The Ultimate Taco Guide in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a Mexican city on the Caribbean Sea, the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Apart from being a hot tourism attraction with beautiful resorts lined up along the white sand and pristine beaches, the city is notorious for its passion for tacos. To truly feel the authenticity of the experience, then far from the resorts is where you should look for, your visit to this city will not be completed without Mexico’s most iconic food here in this city.


While the luxury, glamorous beach hotels and resorts of Cancun, Mexico might catch your full attention, you need to remind yourself that just 15 minutes away are the bustling and dynamic life of the locals in Downtown Cancun. Because a rainy day might ruin your plan of relaxing under a sunny sky, swimming in the blue waves of the ocean. But for a visit to the rest of the city for some fine tacos on any day, good or bad, is possible.

Photograph by: @Brester Irina

There are so many places in Cancun where you can find taco stands or local restaurants, so put on your most comfortable foot-wears, and be ready for a whole day full of taco delights. Take with you some cash, grab a local driver, and make your way into the main square of Parque Las Palapas, where you can “jump” from one taco joint to another, or as the locals put it, go for a “Taquerìa Crawl”.

Good morning, Tacos!

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Having your breakfast at the markets should be perfect to kick off the day. Our first pick for you is a very popular joint, El Polilla, located at one of Cancun’s oldest marketplace, Mercado Ki Huic. You will not have any troubles finding the stand, since it is always crowded with people. They have been called the best carnitas spot in Cancun, giving out two tortillas as the price of one. Do not forget to give it a taste at their surtido taco, which is a complication of different carnitas stuffed inside a sesadillas (a variation of taco crust). And be quick, food here runs out faster than the sun can fully reach the sky.

Photograph by: @Clara Murcia


There are no similar recipes in Cancun,  each tacos joint has its signature dishes. For example, at Tacos de Cochinita, the main ingredient here is citrus-marinated pork mixed in deep with a reddish-orange colour achiote tree seed salsa, which gives it a rich and watering flavour.

Photograph by: @Guajillo studio

If our last 2 picks have not met your appetite, then have it satisfied in Tacos de Guisado – The champion of breakfast. Their simple stuffings are compensated by their collection of delicious Mexican stews, such as Tinga de res o Pollo (chicken or beef in sweet sauce), or Chicharron en salsa verde (grilled pork fat in green tomato sauce), are just two of the many sauces that this taco stand has to offer.

If you missed out on breakfast, there are still tacos for lunch

Photograph by: @tacoscancunoc

Ever heard of “End of the World” salsa? If not, then you should try it at Tacos Rigo, a Cancun landmark since 1988. Their dishes are traditional Mexican flavours, including pastor, suadero, and tongue. Best to it with refreshing cold bears.

Photograph by: @steveskitchen

If you like to have your lunch indoors, visit Los Taracos Taqueria, the popular taco chain with five restaurants in Cancun. In terms of lunch, many would argue that this place serves the best pastor in Cancun. Even better, they work extended hours to serve your midnight taco craving. 

Photograph by: @steveskitchen

Last but certainly not least, Los De Pescado, the best beach-side taco joint. You might have guessed, here, tacos are filled with seafood from the vibrant marine life that inhabits the lush waters of the Yucatan Peninsula. A chance to have some of the finest tacos while delving into the beauty of Cancun’s beach. You will be blown away by how good their salsa is, we recommend that you try the tamarind sauce, and be careful, you might not want to leave Cancun after the first bite.

Good evening, Tacos!

The Ultimate Taco Guide in Cancun, Mexico | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by: @Chad Zuber

Dinner is served! Your taco tour has not reached its end yet. After a night of drinking out, a visit to one of the luminous taco stalls, vendors by the side of the road is the ultimate street food experience. 

Not much is displayed in terms of volume, they are mostly simple dishes, but it is the grilling and sizzling that you can not resist. Alluring smells of meat on a burner are sure to capture your attention. If steak is your choice of the night, try Tacos de Bistec, or pork is more to your liking, then go to the Tacos de Carnitas, whichever it is, some tacos for the end of the night is the way to go here at Cancun.

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