristic products of Raohe Street Night Market are wooden and bamboo handicrafts, embroidered handkerchiefs and Buddhist-related items, all of which are iconic merchandise in Taiwan.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Night markets - The inherent charm of Taiwanese culture

Time: 5pm – 12pm

Location: Raohe Street near Songshan Station, Songshan District, Taipei.


In Ximending Night Market, visitors can easily find the latest fashion items and trending accessories of good quality and at affordable prices. There is also a wide selection of Taiwan’s rich cuisine here, especially dishes made from duck like steamed duck, roasted duck, crispy fried duck tongues, and Ay-Chung Flour rice noodles are also very popular.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Night markets - The inherent charm of Taiwanese culture

Time: 11am – 11pm

Location: Hanzhong Street, Wanhua District, Taipei.


Shilin Night Market is divided into two sections: one for food and one for other items. There are avant-garde fashion items and accessories with a vast assortment of styles and designs, all at bargain prices. The food here is also mouth-wateringly attractive, visitors should sample the many dishes served up here such as steak, hot dumplings, dim sum, sliced noodles, liver soup, squid soup, and oyster omelettes.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Night markets - The inherent charm of Taiwanese culture

Time: 3.30pm – 1am

Location: Near Yangming Theater between Jihe Road, Dadong Road and Dana Road, Shilin District, Taipei.

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Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The very first michelin starred menu onboard president cruises in Halong Bay

The very first michelin starred menu onboard president cruises in Halong Bay

President cruises is one of the only cruise ships with an a la carte dinner menu, Meaning that you can craft the culinary essence of your halong bay experience. And michelin star chef john burton-race, the first celebrity chef in the bay, not only Hosted an admirable dinner on 5 january, but also curated the first michelin-star Standard menu on president cruises.



Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The very first michelin starred menu onboard president cruises in Halong Bay

John will step aboard Halong Bay’s boldest vessel to launch his brand new menu, created especially for President Cruises. The handcrafted menu will leave every desire satisfied, ensuring an indulgent range of Michelin-standard food from John and exquisitely prepared Vietnamese food from President Cruise’s own outstanding chefs. The culinary bar has officially been raised in Halong Bay, with multi Michelin Star celebrity chef John Burton-Race making his debut appearance on President Cruises. John treated President Cruises’ passengers to a seven-course banquet, testament to his history of fine French cuisine.

Diners will have an unforgettable gastronomic experience when enjoying roasted redfish cooked with mashed red peppers, anchovies in vinegar served with French baked vegetables; or a spoonful of pigeon and Huckleberry, puy lentils with chestnut sauce, or a salmon dish with vanilla sauce, pressed tomatoes, chopped vegetables with crispy basil leaves.

With events like A Michelin Star Journey in Halong Bay, President Cruises enhances Halong Bay’s reputation as a world-class destination. “The cruise is completely unique,” said John, who remarked that Vietnam was a destination he’d like to explore further. “I know Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it deserves to be because it’s magical, mysterious and delightful.”

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The very first michelin starred menu onboard president cruises in Halong Bay

President Cruises delivers the best dining experience in Halong Bay with 40-dishes-Michelin-starred menu, presented by Celebrity Chef John Burton-Race, in every journey onboard President Cruises from January 2019. For bookings, please contact (84) 243 2454 555 or send an email to info@presidentcruiseshalong.com


Gift of the ocean

The delicious fresh seafood caught from the Hai Hoa sea is our source of inspiration for a culinary journey to seek out the gifts of the ocean.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Gift of the ocean

Hai Hoa (Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa) is not only well-known for its peaceful sprawling beaches with incoming ships laden with a fresh catch of fish and shrimp, but also its lush green fields and winding village pathways where you will see cows leisurely grazing. The stunning sunrise greets you when awoken by the noise of a distant early morning market where you will be amazed by a scene of baskets of meaty shrimp and crabs which have just been unloaded from the ships, along with immense tubs filled with succulent cuttlefish or baskets of silver and blue scaled fish sparkling in the sunlight. Everything is so fresh and delicious that the early morning market-goers buy up as much as possible.

Inspired by an appreciation of the precious ingredients harvested from the ocean, a lot of effort is always put into creating impressively good food.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Gift of the ocean

Taking the delightful white meat and coral red roe of the crabs and combining them with luscious green sticky rice and secret spices, the mixture is then placed back into the crab shells. Afterwards, they are baked on a bright red fire until the meat turns deliciously golden in colour and aromatic smells waft through the air. The crab meat awakes all human senses thanks to its salty taste of the ocean, while the familiar scent of the green sticky rice and hot charcoal evoke memories of a sunset over the paddy fields of our homeland.

Manchurian wild rice which is harvested precisely at the right time will be plump, crunchy, and slightly sweet, so only needs to be simply prepared to retain its original flavour. Fresh giant tiger prawns have their shells removed and are then stir-fried with the Manchurian wild rice and garlic chives. This dish is served hot, having a soft yet crunchy texture and is sweet with a fragrant aromatic scent from the fried shrimp tails.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Gift of the ocean

Another enticing option is an aromatic grilled dish of shelled shrimp skewered on small lemongrass stalks and cooked over red-hot coals. Then a secret spice is revealed, Tay Ninh shrimp salt, which is spicy and offers the scent of shrimps dried under the bright sun. It is sprinkled on the shrimp releasing its aroma over the grill.

