Best places to visit in Mexico

Boasting magnificent nature, a fast-paced yet tranquil lifestyle and the most hospitable people, Mexico has people falling head over heels in love with its stunning vibrancy.



Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Best places to visit in Mexico

Known for being a haven of crystal-clear azure beaches, Cancun intrigues travellers with its deep aquamarine seawaters that sparkle in the golden sunshine and its unrivalled natural surroundings. Take a stroll through the small streets, enjoy the fresh air, pop into the lovely souvenir shops en route and treat yourself by stopping at a roadside restaurant for a signature dining experience. Additionally, Cancun is the epicentre of the Maya civilisation, so expect to gain a profound insight into the brilliant ancient culture and historical architectural constructions that have withstood the tale of time for many years.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Best places to visit in Mexico

As the setting for many spectacular movies, the Caribbean has earned a very good reputation all over the world. As seen in the movies, the Caribbean exudes a distinct charm with a soothing white sandy coastline, crystalline turquoise seawaters and stretching groves of verdant palm trees. Every year, this famous Mexican destination appeals to a large number of both domestic and international travellers who are looking to admire its picture-perfect natural beauty.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Best places to visit in Mexico

Located in southern Mexico, the magical land of Oaxaca is the hub of pre-Spanish influence and contemporary cultures. Once recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Oaxaca is home to an amazing variety of traditional villages that maintain the idyllic ancient lifestyle, breathtaking natural landscapes such as wild forests, majestic waterfalls and beautifully untouched coastlines. If you spend some time exploring Oaxaca, you will fall in love with its long-standing culture and the peaceful pace of local life.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Best places to visit in Mexico

Situated in southeastern Mexico and measuring an area of about 181,000km2, the Yucatan Peninsula features a very unique geology and stunning scenery. Visiting Yucatan, you will fall in love with its beautiful beaches, gentle waves and even the famous Mayan archaeological sites dating from the 5th century AD. Furthermore, your Yucatan trip would not be complete without taking a refreshing dip in a cenote (a natural sinkhole) and enjoying a whole host of exhilarating adventurous experiences.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Best places to visit

The Marieta Islands will have you falling in love at first sight on your trip to Mexico. Only a few miles from the Mexican coast and located next to Banderas Bay, the picturesque islands boast a unique sophistication. Sandwiched between the rugged natural cliffs, Playa Del Amor or Love Beach adds a taste of uniqueness to the Marieta Islands. Get some fresh air, take in the gentle sea breeze and forget about all your troubles and worries in daily life whilst wholly immersing yourself in the unspoilt beauty of the fascinating island.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Best places to visit

When it comes to pyramids, Egypt is the place to be. However, you will be in a wonderful surprise when paying a visit to the Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico. Built around the 11th century, Chichen Itza Pyramid, also called the pyramid of Kukulkan or El Castillo, is the oldest construction in the world. With a height of 24m, the 6-metre temple consists of 4 sides with a total of 365 steps and vivid sculptural statues representing the ancient prosperous cultural period. With its mysterious beauty, Chichen Itza is a favourite destination for both archaeologists and travellers.

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