The heart of tourism beat at Travel Turkey Izmir

The 11th Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair, one of the most important organizations of tourism sector, opened its doors on Thursday, 7th December, with the Partner Province Nevşehir and the Partner Country Ukraine.

The Fair in which prominent representatives of the sector and exhibitors, numerous countries and provinces famous with their natural beauty took place, continued until Sunday, 10th December. The 3rd International Gastronomic Tourism Congress also presented a delicious program until 9th December.

11th Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair and Congress that is the meeting of the world and national tourism in Izmir were held between 7th and 10th December 2017 in Fuar İzmir. The fair hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized by partnership of İZFAŞ and TÜRSAB and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey, with the participations of the Partner Province Nevşehir and the Partner Country Ukraine.

The heart of tourism beat at Travel Turkey Izmir


1,284 exhibitors from 36 countries and 54 provinces took part in the Fair in which 1,179 exhibitors from 36 different countries and 60 provinces took part last year. Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Namibia, Palestine, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, TRNC, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan and Vietnam opened their booths at the Fair to which Thailand with its worldwide known tourism island Phuket as well as People’s Republic of China and Kyrgyzstan exhibited for the first time.


The synergy has become even more important due to the fact that there is passport-free travel opportunity between Turkey and Ukraine, the partner country of the Travel Turkey Izmir. Travel Turkey Izmir plays an important role in enhancing the tourism potential. 657 thousand people came to Turkey from Ukraine in 2014, this number raised to 706 thousand 551 in 2015; in 2016, the number of tourists was one million 45 thousand. With the Travel Turkey Izmir Fair, it was expected that the number of tourists would increase further in 2018. It is also aimed to develop commercial agreements by bilateral negotiations to be performed between the exhibitors.

The Partner Province Nevşehir promotes the hotels and agencies and the tourism alternatives in its region to professionals. At the Fair, it was aimed to make new tourism agreements, negotiations and to contribute in the tourism of the region. Nevşehir hosting Göreme National Park and Cappadocia considered as the 8th wonders, is one of the most important touristic regions of Turkey.

Cappadocia Region with Göreme National Park which was included in 1985 in UNESCO World Heritage List both as cultural and natural heritage hosts a great number of historical monuments. Göreme National Park, Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı Underground Cities, Karain Columbaries, Karlık Church, Yeşilöz Theodoro Church and Soğanlı Archeological Site are included in UNESCO World Heritage List.


A special section was created at Travel Turkey Izmir for the hotel sector coming to prominence as one of significant components of tourism. At the area that was created under the name of “Hotel Equipment Special Section”, exhibitors and visitors coming to the fair had the opportunity to view the options that satisfied their demands.

The heart of tourism beat at Travel Turkey Izmir

Within the scope of the Fair, at the Tourism Transportation Special Section that was realized at Hall B of fuarizmir, a great number of automotive companies exhibited their new and most attractive models intended to tourism transportation.


The event was organized in ‘Travel Turkey Izmir’ for the promotion of ‘2018 – The Year of Troia’ declared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism due to the 20th anniversary of the inclusion of Troia on UNESCO World Heritage List.

The ancient city of Troia, being one of the most important ancient settlements of the world with its beauties, is one of the most important touristic and historical values of not only Turkey but also the World by its history of five thousands year.


Municipalities, Development Agencies, Provincial Directorates of Culture took place in Hall A of the fair that was held in fuarizmir, while agencies, hotels, tour operators, international destinations and professional exhibitors was in the Hall B.

Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Business and Congress Tourism, Ministries, Health Tourism, Consulates, Hotels, Chain Hotels, Holiday Villages, Yacht and Cruise Tourism, Marinas, International Tourism Authorities and Stock Exchanges, Cafes and Restaurants, Active and Adventure Tourism, Municipalities, Banking and Insurance Companies, Cultural Tourism, Governorates and Provincial Directorates of Culture and Tourism, Diving Schools, Sport and Golf Tourism, Development Agencies, Airlines, Tourism Technology, Tourism Societies and Associations, Cafe, Bar, Hotel Equipment Companies, Tourism Transport, Tourism Media, Education Tourism, Information and Information Technologies, Medical Organizations and Healthcare Organizations took part at the Fair.