All seasonal ingredients like the green sticky rice of Hanoi or Manchurian wild rice of Nam Dinh are combined gracefully and harmoniously with seafood from the Hai Hoa sea, creating an exceptional culinary symphony of the flavours of the different lands.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Gift of the ocean

In the evening, under a starry sky by the breezy beach, we gathered around the fire for warmth and enjoyed the food we spent the whole day preparing. Huddled in our warm jackets we were all hungry, so on smelling the fragrant food our emotions were lightened by the generous array of grilled seafood, with the highlights being the crabs filled with green sticky rice, the Manchurian wild rice stir-fried with shrimp and garlic chives, and the Tay Ninh shrimp skewered on lemongrass. All the treats were so delicious and full of ocean flavours. We ate and drank, told each other our funny stories and laughed, we had fun together that night, it seemed like our happiness was harmonized with the joyful sounds of the waves.

After all, we found out the greatest gift of the ocean is not only the exquisite fresh ingredients caught from the sea, nor is it only the food prepared with meticulous effort, but above all, it is the happy smiles we shared with each other that beautiful evening. The ocean and a passion for culinary delights brought us together to share the gifts of the sea with many others.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Gift of the ocean


4A, Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

 0943 143 686

Wanderlust Tips

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era

En cave trekkin: A journey back in time to a prehistoric era

En cave is located in the centre of the limestone mountain range of Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. It is the world’s 3RD largest cave, surpassed only by Son Doong in Vietnam and Deer cave in Malaysia.



Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era

We started our journey by crossing the 2-kilometre high bumpy slope of Ba Giang. The trail is just wide enough for a person and quite slippery, at times we were forced to climb over fallen trees or crawl through arches made of vines. In return for my effort, I was granted the chance to admire towering old-growth forest with vines wrapping around the trunks of the trees, snails and squirrels along with many kinds of insects and birds. A sense of journeying back in time to a prehistoric era came to me when we walked through the primeval forest.

Crossing the slopes of Ba Giang, we arrived at Rao Thuong Valley, surrounded by the stream of the same name. We crossed through the valley and its streams at the foot of the mountain with its green grass and thick vegetation and listened to the birds singing. The most thrilling moments happened when we waded through the stream where the water was cool and so clear that we could see the pebbles at the bottom and the fish swimming in the middle of the swift current. We came across impressive butterflies of all shapes and colours: yellow, white, blue and black on the trail and around the streams, gathering in clusters on the ground looking like blooming flowers. Sensing the movement of people, they flew up in circles around our feet. Walking amidst the butterflies, watching their fragile wings in the silent transparent space, I thought I was walking in a beautiful dream.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era

Đoòng Village brought me back to reality, though a reality very different from the hectic life of the modern world. The village has only about ten houses, home to about 30 people making their living from farming and forest products. Just looking at their tanned skin and austere features revealed how hard their lives are, despite this there was no expression of anxiety or scepticism on their faces. They were always kind and friendly, their eyes and smile expressing true innocence and honesty. I sincerely hope that the visits of many travellers like us will only bring a little more joy to their life, but not change the calm and peaceful beat in the hearts of these gracious people.

The path from the Đoòng Village to En Cave was easy to traverse and particularly stunning. On both sides of the path, we saw clumps of wild sugar cane and flat green grass. With the vast expanse of sky above our heads, we marvelled at the mountain ranges covered with green trees, long streaky clouds and light blue sky surrounding the mountain peaks. From 1 kilometre, the massive mouth of En Cave presents itself, and believe me the fatigue when you have travelled more than 10 kilometres will dissipate right at that moment you stand in front of En Cave, amazed by the primitive scenery formed about 500 million years ago.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era


Nowhere else have I felt such a strong sense of Mother Nature as the time I spent in En Cave. En Cave is such an enormous and safe shelter Mother Nature has created for human beings, filled with water, air and light. En Cave has 3 main openings, the first opening has 2 domes: the outer dome leads into a gigantic cavernous chamber, while the shorter inner dome is next to a large and waist-deep subterranean river in the cave. The second entrance leads to a massive chamber connected to the outside world, it is a vast space with the appearance of a huge oculus. The third 100-metre-high opening at the back of En Cave is where the river flows out of the cave and runs to Son Doong Cave.

In order to go deeper into the cave from the first entrance, we had to wade across the river and climb on the jagged cliffs which are tens of metres high. Looking from the top of the cliffs, the bottom of the cave is far-off and surrounded by a wide river. Clinging to the rock, we descended to the foot of the cliffs and then rowed rafts across the river to reach the centre of the cave. The largest part of En Cave has a colossal width of approximately 170 metres, which can hold hundreds of people. The ceiling is as exquisite as the dome of a cathedral and at its tallest point, the cavernous chamber could accommodate a 40-storey skyscraper (about 120 metres).

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era

Thousands of swallows call this cave home and they seem not to be afraid of humans. When we were having dinner a swallow fell down onto our dining table, the bird had injured its wing and was unable to fly so one member of our team rushed to hold and feed it in his hands. The next morning, I saw it casually walking around our tent and hoped it would soon recover and once again be flying in the clear blue sky. Along the path, I saw many baby swallows sleeping on rocks, they were so bold that they would even try to snuggle up in your hair and climb right up on your head to sleep!

