Cocktails of Love

Cocktail with its variety has become the queen among drinks. Wanderlust Tips magazine would like to introduce to you the best cocktails made specially for love. 


Legend has it, that the creation of cocktails was an act of love. As the story goes, a few centuries ago in New York, there was a very popular pub, which owed its good name to the witty owner and the special drinks mixed by his daughter, Peggy. Many men chased her, but she fell in love with a sailor. After a trip across the ocean, he returned to ask for her hand in marriage, in an unusual fashion: He presented her with a rooster, which he had received along with his promotion.

On their wedding night, the rooster playfully jumped on the couple’s bed, let out a cock-a-doodle-doo and shed a feather from his tail. Amused, Peggy put the feather on the drink she had made for her new husband, and called it a ‘cocktail’, supposed to symbolise a great and happy start to their marriage. The drink gradually gained popularity and was reinterpreted in uncountable ways. Below are a few “cocktails of love” Wanderlust Tips recommends warmly to lovebirds.

Pink Lady – The charming cocktail

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Cocktails of Love

If you’re dating a beautiful girl, a Pink Lady will help you express your feelings without saying a word. The Pink Lady is believed to have gotten its name from a Broadway musical. Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield, a 1950’s sex symbol, was known to enjoy a Pink Lady before her meals. Thanks to her, the drink is often associated with sophisticated and elegant women.

The Pink Lady’s charming colour is reminiscent of a true Mademoiselle. With a Pink Lady in hand, every woman seems more beautiful and sophisticated. Her eyes shine brighter, and her cheeks turn rosy thanks to the sweet taste of pomegranate and the hot sensation of gin. Every moment with her becomes more thrilling and precious.


Gin: 45 mil

Apple cider: 22.5 mil

Pomegranate syrup: 15 mil

Lemonade: 7.5 mil

One egg white

Kiss on the Lips

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Cocktails of Love

A kiss is the sweet, indispensable spice of love. There are many legends about the origin of the kiss, but the oldest tales trace it to India, as mentioned in the Indian epic “Mahabharata”, written around 1,500 BC, in which the following line appears: “She put her mouth on mine, and it gave me a lightheaded feeling.”

Historians believe that at the time, romantic kisses were still a novelty to the whole world. When Alexander the Great visited India, he was amused by this practice, and brought the tradition to the West. This isn’t however the only story of when people started exchanging kisses to express their love.

Inspired by love, Kiss on the Lips was invented for lovers. Peach and mango blend with pomegranate to create the perfect blend of flavours, just like the sweet taste of a lover’s lips. The passionate sensation can melt your heart.


Peach Schnapp’s Liqueur: 45 mil

Mango Mix: 150 mil

Pomegranate syrup: 15 mil

P.S.: I Love You

Anyone who has read “P.S.: I love you”, the book that made Cecelia Ahern’s career, has dreamed of a love like Gerry and Holly’s.

Despite having passed away, Gerry is present in Holly’s life by way of his letters, all with the postscript: “I love you.” Gerry’s love and encouragement help Holly overcome the pain of losing him and continue on to find happiness again.

If you have a love like that, or if you want to confess your love to someone, a glass of P.S.: I Love You delivers your message in a simple yet elegant manner. Many even surprise propose their loved one by dropping an engagement ring in the glass. The sweet taste of Baileys combined with cream, almond and the slightly bitter taste of coffee to represents the different emotions of love. The world will disappear around you, and the only things left will be two people in love.


Baileys: 25 mil

Amaretto almond and vanilla liqueur: 20 mil

Rum: 15 mil

Coffee liqueur: 15 mil

Cream: 20 mil

A few thin slices of chocolate for decoration

 Sex on the Beach

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Cocktails of Love

Fresh red margarita cocktail with hearts over gray background, valentine day concepts

Many people are surprised when they learn that the voluptuous name of this drink originated with a joke.

In the summer of 1987 in Florida, USA, known for its beautiful beaches and extravagant parties, a young bartender called Ted participated in a cocktail-mixing competition. He created a new delicious drink, of a pink-orange colour hue, decorated with a few slices of orange. When asked to name the drink, he replied Sex on the Beach, as there are only two reasons to visit Florida in the summer: the beach and love.

The recipe varies from bar to bar, but Sex on the Beach is now a popular cocktail around the world. It is indispensable at every beach party or poolside bar. Wherever you are, after a sip of this cocktail, you will fall in love.


Vodka: 40 mil

Peach Schnapp’s liqueur: 15 mil

Orange juice or pineapple juice: 40 mil

Blueberries juice: 40 mil

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