Top 5 famous fashion bloggers distinctive style

[Wanderlust Tips April 2018] Travelling is a time for you to comfortably do what you like, and also an opportunity to show your own fashion style. Join Wanderlust Tips to find out more about the top 5 most famous fashion bloggers in the world and discover ways to help make you look beautiful and stylish in every moment.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Top 5 famous fashion bloggers distinctive style


Living for many years in a small New York apartment, Courtney always dreamed about a life of freedom and journeys around the world. With this desire, Courtney decided to quit her stable job and move to live in Italy and became a full time blogger. Starting with a travel & fashion blog, Courtney creates video diaries of her adventures and takes photos at many famous destinations around the world. Her impromptu and personal style of storytelling has attracted many famous media channels such as Porsche, Expedia, Refinery 29, Free People, Disney, Avianca and Marriott.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Top 5 famous fashion bloggers distinctive style

She is also one of the first two people to lead the trend of travelling with close friends, and the co-owner of the social channel “Girls meet Globe” about exploring a new land. Courtney Scott’s style is very stylish and sexy; she always prefers hot bikinis at the beach, or jeans and one shoulder dresses.


Kiara Schwartz is a famous fashion blogger born in Vancouver, Canada. With a mass of followers on Instagram and her experience in the fashion industry, Kiara Schwartz is currently working with major international brands such as Tiffany and Co., Lacoste, Nordstrom, GUESS, H & M and Diesel. Not only does she have a unique fashion style and the ability to mix and match, Kiara Schwartz also has a lot of experience in travelling. Her posts, videos and photos shared on social networking sites never fail to take viewers on a “never-ending road trip” to discover beautiful cities such as Bali, Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, and Cape Town. Exploring Kiara Schwartz’s TobruckAve blog, you will open your door to a world of passion, the inspiration for fashion, travelling and lifestyle of the youth today.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Top 5 famous fashion bloggers distinctive style

Visiting Kiara Schwartz’s Instagram, what impresses people the most about Kiara Schwartz’s fashion style is the vibe of a freedomloving spirit which is still full of delicacy and gentleness, like the combination of the breeziest slip dress with a choker and cozy parka, giving a feminine yet distinctive look.


Born and raised in Trafford, Manchester, after spending eight years working for Virgin Atlantic and travelling around the world, she decided to quit her job and pursue a career as a fashion blogger. Lorna Andrews is one of the most influential people in fashion in the UK.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Top 5 famous fashion bloggers distinctive style

Not only does she have a huge fan base with more than 296,000 followers on Instagram, Lorna Andrews has also successfully built the blog Lorna Luxe since 2014, which shares the latest street fashion trends with gorgeous photos taken in well-known destinations all over the world like New York, London, Marbella, Edinburgh, Maldives, and Zurich. Her style is a mix of well-cut classics in which youthful denim trousers are skillfully combined with flamboyant accessories. With Lorna, gold accessories and jewelry are always a great choice for every girl in the spring and summer.


Being of Japanese, Dutch, and Scottish descent, the talented young girl Rumi Neely is a famous fashion blogger, fashion designer, model and photographer living and working in San Francisco, the USA. As a vintage fashion lover, Rumi’s outfits always feature classic and feminine style. Referring to Rumi, people will remember a girl with a feminine, romantic but still very impressive clothes and stylish dip-dye hairstyle.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Top 5 famous fashion bloggers distinctive style

Rumi Neely created the “Fashion Toast” blog and an online vintage store called “Treasure Chest Vintage” on eBay in 2008. By 2009, it received over 35,000 views per day, and currently, the blog receives 5.5 million views per month.

Not only has she been named one of the world’s top fashion bloggers with 700,000 followers on Instagram and over 35,000 blog views per day, Rumi was also invited to become a representative of Next Model Management based in Los Angeles, and a fashion designer for RVCA fashion brand. She was honored on Bloglovin’s Awards with two prizes, which were Best Personal Style Blog Award and Blogger of the Year in 2011.


Alanna Durkovich, 27 years old, is a famous blogger from Vancouver, Canada. With an open-minded style, her blue immediately impresses people with hair and purple highlights. Formerly known as a fashion blogger pursuing vintage style, Alanna Durkovich is always outstanding with a daring and unique mix. Usually choosing neutral colors such as black, white and pastel, Alanna always pays attention to details and select dresses that match her hair color.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Top 5 famous fashion bloggers distinctive style

Founded in 2013, Xander Vintage blog is a look into the sexy, dynamic yet extremely feminine world of the bold blue-haired girl, and the source of inspiration for fashion and travelling to the youth. Xander Vintage shares not only latest fashion trends but also the journey journal of Alanna Durkovich with her handsome husband and two little angels while exploring the world together, such as their wedding in Dubrovnik, family vacations in Puerto Vallarta, Los Angeles, etc.

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