Venturing into the back of En Cave, I felt as if I had been transported back several hundred million years. I saw the “traces of time” presenting themselves in the fossils of the cliffs, the stalactites and stalagmites on the cave walls. The British cave expert Howard Limbert, who has found more than 500 caves in Vietnam including the world’s largest cave Son Doong, confirmed that every centimetre of the stalactites has been forming for hundreds of millions of years. It seems like all stalagmites and stalactites are still alive in the journey of the creation of nature. Only one human touch and the process of formation can end immediately as the oil on the human skin will cause the water to slip away and no longer build up. With this in mind, each of us carefully walked on the small path to not affect any of these priceless monuments of time. In the back of the cave, there are many layers of winding coral reefs which look like gorgeous water terraces with each step filled up with sparkling water.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era


In the afternoon, visitors can swim in the underground river at the centre of the cave. The sandy shore gradually descends into a bottom that is full of smooth gravel and stone, while the water is so cool and clear that we can see its bottom, the river is like a natural beach. Due to the difference in temperature, half of the river is warmer while the other half is colder. When soaking in the water, hearing laughter echoing off the cliffs, looking at bright spots flickering in the dark of the cave, I felt like I was transported back into a primitive time.

The night spent in En Cave was the most memorable experience of this trip. When darkness enveloped the cave, we could still see the light from the second entrance and flocks of birds flying back into and circling inside the cave. This is the home of thousands of swallows and it is said that in ancient times, the Arem people who inhabited the cave used baby birds and birds eggs as a source of food. Even though they have now left the cave, the ritual of “eating swallows” has been kept alive. They have never exploited all of the forest’s resources, always being mindful to preserve and nourish what it has to offer, for example, when harvesting wild honey, leaving a part of the nest for the bees to continue to live in. It is also said that the Arem still have relatively flat feet which is a remnant of many generations climbing the high cliffs.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era

Even though we knew we had to keep up our strength for the next day to climb the cliffs and wade through the underground river, every one of us in our group felt such a sense of regret to fall asleep that wonderful night. We, 16 people from different countries, sat on the sand while the sparkling river flowed in front of us, the cave ceiling and dark sky above our heads as we were surrounded by the singing of the birds.

After taking a nap, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, still hearing the songs of the birds, the splash of water and the sounds of droppings landing on the roof of the tent. The sun rose over the land at 5am, the light was shining down into the cave from the sky harmonizing with the vapour creating a dreamy scenery. Everyone leaned out of their tents, ran barefoot along the riverbank and then sat on the edge of the water washing their faces, breathing in the cool fresh air. Everyone’s face looked so fresh and radiant, they were all excited for the final journey exploring the mysterious world in En Cave.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era

The pristine beauty and the preservation of the vestiges of prehistoric times is the highlight of En Cave in particular and of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in general. Every step of our journey to En Cave was a precious experience to discover the dawn of the earth and humanity. I hope its invaluable beauty will never be destroyed by human greed and short-sightedness.



Currently, Oxalis is the only travel company allowed by Quang Binh province to organize tours to explore En Cave. A tour lasts 2 days and 1 night for the price of VND7,600,000 per person, however, the cost can be reduced if there is a promotion. There are 1 to 2 trips per week of up to 16 guests per trip. You should register at least 1 month in advance.


Tourists need to have the physical ability to complete the trek and have trekking experience. This includes being capable of climbing a slope which is as high as a 42-story building, walking 22 kilometres of forest path, wading through 30 streams and a 4-kilometre underground river in the cave.


En Cave discovery tours operate from late December until the end of August (tours do not operate from September to December). The best time to visit is in March and April. If you go before this time, the weather will be a little colder, while travelling later it will be quite hot. In particular, late spring is the time when visitors can best witness the butterflies and green trees.


Because you will have to walk a lot, shoes are the most important items. Oxalis does offer shoes to borrow but it is recommended that you should buy your own in advance. You should buy wading shoes with drainage holes in a larger size because after a day climbing and soaking in water, your feet may swell slightly. In addition, you should wear long sleeve shirts, turtleneck clothing, waterproof trousers, knee-high socks and leggings. You should also bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent, citronella oil or lemon essential oil. It is recommended that you take a lightweight backpack for carrying water, umbrellas and jackets. Other items such as helmets, gloves, flashlights, camping tents and meals are provided by the travel company.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | En cave trekking - A journey back in time to a prehistoric era


From other provinces to Quang Binh, you can travel by aeroplane, train or bus. The most convenient transportation is still a night bus, it departs in the evening and in the early morning of the following day you will arrive in Dong Hoi city (Quang Binh province), then move to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and begin trekking at 9.10am to En Cave.


If you have enough time, after travelling to Quang Binh, you can stay overnight in Dong Hoi city or another area near Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park to visit other famous attractions of the city (Nhat Le Beach, Quang Phu sand dunes and Vung Chua – Dao Yen) or beautiful sights in the National Park (Phong Nha cave, Thien Duong cave, Chay river, Toi cave and Mooc stream).

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Festivals around the world in 2019

Say goodbye to the year which is coming to and end and welcome in a new year filled with happiness.



Holi, the festival of colour, is one of the major festivals of India and is celebrated across the country as well as in Hindu communities around the world. This vibrant festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and is a celebration of equality with festival goers covering each other in coloured powders and getting drenched in water.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: The full moon in March each year.

