Top 6 exotic shops around the world

Ever stuck in buying gifts for your loved ones when you are going abroad, or just simply running out of typical tourism destinations? Look no further because there are so many bizarre and over-the-top shops you can find in the most unexpected time and place. Here are our top 7 eccentric shops that will guarantee to blow you away.

Exotic shops are uncommon but they have a certain hidden charm that requires you to look carefully in every corner, they often display things that a tourist would not normally think of, it is not your snow globes or your Hawaii t-shirt, but in turn, makes up for an incredible souvenir for your family or your own collection, and an escape out of your ordinary tourism experience.

The Thing, “where records go to rest” – Brooklyn, New York

Top 6 Exotic Shops around The Globe | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @thething.greenpoint

Whether you are just a wandering tourist exploring the dynamic history of New York, or a hardcore fan of old vinyl, to stumble upon The Thing would be a new and overwhelming experience. Out on the street, the shop is giving off a trash-or-treasure thrift shop vibe with random furniture, and convenience items. But once you head to the back of the store, down the staircase is where you will find nothing but vinyl.

Over 130,000 records crawling up and down all over the room, thousands upon thousands of jam-packed discos, ‘90s hip hop, old Chicago house records, rock and reggae, endless styles and genres nestled inside this shop. With the proper amount of patience, you might find gold inside these waves of charcoal-made discs which cost only 1 dollar for each.

Apple Marine Bay Sands – Singapore

Top 6 Exotic Shops around The Globe | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @edphi

The floating apple of Singapore is the first Apple store in the world surrounded by water. The futuristic settings and dome-like shape illusioned tourists for an actual alien spaceship. At night is where the designer’s intention is revealed, beautiful light displayed that blends in perfectly with the rest of Singapore’s magnificent skyline. Inside, visitors get to see the 360-degree panoramic view of the city while browsing Apple’s latest innovative products and accessories. 

Zombie Apocalypse Store – Las Vegas, Nevada

Top 6 Exotic Shops around The Globe | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @Finn_Freya

If thrill and suspense are what you are looking for, this store has all of the zombie-related merch, activities, guide books that you will ever need. The owner jokingly puts Zombie Apocalypse as a fictional reference, however, you can actually find helpful and life-saving tools for real-life emergencies, any types of disasters like an earthquake, a tsunami, or even the government, the store offer a great deal of self-defend weapons, survival books – included a section for children. There are also fun and entertaining activities such as shooting zombies with airsoft guns.

Witches Market – Bolivia

Top 6 Exotic Shops around The Globe | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @saiko3p

This popular tourist attraction is where witches in their cone hats sell ornaments, tablets, and even dried llama fetuses for good luck. Strolling along with the colourful markets, tourists may find intriguing raw ingredients that are said to use in spiritual rituals to call on the spirits that populate the Aymara world sold exclusively in these exotic shops. Or if you are uncertain about anything, visit the local fortune tellers with an open-minded. You can even hire an official certified “witch” to perform rituals that will bring luck to your house.

Candylicious – Dubai

Top 6 Exotic Shops around The Globe | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @saiko3p

Ever wish you can visit the factory completely covered in sweets in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie? Candylicious is what it would look like if it was real. It is one of the largest sweet shops in the world. You can find your favourite treats here whether it is lollipops, chocolates that come in piles, and ice cream, all with different sizes, shapes, and colours packed in one of the most delightful exotic shops.

Deyrolle – France

Top 6 Exotic Shops around The Globe | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @deyrolle.officiel

In all of our picks, this two-story French house is considered to be one of the oldest exotic shops. Founded in 1831 by the well-known entomologist Emile Deyrolle. Enchanting taxidermy, entomology, and natural specimens are displayed in antique wooden cases and glass bell jars beautifully placed. The shop was visited by a lot of famous artists, namely Pablo Picasso, where they find inspiration for their paintings and works of literature.

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