The appropriate outfits for expedition to the North Pole

[Wanderlust Tips January issue 2018] Clothes are extremely important because the temperature here ranges from minus 10°C to minus 25°C, and you may stay outdoors 5-6 hours a day.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | The appropriate outfits for expedition to the North Pole


Wearing a few thin layers of clothing to keep warm and to remove easily in case you feel hot. The most important is the innermost and outermost layers of clothing.

Innermost clothing

It is extremely important because if you dress properly, you will feel comfortable. You need to prepare heated clothes (long sleeves and long trousers are the best). Avoid wearing cotton clothing because it will absorb moisture and make you cold. It is recommended to wear wool socks, but not too many layers as it will be very uncomfortable.

Suggestion: heated clothes of Under Armour, Gunze, 32 Degrees, uYES.

– Middle layer

You can wear one or more layers to keep warm. Do not wear cotton, only polyester.

Suggestion: Wool sweater of Canifa, The Irish Store, Calvin Klein, Woolrich.

– Outermost clothing

The Arctic Winter is extremely cold so you need to prepare thoroughly. The outer layer needs to be windproof, moisture resistant, and most importantly needs to be able to keep the body heated.

Suggestion: Lightweight premium down jacket of Andrew Marc, Richmon; Snow pants of The North Face, Arctix.

Note: You should especially choose colorful outfits to stand out in the photos with the snow white background.


– Headwears and gloves

There is an Inuit Eskimo saying that “When your feet are cold, cover your head”, so it is a must to have warm headwear. Especially when you ride a snowmobile, reindeer sleigh or dogsleds with high speed, headwear become really useful. Gloves need to be thick and warm.
Suggestion: Woolly Hat of HM, Simplicity, Redess; fur hat of Kolodo Odema, Prooral; gloves of Zara, Dakine.

– Footwear

Use snow boots which have a heat-retaining layer and can withstand subzero temperatures. It is necessary to wear shoes with the minimum height to your calf; otherwise, the snow will easily enter your shoes. The ideal footwear has a leather outer layer to avoid moisture absorption, and the inner lined with fur. It is recommended to wear wool socks to keep your feet warm.

Suggestion: Snow boots of The North Face, Quechua, Crocs, Sorel, Ollas.

Hong Nhung | Wanderlust Tips

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