Nhi Dang: Travelling help finding material for my work

“I love travelling to find more material for my work, try new things and make friends everywhere”, that is what Nhi Dang shared on Wanderlust Tips December issue. 


About me and my passion for travel

I graduated from the University of Economics with a degree in marketing, but I decided to follow my passion in motion graphic and video editing. I love travelling to find more material for my work, try new things, and make friends everywhere. The more I travel, the bigger my heart grows, and the more I learn about myself.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Nhi Dang: Travelling help finding material for my work

I used to work hard to earn money to travel, until one day, I asked myself: “How do I combine work with my passion, how do I travel and earn money at the same time?” I travelled everywhere and filmed things that I liked, posted videos on videom and Facebook, and many people contacted me for partnerships and to buy my footage! I’m currently building a video – travel – food blog to share my passion and will hopefully find sponsors for my travels!

2017 plan

I always love to experience savannahs, and I’ve been planning to visit people who lead nomadic lives in Mongolia for a long time. After seeing documentaries on National Geographic about the last tribe that hunts with eagles and reindeer herders in deserted lands.

2016 trips

2016 ended with three exciting journeys: Myanmar in February (this was my second time visiting Bagan, Mandalay, Inle lake, Yangon and Hsipaw); Bangkok, Thailand in May (a culinary trip for our blog Hate to Eat); Ladakh and West India in August.

I am inspired to visit Iceland after seeing the film “The secret life of Walter Mitty”. Iceland seems like heaven on earth with its long silky roads and glaciers contrasting with majestic volcanoes.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Nhi Dang: Travelling help finding material for my work

Travelling style

I love visiting new and impressive places, both in terms of landscape and culture, rather than beautiful and luxurious places. Taking photos and filming are always the most important, so before each trip I search for photos and information to find the best location and plan my trip.

Travel Luggage

In addition to personal belongings and a first aid kit, passport, cash, VISA card and smartphones are important. Equipment like camera, battery, memory card, two back up hard drives and a tripod are also indispensable for me.

Tech gadget

A camera and an iPhone are must-haves for me on every journey; they help me quickly record every beautiful and spontaneous moment. A smartphone is also useful to find information, get directions, accommodation, dining, shopping, travel tips, and connect with my friends and family through Facebook and email.

Because I’m filming and photographing, I also need a small 11 or 13-inch laptop to store and edit things during the journey.

Memorable moment

The first time I visited Indonesia, upon arriving at the airport, I immediately got on a local bus for a 12-hour journey to visit the Ijen volcano complex. The weather was extremely hot, but an entire day on a bus was exciting. Every time the bus stopped, street vendors got in and started handing things to tourists, and came back around to see if anyone wanted to purchase or return them. They were smiling happily even if you didn’t purchase anything.

Every time the bus stopped, street musicians got in and performed, chasing away the heat on a bus without air-conditioning. I checked in at the hotel at midnight, and only got three hours of sleep because I had to get up early for a hike the next morning. None of us were tired because we were pumped with energy for the trip.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Nhi Dang: Travelling help finding material for my work

In Myanmar, I was impressed because the people there were so friendly. When we got lost, we would pull up to a small street vendor to ask for directions. We asked one person, but several people came to help, one even drove somewhere and returned with a map to give to us.

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