Alexis Toh Mu Qin: I’ll know I’ve led a fulfilling life

Come from Singapore, the girl has exchange a stable 5-to-9 job in a multinational company to be a wanderer who travel the world with her wholeheart. Let’s look at what she shared on Wanderlust Tips Magazine December issue. 


About me and my passion for travel

I’m Alexis Toh Mu Qin, a food and travel writer and photographer for from Singapore. I have my own travel blog at I love capturing moments with my camera so when I look back at the memories I will have created thirty or fifty years down the road, I’ll know I’ve lead a very fulfilling life.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Alexis Toh Mu Qin travel story: I'll know I've lead a fulfilling life

2017 plan

I’ll be travelling to Seoul at the end of this year to celebrate a white Christmas and join in their exhilarating yet traditional sunrise countdown parties to welcome 2017. I aim to enrich myself with more Asian cultures in 2017 as I’ve always travelled to European countries and Oceania previously. So, I’ll be venturing nearby to Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Japan. Japan is wonderful in April thanks to their cherry blossoms and spectacular in August, due to the fireworks competition, as well as, in November as they get the freshest sashimi then.

In Vietnam, I want to experience local traditions and street food in Hanoi, Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh City. Myanmar would be more adventurous for me as I want to explore the unknown mystical caves and hike its diverse landscapes. As for Cambodia and Laos, their historical architecture never fails to amaze me so I want to see it with my own eyes.

2016 trips

This year (2016) held many surprises for me as I visited Bangkok twice, indulged in Peranakan culture in Malacca and Penang, feasted at the World Street Food Congress in Manila and did a 1.5months solo trip to a few parts of Europe including Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Bergen and Reykjavik.

Travelling style

My itineraries are planned according to what I feel like doing and who my travel companions are. Bangkok and Taipei are my favourite destinations for shopping and feasting. For relaxing weekend getaways, I find places with beautiful beaches. I’m more adventurous in Europe and love hiking up the highest peaks for panoramic views. I enjoy communicating with locals and staying at AirBnBs to discover more about their lifestyles as they will show me off-the-beaten tracks, which excite me more than touristy spots. To make the best out of my trips, I always allocate time to learn the history, culture and traditions of the destinations I travel to. Learning never stops for me!

Travel Luggage

Toiletries, clothes, medicine, power adapters. In my carry-on bag: camera, cash, laptop, portable charger, passport, phone, and valuables. I always wear a vintage ring I bought from a flea market a couple of years back. It’s a little heart shape with the initial “M” which represents my Chinese name, “MuQin” and it has been bringing me lots of good luck so far!

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Alexis Toh Mu Qin travel story: I'll know I've lead a fulfilling life

Tech gadget

I can’t survive without my iPhone 6S as I use the map to navigate, I book Grabcar or taxis with it, I even take pictures when I’m too lazy to carry my DSLR. I can google for places and keep track of my finances using my apps. I also use it to pen down my notes and thoughts; it’s kind of like my travel diary.

Memorable moment

I have a few interesting stories but my most memorable one was during my days as a student in Germany. I made friends with some really nice German girls and one of them invited me to stay over at her house in her hometown, Fulda. What I didn’t know was the surprise she planned for me! It was amazing beyond words when she gave me a ride on her horse carriage. We rode into the forest during sunset with a few other friends around the end of winter so we were all snuggling under thick blankets while popping champagne to welcome the start of spring!

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