Location: The festival is held almos everywhere in India, but the largest venue is Mathura which is about a 4 hour drive from Delhi.


Until its revival in 1980, Carnival, established as a Venetian institution in 1296, had fallen into decline and had been almost forgotten for many years. Since its renaissance, this iconic festival has been held annually in the city of canals to this day. During the carnival, Venice bursts into life in a sea of brilliant colours from the unique masks which are traditionally made of leather or paper mache. Today, however, they are also made of Gypsum and gold leaf and then adorned with feathers and gems.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: 16th February – 5th March 2019.

Location: Venice, Italy


When spring comes and the weather warms, it is time for the grass on the hillside of Nara’s Mount Wakakusayama to be spectacularly set ablaze when the revered Wakakusa Yamayaki takes place. At the beginning of the festival, torches are lit in ritual from a sacred fire by monks at the nearby Kasuga Taisha Shrine, who then carry them in procession to the bottom of Mount Wakakusa before lighting a bonfire and conducting a traditional ceremony. Then, the hills are ignited with the sacred fire which burn in entirety for the next 30 minutes or so. Because of Wakakusayama’s elevation over Nara, both the fireworks and the fire are strikingly visible throughout the city.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: The fourth Saturday in January (26th January 2019).

Location: Mount Wakakusa, Nara City, Japan.


King’s Day marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander. It’s a day when all Dutch men and women wear something orange, and celebrate the festivities with city-wide street markets and parties. It is renowned for being one of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: 27th April 2019.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.


During this cat-themed celebration, participants in the festivities often wear feline inspired costumes from the times of Ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages or even those of fairy tales. Store windows are lined with cats, from cat-shaped chocolates and marzipan to stalls selling all sorts of feline merchandise.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: The second Sunday in May (12th May 2019).

Location: Grote Market, Ypres City, Belgium.


Bulgaria has long been known as the “Land of Roses”, as visitors are granted the opportunity to admire the beauty of this romantic and sweet scented flower throughout the country. Roses often bloom around the end of May to early June and when visiting Bulgaria at this time, you will feel as if you are lost in a fairy-tale wonderland of fragrant and colourful blooming flowers. Coinciding with this majestic time of year is the Rose Festival which is celebrated in the heart of the rose valley with activities including flower picking, parades, and folk dance performances.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: At the end of May to early June when the roses bloom.

Location: Karlovo and Kazanlak in The Rose Valley, Bulgaria.


Uniting the world through mud as tourists across the globe flock to Daecheon Beach to join in the muddy activities of what has become Korea’s number one festival to visit. Festival-goers can enjoy the pure fun and entertainment of the mudfest with mud baths, mud slides, mud prisons, mud body painting, and even the opportunity to compete in a mud wrestling competition. The relaxation and excitement of soaking in the mineral-rich mud promises to be an unforgettable experience of the less ordinary for any traveller.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: The last two weeks of July (18th – 31st July 2019).

Location: Daecheon Beach, Boryeong City, Chungnam Province, Korea.


La Tomatina is the world’s largest, and probably messiest, food fight festival held annually in Spain. It is when everywhere in the beautiful town of Buñol is coloured by the red of tomatoes and filled with the happy screams of participants, a truly fascinating and memorable experience for all who take part. For all festival revelers two vital principles must be kept in mind: do not throw any hard objects, and all electronic devices and backpacks must be left behind.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: The last Wednesday in August (28th August 2019).

Location: Buñol, Valencia, Spain.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a major festival which holds diverse meanings across Asian countries depending on the distinctive culture of the individual nation. It can be a holiday for children, a celebration of the harvest season, or even in some places this holiday is tied to mysterious legend. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, enveloped in the vibrant atmosphere and under the bright moonlight, people are filled with happiness and hope for the bright future which lies ahead.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

Location: Asian countries including Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


Albuquerque is the world’s largest balloon festival, held annually in the first weeks of October. As a spectator at the festival, you will have the opportunity to see a picturesque scene of hundreds of hot air balloons of all shapes and colours ascending into the sky. A truly breathtaking sight to behold!

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: 5th-14th October, 2019.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.


A one of a kind celebration in which monkeys delight in feasting on tonnes of fruit, jelly and their favorite drinks. Tourists are bystanders in watching the mischievous monkeys enjoy the banquet laid out before them.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: The last Sunday in November (24th November 2019).

Location: Phra Prang Sam Yot, Lopburi Province, Thailand.


Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith. It is also an occasion for family members to gather together, enjoying the traditional foods and music of the season. Typical traditions through the holiday season include people decorating Christmas trees with ornaments as well as colourful candles, and exchanging gifts with each other to celebrate Christmas. On visiting European countries at this time, travellers will be immersed in the Christmas atmosphere which is especially encapsulated in the beautiful Christmas markets.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Festivals around the world in 2019

Time: 24th-26th December 2019.

Location: European countries including England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary.

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Which travel trends are waiting for you in 2019

[When technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the relationship between humans and the enviroment has been strengthened and people are thirsting for extraordinary experiences, 2019 promises to be a passionate year for travel enthusiast.



