Wanderlust Tips travel magazine’s August issue 2016: Inspired by heritage

August issue 2016 of Wanderlust Tips is a journey back to the roots to learn about historical marks and traditional cultural customs.

“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey

After an eventful summer, exploring off-road tracks and swimming in the deep blue ocean visiting sea creatures, a gentle autumn is upon us, with journeys inspired by the plentiful heritage our ancestors have left us with.

wanderlust-tips-wanderlust-tips-august-2016-inspired-by-heritage2The August issue of Wanderlust Tips will accompany you on your journey to the past, during which you will experience the sounds, the colours, the languages, and the vibrant nature, of the history of numerous cultures.

wanderlust-tips-wanderlust-tips-august-2016-inspired-by-heritage3Together, we will roam through ancient markets in Morocco that over 1,000 years old, to visit small booths selling local produce and exquisite handicrafts. We will travel across the Golden Ring in Eastern Russia for a magnificent view of ancient architecture that has witnessed the country’s rich history. And we will explore the endless meadows of East Africa to see the wildlife and the colourful culture of Kenya.

wanderlust-tips-wanderlust-tips-august-2016-inspired-by-heritage1While at home, we will taste the sweet flavours of rice while driving through the poetic passes of Northwest Vietnam. The countryside greets us with the beauty of golden rice fields, of the rolling mountains in Tu Le, Khau Pha, or La Pan Tan.

wanderlust-tips-wanderlust-tips-august-2016-inspired-by-heritage4These journeys will fill you with love, with nature, with life and energy. What’s more, you may discover your own roots in the masterpieces created by nature and history. With a newfound vigour, you can grow stronger with every step of the way towards your future.

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