Yen Island: Get lost in nature

Yen Island is famous for its clear azure waters, soothing sand and brightly coloured coral reefs, embodying a mesmerising oceanic destination for any traveller.


Vietnam is home to an amazing variety of staggering natural seascapes and untouched islands. Yen Island intrigues many explorers and travellers with its abundant coral reefs that thrive in both deep and shallow glasses of water. Pay a visit to the beautiful island, marvel at the blue sky, fluffy white clouds and listen as the waves crash against the shore, its unspoilt beauty will definitely blow your mind.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Yen Island: Get lost in nature

Located in An Hoa Commune, Tuy An District and about 20km from Tuy Hoa City, Yen Island is mainly inhabited by the Salangane, a small bird of the Swift family. Legend has it that Yen Island was formed by an invasion of sand, forming an awe-inspiring island which is now 100m offshore. Tourists can easily catch sight of the 2 natural islands, Yen Island and the smaller Sun Island.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Yen Island: Get lost in nature

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Yen Island: Get lost in nature

From a distance, Yen Island resembles a pyramid. The island has people falling head over heels in love with its unrivalled charm and craggy mountainous rock formations that have come to be over the course of years. Taking a stroll through the idyllic fishing villages and crossing the shady groves of murmuring casuarina and cacti trees en route, you will get an interesting insight into Yen Island. In particular, the place is home to an exquisite sand bar that appears whenever the tide recedes, connecting the shore of Sun Island with Yen Island. Be completely mesmerised by the surreal beauty of the sand bar sparkling in the sunshine whilst marvelling at an amazing variety of colourful coral reefs. Taking some stunning natural pictures is a must on your trip to the fascinating Yen Island.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Get lost in nature

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Aside from admiring the mind-blowing coral reefs, Yen Island attracts many travellers with a whole host of other recreational activities, for instance, strolling along Phu Thuong – Ganh Yen Beach, visiting the famous sights of Phu Yen such as Ganh Ho Chao, Mui Yen, Lang Ong Nam Hai and Bai Xep. If you are looking to admire the coral reefs in all their glory, then check the time of day and tide times accurately so that you can appreciate their breathtaking beauty. According to locals, the tide only recedes in the afternoon on the first few days or in the middle of the lunar months and the ideal time to visit falls within a period of 2-3 days, so treat yourself to a getaway on Yen Island for a couple of days and enjoy the best that this paradise island has to offer.

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