A road magically floating in the middle of ocean

(#wanderlusttips #DiepSon) Known as “the road floats in the middle of the ocean”, Diep Son island has recently become a popular destination and fascinates tourists with its wild and unique beauty. Visit the place where sea and sky meet or discover Vietnam’s most special waterway. Either makes for a poetic and unforgettable journey.


Diep Son island village in Van Thanh commune located in Van Ninh district, which is part of Khanh Hoa province, is located nearly 500 kilometres away from Ho Chi Minh City. The group of islands is located in the waters of Van Phong Bay and is about a 30-minute motorbike ride from Van Gia fishing port or a 15-minute boat ride from Tan Dan. Despite being very close to the mainland the islands remain pristine and idyllic. There are no motorbikes, and electricity is only available from 6 – 9 pm. Roughly 100 households populate the islands.


What bewitches most visitors who come here is Diep Son path; submerged under the sea it connects three islands with Van Gia town. At 6 am, when the tide is low, a sand path appears. It is about 500 meters long, 8 meters wide near the island but narrow to 2 – 3 meters width the further it is from the island. When the tide is high, the path disappears 1 m under the water.

Walking along Diep Son is exciting and slightly nerve wracking as you are walking in the middle of the mighty ocean. You can see schools of fish swimming along the path and jumping above the water and you can wave a hello to the boats passing by.

Around 10 am, the water level begins to rise. Villagers rush back home, but visitors to Diep Son get excited as now they can freely explore this special path that is slowing being swallowed by the blue water. Enjoy the unique and magical sensation of walking along a sand path as the vast ocean is reclaiming it. The white clouds, green islands, blue sea, and the magical white sand path combined create a scene reminiscent of a charming landscape painting.

The islands have belt of smooth white sand beaches and clear blue water around them. If you travel in a group, you can set up tent, light a campfire and camp overnight on the beach, which makes for an unforgettable experience. Stay on the island for a while to experience the life of the locals, and join them on a fishing trip to catch fish and shrimp.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | A road magically floating in the middle of ocean

Diep Son village is still a peaceful, ancient fishing village. Fences made out of coconut leaves run along the sandy roads, and fishing nets filled with seashells surround small houses with thatched roofs.

At night, Diep Son village is submerged in a peaceful atmosphere, with only the sound of the waves and the whisper of the wind to be heard. Silvery moonlight pours onto the immense sea. At dawn, the sea starts shimmering and the sun seems impatient to bestow the first rays of light on a new day. As they gently move across the sun, the clouds are dyed red, painting beautiful halos on the dark blue sky. And Diep Son welcomes more guests. Mẫn, the head of the village, says: “I hope Diep Son is an interesting destination for those who love and wish to preserve the beauty of the island.”


The ideal time to visit the island: From December to June, when the sea is calm, is a suitable to visit. The villages here still struggle with poverty and tourism is not yet developed, so the island’s rare idyllic beauty remains. The most interesting thing about the island is its pristine nature, blue ocean and vast, untouched meadows. It is an ideal place to take some beautiful photos to remember Van Phong bay.

Transportation: From Nha Trang, you can rent a motorbike to Van Gia. Rental prices are about 100,000 – 150.000VND per day depending on the kind of bike. You can rent a motorbike at hotels on Tran Phu or Hoang Hoa Tham street. At Van Gia fishing port, you can park your bike and from here, you can take a boat or canoe to the island. Currently, there is only one daily boat from the mainland to the island. Canoes run more frequently, so you can go anytime.

Dining: You can ask locals on the island to cook for you. There are not many services offered on the island, but the services are adequate and available at reasonable prices. The cost for food is about 100,000 VND/person/day. You must enjoy some seafood, which you can buy from local fishermen and ask them to prepare it for you.

Accommodation: The island offers tent rentals for you to stay overnight. Hotel rooms cost about 150,000VND/2 people/night, and tent rental is about 50,000VND/day. You can contact Mr. Pha, a local who is a great help in arranging accommodation and food at a very reasonable price, at: 0121 363 6125.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | A road magically floating in the middle of ocean


– Diep Son path, a road submerged below the sea level that appears from 7 am to midday each day.

– Take a walk around the island and explore its pristine beauty.

– Visit local homes on the island, which are very rustic and idyllic.


– The island is unexploited and does not offer many services, so it is not suitable for families travelling with children.

– Remember to maintain the cleanliness of the island and collect your garbage before leaving.

– Do not use the locals’ belongings without their permission.

– Protect your belongings carefully, because the island does at times become crowded with visitors.

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