7 Best restaurants to enjoy BBQ in Africa

The origin of BBQ may not be from Africa, but the first “pitmaster” was. Native African people were the ambassadors of this fiery method of preparing food, dating back hundreds of years ago when enslaved Africans took inspiration from Native American cuisine to create what is essentially known now as BBQ. Nowadays, this art of cooking has become a tradition across Africa, ranging from many different types of BBQ – or Braai in different regions. Let’s celebrate this monumental culinary landmark by finding out the best places to eat BBQ in Africa.


BBQ – or known by Africans as “Braai”, is the way of grilling raw ingredients above burning charcoals. Braai has been around Africa ever since their people came back from other countries, showing their families the way that meat, sauce, vegetables can be combined to make delicious, smokey dishes. Braai has traveled across Africa, giving birth to many different types of BBQ, so many that each African region has its own special way of making it. And of course, you don’t have to find native Africans to make it for you, but, it would be a shame if you don’t. Here are the 7 best restaurants to enjoy BBQ across Africa.

Mozli’s Place 

7 Best restaurants to enjoy BBQ in Africa | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @tacovolution

The best of the best BBQ place in South Africa. Not like many places that will be recommended here, the restaurant might look rather simple as it’s commonplace for locals, but do not be dissuasive, since 2003, they have been serving the finest of meat and sauces in large portions. 

The Hussar Grill


They have been around for 50 years, so you know the overall quality aged well. Top-end meets grilled by skilled cooks that come hand in hand with reasonable prices, and a heart-warming host. An all-out cozy, wholesome BBQ experience, plus if you are not so keen on different types of meat, their mashed potatoes are, said by many, out of this world.

The Butcher Man


The best place to have your smokey chicken, or mouthwatering lambs while enjoying the bustling, lively view of Cape Town Stadium. If you are looking for refreshments rather than a meal, The Butcher Man also has fine wine, cold beers, and their best, parfait and coffee. 

aMadoda Braai


Nestled between the train tracks and warehouses, aMadoda is a vibey restaurant, full of inviting and authentic scenes. This is a place where you can be with your friends, eating a mountainous-full of meat and sauces. Better yet, the local DJ always has deep house tracks of the deck. Catch a game or two on their TVs, and enjoy an evening full of youthful experience. 

Mash Braai House


Are you travel light to Africa? Want a non-costly meal with your loved ones while still having the best of African’s authentic experience? Then Mash Braai House is the place. Huge chunks of meat for each portion, this is where the truest of South African culinary lies – Chakalaka, meat, pap, and tripe, are the things that you must try once.  

Hoghouse Brewing


Besides the modern, industrial design, the delicious Texan-style smokehouse meat that leaning toward the healthy side with reasonable price, this place is well-known for its sides – pastries and beverages. As the name suggested, Hoghouse Brewing offers its own in-house-made drinks, from alcohol like gin, tonic, whiskey to freshly done coffee.  

Cattle Baron Steakhouse


This is a franchise restaurant, one of the three in Africa, a serious effort put in to sourcing the ingredients that guarantee the highest grilled quality, from the sirloin on the bone to the normal rump (which is not so normal after all). Most of all, you should try out their burgers, there is just some enchanting magic that will definitely up your appetize.

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