According to a report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), an estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans each year with conservative yearly estimates of 13 billion dollars in financial damage to marine ecosystems. The amount of plastic waste on earth is enough to wrap the whole planet. Scientists predict that plastic rubbish will outweigh fish in the oceans by 2050. The European Parliament has overwhelmingly backed a wideranging ban on single-use plastics in an effort to tackle pollution in the seas, fields and waterways.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Which travel trends are waiting for you in 2019

Protecting the environment from plastic waste is everyone’s responsibility. In the tourism industry, many airlines, travel agencies, hotels and tourists have strongly committed to reducing plastic waste or even replacing certain conventional plastic products with alternative materials. Airlines including Alaska Airlines (USA), Qantas Airlines (Australia), Ryanair (an Irish budget carrier) committed to stop using disposable plastic straws on their planes and pledged to go plastic-free by 2023. McDonald’s said it will switch to paper straws at all its locations in the United Kingdom in 2019 and test an alternative to plastic ones from 2018.

The website Booking.com revealed an overwhelming majority of global travellers (86%) say they would be willing to spend some time on activities that offset the environmental impact of their stay, with over a third (37%) willing to clear plastic and litter from a beach or other tourist attractions. The awareness of environmental values among travellers has risen. Recently, instead of using bottled water or drinks, re-usable water bottles have become a favourite alternative and there are many kinds of water bottles coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes into the market. Some made of metal or glass are great choices for those who worry about the harmful effects of plastic bottles or storing food in plastic containers or plastic wrap. In addition, many tourists use environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrushes to improve oral health instead of plastic ones at hostels or hotels.


53% of global travellers indicated that they plan to take more weekend trips in 2019. With continued innovations in transport from more flight routes, keenly priced airlines, to sharable and easy on-demand car rentals as well as real-time public transport insights served up to visitors seamlessly in situ, the micro trip will become more varied and tailored, making shorter trips more personal and rewarding.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Which travel trends are waiting for you in 2019

According to Visa International Service Association’s recent survey conducted with the participation of more than 15,000 travellers from over 27 countries, Vietnamese travellers are found to take the most shorts trips with 74% of those being for four nights or less, much lower than the Asia Pacific average of seven nights. Besides the average time spent abroad, the travel time of Vietnamese is only 75% in comparison to the average time of other Asian people. They often choose destinations which are 4 or 5 flight hours from Vietnam while the average flight time of Asian travellers is 6 hours.

In 2019, it is forecasted travellers the world over will be taking shorter and more frequent trips, motivated largely by the need to bond with family and loved ones. Finance also plays an important role in altering the travelling trends of tourists. With shorter trips, instead of travelling by costly forms of transportation like air travel, tourists can drive or rent a car at reasonable prices or travel by train. In addition, short tour packages are often discounted or offer special incentives at the weekend. It is said that saving through a package is one of the crucial features which encourages people to get out of their houses.

Also, the total amount of annual leave is a crucial element. Most enterprises across the globe regulate the number of days off their employees have during a year. In Vietnam, besides 12 days off per year, every employees is also entitled to 10 paid public holidays (purswant to article 15, The Labor Code). In many countries people have even less annual leave than this. Therefore, they do not have enough time for longer trips, meaning shorter ones are increasingly popular among travellers because they can go on vacation over a two day weekend. During multiple short trips, travellers are capable of exploring more attractions throughout the year. For example, instead of a 2-week tour in Da Nang in the summer, people can spend 4 days in Ha Giang in March, 4 days in Da Nang in April and 4 days in Da Lat in November.


We are all aware of our footprint at different destinations whether we travel alone or in a group. It’s undeniable that tourism brings obvious benefits to a local economy, however, popular destinations often quickly become overcrowded with tourists during the high season and mass tourism causes environmental damage and affects local communities. According to CNN, local residents are warning that top European vacation destinations including Venice and Barcelona are being ruined by hordes of tourists that generate too much noise, pollute the environment and drive up prices. In addition, travelling to crowded places visitors can experience an overall sense of fatigue and annoyance.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Which travel trends are waiting for you in 2019

Today, tourists are becoming more aware of their negative impact on the environment and the lives of locals. Therefore, avoiding crowded destinations and travelling in the off-season is no longer an uncommon trend. Currently almost half of tourists feel social issues in possible travel destinations are of real importance when choosing where and when to go and over half choose not to travel to a destination if they feel it will negatively impact the people who live there.

In 2019, travellers will increasingly seek out new experiences and less well-known destinations. If we choose our destinations wisely and weigh them against one another, on our next trip, we will not feel like we are one of those who are destroying the local environment, but a genuine local who is preserving and protecting the land we came to explore.

Travel has found 10 brave travellers to embark on a one-off 3,500 kilometre Uncharted Expedition into the lesser known areas of Kazakhstan, Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia. The 22-day trip features a journey through towns and villages which can’t be found on Google Maps and where intermittent electricity and Wi-Fi are the norm. The expedition will depart on 30th June 2019.

Or Lisbon’s “We Hate Tourism Tours” wants you to experience the city like a true local in Portugal. Describing it as a “continuous exchange and cultural enrichment for people who want to see and experience a place in a different way”, the trip will help visitors gain an understanding of what makes Portugal different from other places.


