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[Wanderlust Tips April 2018] The close bond between fashion and travel is being increasingly confirmed as the current trend of combining travelling and attending world-famous fashion events is becoming more popular.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Travel fashion inspiration

Fortunately, I have many opportunities to visit a lot of places in Vietnam and abroad. Each country I travelled to has brought me different feelings and experiences. During the trips, I am usually very careful in choosing my clothes to match with the circumstances, climate, customs and practices of where I go. For cold regions, I often take warm, lightweight jackets that can be mixed with a variety of accessories. Socks and scarf are also must-have items. For places with hot climate or by the sea, jean shorts, t-shirts, crop-tops and sneakers are perfect choices.

For me, fashion and travel have a close bond with each other. Not only does it broaden our minds, travelling also brings us the opportunities to learn from the unique fashion features of each region. It inspires creativity and helps us create the most beautiful things with sensation, which is very useful for artists, especially, people working in the fashion industry.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Travel fashion inspiration

The outfits are always the issue I care the most about, especially during travel. My style can be described in one word “SIMPOOL” (the word that I created myself), it is the combination of “Simple” and “Cool”. I love the simplicity in dressing but there should be an interesting highlight so that the outfit does not look monotonous.

Tourist sites where I have passed through usually do not have any restriction on the clothing so it was not too difficult to choose the appropriate clothes or accessories, if anything, you only need to care about the weather and your mood at times. Nevertheless, I always prefer comfortable clothes with monochromatic colors. I also favour black, white, and gray tones, and a pair of sunglasses that suit my face. I love outfits featuring delicacy rising from its simplicity. I think that the simplest way to help you mix and match your clothes is to understand your body and keep things as simple as possible.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Travel fashion inspiration

During trips, to get the best shots, besides space and light condition, the outfits are also very important. Therefore, I always try to wear outfits that match the scenery where I go to. As an artist, I always choose the clothes that match my personality, which are comfortable and stylish.

The outfits are mixed and matched depending on each person’s physique or personality. The most important thing is that you know how to choose appropriate outfits for different places and time. You can find out about the culture of where you are visiting to choose an impressive outfit to get nice pictures.

However, keep in mind that travel is to experience and enjoy, do not focus too much on taking check-in photos and forget to look at the beautiful scenery, explore the culture and have fun with friends.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Travel fashion inspiration

My passion for travel was aroused when I participated in various events and fashion weeks around the world. From those trips, I learned a lot about the cultural features of the countries I went to,, then brought those elements into fashion. I realize that the details printed on Gucci’s fabric have many similarities with the elaborate sculptural motifs on the casket of a Pharaoh, or the pattern on Dior’s outfit resembles the painting on bricks of an ancient hotel. The inspiration for fashion will come to you from unexpected things on your voyage to explore the world.I think travel and fashion are two sources of inspiration on beauty, which will help us to be more engaged in our lives.

Wearing a beautiful outfit will make you feel more confident, while traveling to beautiful places helps you leave all sorrows behind. Therefore, there is nothing better than wearing a nice outfit in a beautiful place.

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