6 seafood dishes to try in Mumbai, India

Located on India’s western coast, Mumbai is the country’s financial capital and home to a diverse range of communities and cultures. Each community in Mumbai has special dishes that centre food from the sea. Wherever you have a chance to try them, these are the seafood dishes that you should not miss in Mumbai.



Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 6 seafood dishes to try in Mumbai, India

As one of the traditional seafood dishes in India, bombil is prepared in a variety of different ways and savoured across communities in Mumbai and it is most popular form is the bombil fry. The fish, separated from its central bone and drained of excess water gets mixed with salt, haldi (turmeric powder), chilli powder, and other herbs, roots and spices. After being marinated, the fish gets a coating of semolina or rice flour and is shallow-fried. The final fish has a crispy coating with a soft interior and it can be served with a squeeze of lime.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 6 seafood dishes to try in Mumbai, India

Bangda uddamethi is a delicious mackerel curry from Goan cuisine. Goa is a tiny coastal state to the south of Maharashtra, so the love for seafood permeates Goan cuisine. Also known as bangda udid, this seafood dish is made with mackerel that is cooked with split black lentils and fenugreek seeds. The main elements of other Goan curries also include freshly grated coconut, red chillies and black peppers along with tamarind for a dose of acidity. This fish curry tastes best with steamed Goan rice. If you travel to Mumbai, make sure to try this dish to get a true taste of local cuisine.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 6 seafood dishes to try in Mumbai, India

No food tour to Mumbai would be complete without trying a plate of kedgeree. This seafood dish is a popular Anglo-Indian dish made with smoked fish and boiled eggs. This dish is a version of the vegetarian Indian dish khichdi (meaning mishmash). The Anglo-Indians added their own spin to khichdi with a focus on fish. In spite of having the essential flavours of khichdi, kedgeree is not vegetarian as it is made with smoked flaked fish, onions, spices, butter and a topping of raisins.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 6 seafood dishes to try in Mumbai, India

This beloved clam dish is common to many coastal communities in Mumbai. Goans, Malvani, Mangalorean and Konkanis are amongst the many groups who prepare tisrya sukka at home. This dish is sometimes spelled tisreo, tisrya are clams and sukka means dry, a reference to the absence of a gravy. Many people believe that cooking the clam in its shell can enhance its flavours in addition to coconut, ground spices and dried fruit. There are many restaurants across Mumbai serving various versions of the dish.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 6 seafood dishes to try in India

Considered one of the oldest in Mumbai, the East Indian community intrigues many foodies with its unique cuisine, including seafood dishes. One of the classic dishes in East Indian cuisine is a curry called fish chinchoni. It is commonly made with bombil. In this dish, chinch refers to tamarind, which gives a distinct tartness. Red chillies play an important role in the curry – they are soaked and then ground into a paste with pepper, garlic and coconut. Some cooks also add raw rice for thickness. This curry is often eaten with rice or bread.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 6 seafood dishes to try in India

Patra ni macchi (literally fish wrapped in leaf) is a Parsi fish delicacy – the Parsis are an ethno-religious group that traces their origins to the Zoroastrians who fled Persia (now Iran) after the fall of the Sasanian Empire. This seafood dish features a whole flat fish coated in a spicy and tangy green chutney made from coconut, green chillies, coriander and vinegar. The marinated fish is wrapped in banana leaves, tied with a string and steamed. Patra ni macchi is usually prepared on special occasions in Mumbai like weddings.

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