Travelling not only helps you reduce stress and discover new territories, but also improves essential employability skills and broaden your cultural, intellectual, and spiritual education like you could never have imagined. Over half (56%) of global travellers agree travelling has taught them invaluable life skills, and 2019 will see a rise in people’s desire to learn something new – this may include volunteering and skillsbased holidays – while on holiday.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Which travel trends are waiting for you in 2019

Travelling teaches you many interesting lessons, granting you the chance to explore new lands and better yourself. Whether you are working in a wildlife sanctuary, are a salesperson or a fresh graduate, the new experiences you gain during travelling are priceless. By choosing destinations in your homeland or in other countries, you show others your dynamism in always reaching for new experiences in different cultures. We make friends from all around the world during trips and this not only helps you improve your knowledge of other cultures but also broadens your horizons. Keeping in touch with your foreign friends will become a distinct advantage when you want to find jobs in other countries.

Generation Z will reportedly become more acutely aware of the need to question expensive university degrees over and against life skills that can be learned while travelling. Trips with a purpose will become more popular in 2019, with 68% of global travellers considering taking part in cultural exchanges to learn new skills, followed by volunteering trips (54%) and international work placements (52%) In another recent trend, Au Pair programs have increasingly become popular among students who have a desire to live abroad and have a limited budget. These cultural exchange programs allow young people from all over the world to live with a local family abroad in exchange for childcare help. They gain an insight into the family’s life, as well as culture, language and the lifestyle of the host country. Living and travelling together with the local family brings promising life experiences.


We are currently living in an age of technology in which we have never before had access to such a vast source of knowledge at our fingertips. However, besides the relatives we already know, how much do we really know about our family trees and origins? Recently, thanks to developments in genetic testing and accessible historical records, travellers are finding it easier than ever to pack a bag and journey back to their ancestral roots. You can discover your ancestry through DNA testing with an Ancestry DNA kit. All you need to do is take a sample of your saliva, send it away and within weeks a detailed breakdown of your ancestry and ethnicity will be sent to you, it can also indicate which conditions you may have a predisposition for. The recent rise in home DNA kits has spurred on explorers to delve into their cultural heritage, planning trips around the movements of their ancestors before them.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Which travel trends are waiting for you in 2019

Retracing your ancestors’ footsteps is an adventure replete with surprises. Be prepared to uncover corners of the globe you never knew existed or travel to familiar destinations and see them in a new light. This very personal journey could find you on a ferry to a remote Scottish island in search of a long-lost relative, or standing in front of your great grandmother’s childhood home in the centre of New York City.

In a bid to find travel inspiration in the past, six members of the Lonely Planet family took a DNA test and plan a trip based on the results. Valerie Stimac, and American Lonely Planet Local, found out she is 33% Eastern European, 29% Western European, 17% Iberian Peninsula, 16% Southern European, 4% Great Britain. She said the biggest surprise in her DNA results was the 17% Iberian Peninsula portion. None of the amateur genealogists in her family have identified an ancestor from Spain or Portugal. Thanks to the DNA test, she will plan to travel to the region and hopefully learn more about her ancestry first-hand.

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Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

The world’s 7 glamping sites

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular to visitors who seek for both adventures while camping amidst nature and the comforts of luxury accommodation. From dry isolated deserts and snow-covered mountains to peaceful quiet beaches, the following top 7 glamping sites in the world will ensure that you discover the magic of pristine natural environments. It is a place where you can be immersed in a paradise of haute cuisine, and sip a glass of fine champagne while listening to the sounds of nature harmonizing into a larger piece of natural music under a sky full of stars.



Featuring an average temperature of -250C, it is impossible to imagine that Antarctica can be the most expensive tourist attraction in the world. A ski expedition to Antarctica coincidentally inspired Patrick Woodhead to build the first luxury camp named the White Desert on the most isolated place on Earth. This camp has 6 dome pods; from a distance, they look like giant balls on the white ice in Antarctica. Apart from enjoying the best part of the luxury life in the pods, travellers can marvel at the enchanting scenery of Antarctica, climb the mountain, explore ice valley and mysterious emerald-green ice caves. You will also be taken to Atka bay by private jet to watch 6,000 Emperor penguins and visit the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station of the United States.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

  • Phone: +44 7900 216 584
  • Website: www.white-desert.com
  • Price: USD11,420 (~VND262,000,000) per room per night


Longitude 1310, which was honoured to welcome 2 VIPs including the first African American woman to become a billionaire – Oprah Winfrey and Prince William, is the most luxurious Glamping spot in Uluru, Australia. Longitude

1310 has sixteen tented pavilions which feature glass walls offering a 360-degree view of the UNESCO World Heritage site Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and Ayers Rock (also known as Uluru). Here, you can go on an exploration trip to learn about the biodiversity of the desert, immerse yourself in the ancient cultures, and listen to the spiritual stories of the giant rock Uluru. Here, you will be granted a chance to try haute cuisine made from fresh ingredients, enjoy retreats at Spa Kinara, leisurely lie on a king-sized bed, and admire the spectacular nature of Northern Australia.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

  • Phone: +61 2 9918 4355
  • Website: longitude131.com.au
  • Price: USD4,349 (~VND100,000,000) per room per night


Nestled deep in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Powys, England, Trewalter Treehouse, one of the most popular hiking destinations in Europe, also known as the luxurious gem, was built amidst breathtaking landscape. It is also the best place for couples on honeymoon who seek sumptuous luxury. Trewalter Treehouse hovers above the Llynfi river, guest rooms are fully equipped with smart TVs, washing machines, and beautifully hand-carved double beds with cashmere mattresses and Egyptian cotton bedding. The tree house structure harmonizes perfectly with the hills at a distance and the surrounding valley. Sometimes, you can find some chickens wandering around on the green grass. Also, you can visit some famous historical attractions such as Brecon church, Llanthony monastery, and the Crickhowell bridge which was built in the 18th century.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

