Discover the heavenly beauty of Ly Son Island, Vietnam    

Ly Son Island intrigues backpackers and travellers with its eye-popping natural landscapes, smooth sand and peaceful beaches, making it one of the most fascinating destinations to add to your Vietnam bucket list.


Considered the precious jewel of the Quang Ngai waters, Ly Son exudes an unrivalled glamour, earning its status as a paradise island in Vietnam. Ly Son comprises two main islands; Big Island (Đảo Lớn) and Small Island (Đảo Bé). Big Island or Cù Lao Ré is not only the largest, inhabited area in the locality, but it is also home to an amazing diversity of mind-blowing natural landscapes. Additionally, Small Island conjures a spectacular natural picture, making it a must-visit tourist attraction for those who travel to Quang Ngai Province.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Discover the heavenly beauty

Make the most of your trip to Ly Son Island and be sure to visit the array of Instagrammable sights such as Cau Cave which took hundreds of years to erode, To Vo Gate formed by volcanic rocks and uniquely-shaped formations undulating amongst the crystal-clear azure waters. What’s more, Big Island amazes travellers with Thoi Loi Mountain, offering a panoramic view of its charming natural surroundings.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Discover the heavenly beauty

Not to be missed during your trip to Ly Son is sunrise on Mu Cu Islet. The islet sparkling in the gentle sunshine at the break of dawn is simply mind-blowing. If you are looking for a true taste of nature, then retreat to one of the most fabulous beaches including Hang, Dua, Tay, Dung, Sep and Trung.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Ly Son Island: Discover the heavenly beauty

In addition to its captivating untouched nature, Ly Son is home to an amazing variety of valuable historical and cultural structures as well as gourmet cuisine. There is nothing more wonderful than embarking on a unique culinary journey, trying a spectrum of delectable seafood after strolling around Ly Son Island.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Ly Son Island: Discover the heavenly beauty

Ly Son Island features two distinct seasons. The rainy season falls from September to February and the dry season from March to August which unsurprisingly is the best time to visit this island. After arrival at Chu Lai Airport, you can travel to Ly Son Island by boat from Sa Ky Habour. Sitting on a boat bobbing gently up and down on the water in Quang Ngai Province will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

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