Essential items for the journey to the North Pole

[Wanderlust Tips January issue 2018] We spend a lot of time on selecting and arranging belongings before departing. Here are 10 tips from Wanderlust Tips for the things you need for a trip to the North Pole.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Essential items for the journey to the North Pole

Snow Goggle: The white color of snow everywhere will make you dazzle, especially on sunny days. If you travel during the Polar Night in the 40-day period from December to January next year, you won’t be disturbed by the brightness because there is no sun.

Sunscreen: In Polar Regions, the solar radiation is usually stronger than other places, so sunscreen is essential even if it is sunny or not.

Personal medicine: Bandages, antipyretic, oresol to compensate electrolytes; analgesics, nasal sprays are indispensable in every journey.

Moisturizer: The weather in Murmansk is cold and dry, so a moisturizer will help your skin feel more comfortable. You should moisturize the whole body instead of focusing only on the face or hands.

Phone strap: When you move, ride the sledges and use your mobile phone regularly, the strap will help you keep the phone not to be thrown away.

Bodywarmer patch: If you try all possible methods and still cannot adapt to the cold, or your warm clothes get wet, the body warmer patch will be the best solution for you. 4 patches per day and you can indulge in experiencing warmth without worrying about getting cold.

Camera, tripod, battery charger: There will be countless moments you would love to capture, such as taking photos in traditional Saami costumes or with reindeer when riding a dogsled, or hunting for aurora. You should bring a zip bag or a moisture-proof box to protect the camera.

Suitcase: You need a large waterproofing suitcase with four wheels that can move easily, because pulling a suitcase on the snow will be very difficult.

Hong Nhung | Wanderlust Tips

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