  • Phone: 01892 75 00 90
  • Website: www.blueforest.com/commercial-project/trewal-ter-tree-house
  • Price: USD2,093 (~ VND48,000,000) per room per night


Located in North China, on the Gobi Desert – a barren land with spectacular natural landscape, Three Camel Lodge is an Eco resort of the Mongolian nomads. It is an ideal destination for those who want to learn about local life. Everything at Three Camel Lodge reflects the surroundings. The furniture is made by the local craftsmen; modern equipment is combined with the traditional decoration of the Mongols. This special resort also offers many activities such as music performances, visits to learn about the history of nomads. Or you can go on a excavation journey to Flaming Cliffs, home to the fossils of ancient creatures from the dog-sized herbivore Protoceratops to the ferocious predator Velociraptor. It is an unforgettable experience to be able to admire dinosaur fossils or sunset on the cliffs. Three Camel Lodge was listed among the world’s most unique accommodations by National Geographic Traveller in 2013.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

  • Phone: +1 800-998-6634
  • Website: www.threecamellodge.com
  • Price: USD1,700 (~VND39,000,000) per room per night


Located about 10 minutes’ walk away from Ranthambore National Park, Aman-i-Khas offers luxury experiences, modern comforts, and special services. This resort has 10 tents which have been decorated in traditional Mongolian style with features such as cotton curtains and all spaciously laid out with separate rooms including a living room, a bedroom, a dressing room, and a bathroom. In addition, Aman-i-Khas has 3 separated tents used as a dining area, spa, and relaxation area. In the morning, you will be awakened by the birds singing or start your morning with yoga poses, then enjoy breakfast made from fresh ingredients grown in organic gardens. The tents are located near Ranthambore National Park, so you will be granted the opportunity to admire wild animals such as tigers, panthers, deers, antelopes, crocodiles, and more than 350 kinds of birds. If you are a nature lover but do not want to give up luxury and comfortable accommodation, Aman-i-Khas is your best option.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

  • Phone: +91 74622 52052
  • Website: www.aman.com/resorts/aman-i-khas
  • Price: USD1,200 (~VND28,000,000) per room per night


Whitepod is a paradise for those who love pure beauty. Nestled on the Alps mountainside of Valais, Switzerland, from a distance, Whitepod’s guest rooms look like giant snowballs covered by white fabrics in winter and giant green, grass covered balls in summer creating the harmoniously camouflaging with the surrounding scenery. Whitepod preserves the values and pristine beauty of the ecosystem. Whitepod was the winner of the Responsible Tourism Award in 2005 thanks to the use of eco-friendly building materials.

The giant snowballs are all decorated in a simple yet luxurious style with beautiful bedspreads and elegant bright wooden floors. This glamping site is a perfect destination for a family vacation, offering many interesting seasonal activities such as skiing in the winter or strolling on the green grass, biking or mountain climbing in the summer.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

  • Phone: +41 24 471 38 38
  • Website: www.whitepod.com
  • Price: USD1,100 (~VND24,000,000) per room per night


If you are seeking accommodation with features that highlight environmentally-friendly architecture, The DugOut meets all of the mentioned criteria. The earth houses which are nestled on the Orcop Hill will grant you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature in Herefordshire. Most tourists come here to enjoy a peaceful life of simplicity, which we unluckily miss out on as citizens of the busy city life. Every room has glass windows offering a great view of the peaceful countryside. The kitchen, dining and resting area, and the double bed for two people are all made of local materials. The tub is designed and arranged next to a bookshelf, allowing you to soak into the hot water while reading your favourite books and sense the gentle pace of life. Stepping out of the room, you will be overwhelmed by the blue colour of the sky and the pureness of the atmosphere. This resort will promise to satisfy all your senses.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The world's 7 glamping sites

  • Phone: +44 7546 339015
  • Website: lifeonthehill.co.uk
  • Price: USD434 (~ VND10,000,000) per room per night

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Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Seoullo 7017 Skygarden in Seoul, Korea

Seoullo 7017 Skygarden in Seoul, Korea

Designed by Dutch practice MVRDV, Seoullo 7017 is a 983-metre botanical floating walkway, which utilizes a formerly abandoned highway in the center of the South Korean capital.


Seoullo, the Korean name for Skygarden translates to ‘towards Seoul’ and ‘Seoul Street’, while 7017 marks the overpass’ construction year of 1970, and its new function as a public walkway in 2017. The pedestrianised viaduct next to Seoul‘s main station is the next step towards making the city and especially the central station district, greener, friendlier and more attractive, whilst connecting all patches of green in the wider area.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Seoullo 7017 Skygarden in Seoul, Korea

In central Seoul, a true plant village has been realised on a former inner city highway in an ever-changing urban area accommodating the biggest variety of Korean plant species and transforming it into a public 983-metre long park gathering 50 families of plants including trees, shrubs and flowers displayed in 645 tree pots, collecting around 228 species and sub-species. In total, the park will include 24,000 plants (trees, shrubs and flowers) that are newly planted many of which will grow to their final heights in the next decade.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Seoullo 7017 Skygarden in Seoul, Korea

