Caviar: The black gold on the table

Caviar has long been considered the symbol of luxury, the “black pearl” that stands out on every party table. This top-notch dish will taste even better with Vodka Beluga.


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On 22nd December, 2017, Vietnam’s first caviar brand – Caviar De Duc and Russia’s noble Vodka – Beluga held the event “Fragrance & Flavor night with Beluga”. This event offered its guests the most perfect and classy experience while enjoying dishes from Caviar with famous Beluga Vodka. In the framework of the event, they introduced the most luxurious products produced in a limited edition of Vodka Beluga, Beluga Epicure. This was also the spirit created by the collaboration between Beluga and the world’s most famous crystal brand Lalique.

Caviar is collected from Sturgeons, and is recognized as one of the 10 most luxurious food products in the world. This luxury dish has many nutritional benefits such as a support for a better sex life, heart disease prevention, health recovery, and a great choice for a hangover. This speciality is considered as “the black gold on the table”. Caviar is often served in small amounts as an appetizer, just enough to make diners feel attached to its unforgettable taste. The eggs are small and silvery-black, not as transparent as white caviar but in principle, the eggs have shells, liquid and embryo in different colours. The eggs are round and don’t stick together.

Traditionally, Caviar tastes best when it is served cold. Caviar is placed separately in crystal jars in large ice buckets. Use a set of pearl or nacre spoons and plates to compliment the delicate flavor. The food connoisseurs in Russia – the home country of Caviar – often order cold vodka to enjoy with Caviar, and for them, Beluga Vodka is regarded as a perfect drink.

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