The Fair hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with partnership of İZFAŞ and TÜRSAB promoted new products and services and constituted a ground for new agreements of cooperation. Travel Turkey Izmir continued this year also to bring the representatives and hosted buyers of tourism sector coming from the four corners of the world with exhibitor companies with the Hosted Buyers Program realized every year.

The foreign buyers brought in the framework of Hosted Buyer Program organized by the support of Turkish Airlines and the exhibitors are expected to perform business negotiations. At 10th Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair and Congress, 179 foreign buyers from 52 countries and 518 domestic buyers – participant companies performed 7,160 face-to-face meetings during the fair.

The heart of tourism beat at Travel Turkey Izmir


The 3rd International Gastronomic Tourism Congress was held on 7th-9th December 2017 in fuarizmir. The world’s leading gastronomy and tourism experts and educators got together at the congress organized by İZFAŞ, TÜRSAB, Dokuz Eylül University (DEÜ) and Izmir Economy University (İEÜ).


The 3rd International Gastronomic Tourism Congress brought gourmets and experts together with the theme “5 stories, 5 senses, 5 creative events”. The international tasting event namely “Tasting Story” seeking food culture and taste on the basis of 5 senses was held in the training program prepared and performed in the moderation of Sırma Güven, the Agent of Delice Network in Izmir. Expert chefs and researchers provided a delicious journey by sharing their inspiring stories. Entrepreneurship stories of Turkish and foreign chefs, demo works and trainings took part in the section “Cooking Testing”.


“Tasting Story” last for 2 days. On 8th December, the Odor Specialist Vedat Ozan met with attendants with “Taste and Odor” while the Coffee Specialist Hakan İme met with attendants with “Qualified Coffee Tasting”. On 9th December, certificates was granted attendants in workshops of “A Sensory Experiance in our Cuisine Heritage” by the Odor Experience Designer Cansu Şekular, “The Story of Tea” by the Tasting Specialist Selçuk Azman and “Olive Oil Tasting” by the Olive Oil Sommalier Emmanuelle Dechelette.

Worldwide known chefs Manolis Hiras from Greece, Wilco van Herpen from Netherlands, Hector Cabello from Spain, Ippei Uemura from Japan and Yunus Emre Akkor realizeed delicious workshops in “Cooking Story”. The place and importance of Gastronomic Tourism was discussed in panels which was realized with participation of tourism agency owners, corporate general managers, guides, journalists and authors and trainers. The subjects such Basic Package Forming, Planning and Costing in ‘Gastronomic Tourism” as well as Working Conditions was discussed in the ‘Training Seminar of Gastronomic Tourism for Agencies’ in which the Trainer Ferhan Kırman participated as speaker.


Together with Travel Turkey Izmir Fair and Gastronomic Tourism Congress, tasty competitions were realized on 7th-9th December with the support of Turkish Culinary Federation (TAFED) and Izmir Culinary Association. Boutique Pastry Competition, Free Individual Cooking Competition, Team Competitions of Professionals was realized on 7th December, Individual Students Competition, Free Individual Cooking Competition, Best Team Competitions of University Students were realized on 8th December and the High School Team Competition was held on 9th December.


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Edirne Municipality ve Kastamonu Municipality, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality through their destination sponsorships brought their local tastes together with exhibitors at the 3rd International Gastronomy Congress. Visitors had the opportunity to taste original delicacies such as lahmacun, baklava and kebab varieties of Gaziantep, kunafah and lambkebab in curl paper of Hatay, liver of Edirne, candy halvah and rubbed noddle soup of Kastamonu at the Congress.


Turin, one of the most important taste points of Italy and the international center of Slow Food and Slow City movements, also took its place in the Congress as guest city. The guest city Turin made a presentation at opening of congress. Along with the presentation with subject of Turin’s Introduction and Gastronomy Promotion Strategies of Turin, the tasting was performed during the congress.

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