The linear park was designed as a collection of small gardens, each one with its very own composition, perfume, colour and identity. The landscape will change according to the seasons: the bright colours of leaves in autumn of the Aceraceae family (maples), the blossom of cherry trees and rhododendron in spring, the evergreen conifers trees in winter and shrubs and trees bearing fruit in summer.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Seoullo 7017 Skygarden in Seoul, Korea

In the future, Seoullo will evolve with new plants and new activators so as to become an ‘urban nursery’, rearing trees for the surrounding districts. Additional structures of stairs, lifts and escalators as well as new ‘satellite’ gardens, can connect to the Skygarden, sprouting like branches from the existing structural piers. These extensions can inspire further additions to the area’s greenery and public spaces, and will connect the Skygarden to its surroundings both physically and visually through plant species related to each of the neighbourhoods.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Seoullo 7017 Skygarden in Seoul, Korea

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Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Notable events in Dubai in 2016

Notable events in Dubai in 2016

No matter what time of year, there’s always something happening in Dubai. We pick the best of what’s on for each month, so no matter what time of year you visit, you’ll be in the know.


January: The start of a new year requires a fresh start on many aspects of your life, so why not address those needs by shopping during one of the city’s biggest festivals, the Dubai Shopping Festival. If you’ve taken up a New Year’s resolution to be more active, there’s no better place to practice it than at the annual Standard Chartered Marathon that has been a regular annual sporting event in Dubai for over two decades.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Notable events in Dubai in 2016

February: This month will satisfy every concert-goer with a new performance almost every week. With the Jazz Fest, RedFest DXB and more, you’ll see more artists performing this month than any other month in the city’s calendar. Get ready to have your taste buds blown away with the annual culinary carnival, the Dubai Food Festival. For sport lovers, experience some of the world’s finest tennis champs battle it out on the courts at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship.

March: If there’s one sporting event this month that you should attend, it is one of the world’s richest horse races, The Dubai World Cup. Experience majestic horses and their gifted jockey’s compete for the title spot. Bookworms and literary lovers can delight in the annual Lit Fest which brings globally recognised writers and writing courses to Dubai. Artists and creative souls can find their place in the city at one of the region’s most anticipated art events, Art Dubai, Design Days Dubai and SIKKA.

April: Ever wonder what Dubai would look like filled with zombies, superheroes, villains and movie stars? There’s no better time than during the annual Middle East Film and Comic Con. The region’s biggest and only pop culture phenomenon that brings passionate fans from around the region and the world to Dubai for a great time. One of Dubai’s oldest sports comes to stage this month, Al Marmoom Heritage festival sees camels race on specially designed tracks alongside their trainers who ride in 4×4’s. It’s a sight to behold for the whole family.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Notable events in Dubai in 2016

May: As the weather gets warmer, the city heads indoors but still has an amazing month ahead with events such as the Duty Free Darts Champs, a uniquely fun and entertaining sporting event for followers of the sport as well as those looking for a good time. Music fans can expect a beautiful blend of genres at the city’s finest mix of music at Blended which has seen the likes of Craig David, Robin Thicke, Kasabian and more.

June: As the holy month of Ramadan comes in, expect to see the streets light up with regular iftars and suhoors as people put their differences aside and fast during daylight together as one city. Make the most of this joyous time by taking part in the many festivities during Eid-Al-Fitr including fireworks and more.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Notable events in Dubai in 2016

July: With summer on the shores of Dubai, the city still keeps it cool with a number of events at the Dubai World Trade Centre. One of the biggest indoor sporting facilities opens its doors to eager players and athletes who want to get pumping but are hiding from the summer sun. With a massive space offering a wide variety of sports from volleyball to tennis, basketball, football and even a gym, there’s no reason to sit at home even during the summer in Dubai.

August: Sweltering heat waves don’t necessarily mean the city of Dubai comes to a stop and to prove this, the Dubai Summer Surprises launches in full swing bringing family fun and excitement to malls across Dubai. With a long list of fun activities and a barrel of fun to be had by everyone, the city doubles the fun for kids with its favourite children’s character returning to Modhesh World at The Dubai World Trade Centre.

September:This is the month of Eid-Al-Adha, also known as the greater Eid, as the pilgrimage to Mecca comes to an end. Dubai’s activities don’t take a break as they go full-swing into Dubai Music Week. The event doesn’t simply offer concerts but a chance to meet with the stars and talk about the music industry with a number of workshops and talks.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Notable events in Dubai in 2016

October: Citizens can feel the summer heat take a break as they wander back out into the open sun and sands with events such as Gulf Bike Week for biking fans and gear heads around town. Also in October is a resurgence of Dubai’s exciting art scene with Dubai Downtown Design and the second season of Fashion Forward.

November: Dubai sees an almost overnight burst of people flooding out of their homes and into the parks, beaches and streets as the temperatures reach perfection. The motoring world looks forward to the annual Motor Festival that sees the city’s streets get jammed up with truly beautiful, unique, extravagant and luxurious cars, bikes and more.

December: This month has always been a favourite with the city as it celebrates the UAE National Day with a series of parades, activities and performances for the whole city. Look forward to one of the longest running sporting events in the city, the Rugby Sevens which is much more than a series of rugby matches. The city also prepares itself for New Year’s Eve with a fireworks display that has consistently been awe-inspiring each and every year.

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