The most five glamorous casinos in Europe

Casinos typically conjure images of flashing lights and wailing slot machines, but not all of them fit that Las Vegas stereotype. If you are looking for a glamorous casino in Europe, then check out these five destinations on your upcoming trip to this amazing continent.



Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The most glamorous casino destinations in Europe

No European tour is complete without a visit to the oldest gambling destination in the world. Located right on the Grand Canal in Venice, Casino di Venezia still welcomes lots of gamblers today. Opened in 1638, the casino was designed in a classic Italian style, complete with mirrors, embellished pillars, felt ropes for handrails and a private garden overlooking the canal. It is also used as a venue for the Venice Film Festival. This building is immense with vast spaces for slot machines, poker, roulette and other table games, as well as rooms designated for dining and entertainment. Furthermore, a free boat shuttle service is also available to ferry guests to the casino from all over the city.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The most glamorous casino destinations in Europe

Originally founded in the mid-19th century, Monte Carlo was destined to be a European gambling capital thanks to its gilded ceilings, crystal chandeliers, frescoes and tapestries. Known as the most famous gambling destination in Europe, Monte Carlo intrigues more than 7,000,000 tourists every year. If you are not a gambler, this place is open to groups and tours every day from 9am to 1pm. For the perfect experience, make sure to have a dress code, pay a modest 10-Europe fee and behave respectably.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The most glamorous casino destinations in Europe

Located in the basement of the famous Ritz Hotel in London, the Ritz Club not only offers table games but also private gaming salons furnished with rich tapestries, red carpets, chairs with crushed velvet cushions and ornate domed ceilings. There are also more intimate private rooms for high rollers. The club dates back to 1909 and has gone through several iterations, but has served as a casino since 1977. To join the club, you must submit an application form and be recommended by an existing member. The dress code is strict and men are required to wear a jacket and collared shirt at all times.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The most glamorous casino destinations in Europe

Established in 1771, Casino Wiesbaden is now located in the wine parlor of the Kurhaus spa house – the social centre of old Wiesbaden. Like Monte Carlo, visitors will be stricken by its fantastic crystal chandeliers, as well as cherry woodwork and an intimate, refined atmosphere. Men are asked to dress in a shirt and jacket, jeans are unacceptable, though trousers can be rented from the cloakroom for a fee. There are also two bars inside for your preference.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The most glamorous destinations in Europe

If you are looking for a place to gamble in Belgium, then Spa should be added to your bucket list. The town is not only the home to one of the world’s oldest gambling destinations, but it is also Belgium’s premier relaxation place for the wealthy since the 14th century. The Casino de Spa is actually connected to the famous cold springs, making it easy for visitors to take a dip after they have lost their shirt at the craps table. This destination also features a ballroom, cultural centre, theatre and several restaurants, including La Brasserie du Casino, with stunning panoramic views of the city.

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