The Gilmore Getaway: 7 locations we love

Throughout the 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, we have become familiar with places that the two Lorelais had been to. Now, if you want to become a Gilmore for a getaway, here are the must-visit locations that could make your experiences surreal. 

From the famous names…

1. Stars Hollow Town

There are probably no Gilmore Girls watchers who didn’t fall in love with the town Stars Hollow. In the series, the wonderful small town sheltering the two Gilmores is loved for its fresh air, adorable neighbors, and extraordinary local shops, houses, and stores.

Technically, Stars Hollow is just a fictional town, assumingly located in Connec 30 miles from Hartford, Connecticut. Wait… what? Surprise! You can physically visit the set of Stars Hollow town, located in the Warner Bros. Studio. Yes, you can firsthand see – and even walk into – the lovely two-story house where Rory grew up, the famous Luke’s Diner, the dreamy Dragonfly Inn, even the square that witnessed the town’s numerous year-round events – basically every place you could recall, since the producers decided to keep the entire town intact. 

Make sure to have a selfie at the Stars Hollow name board, take cool pictures of you standing at the square’s gazebo viewing the town’s church of the Stars Hollow High School – that must be nostalgic.

Location: 3400 Warner Blvd., Burbank, California.

2. Harvard University

Do you remember the remarkable Lorelai and Rory’s road trip to Harvard in season 2? The trip that made Rory come face-to-face with her dream university since she turned 3, while Lorelai thought of the past that might have been, eventually left huge influences on their future.

Now, hop on a fully-packed jeep, drive spontaneously, stay at an inn on the track (hold up, using a made-up name and a fabricated job is not recommended, even though it was pretty fun of the Gilmore girls for having done that), and ultimately end up at Havard – isn’t it a cool experience to give it a try?

Again, sneaking into lectures and taking pictures at one’s dormitory room might no longer be appropriate, but saying hello to a random Susie on the campus, walking around the reputable university with a map brochure full of wordy introductions, and coming home with a bunch of Harvard burgundy merchandises must be a fun experience to make.

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts.

3. Yale University

Rory’s grandparents were all Yale graduates, so they wanted Rory to come to Yale, too, thus, Rory also went visiting Yale a couple of times (uhm… let’s just stop here to protect our unfinished watchers). 

Strolling in a greeny and massive Ivy League university is, in fact, not just to have a very Gilmore sense, but also to honor the legacies. Also, visiting the universities during the leagues could be a marvelous idea: put on a blue sweater, wear a blue cap, hold a flag and become a Yale local.

Location: New Haven, Connecticut.

… to the inspirators.

Do you know what inspired this beautiful town? The show’s writer, Amy Sherman-Palladino, came up with the idea of the beloved Stars Hollow while spending 3 weeks feeling magical, and it was a feeling of warmth and small-town camaraderie in Connecticut.

Now, if you want to experience the real Gilmore vibes, here are the places to check out that Amy got her inspiration from, mostly in the Litchfield Hills region with towns like Washington, New Milford, Bantam, and Litchfield.

4. Mayflower Inn & Spa 

Where everything begins. Being the one that inspired the writer to create the lovable Independent Inn, the Mayflower Inn & Spa offers luxurious accommodations and a romantic vibe.

Location: 118 Woodbury Rd, Route 47, Washington, Connecticut.

Wanderlust Tips | The Gilmore Getaway: 7 destinations we know so well
5. Marty’s

Waking up late, having a cup of coffee and a cheeseburger at Marty’s – just like the way the Gilmore’s did their daily routine for most of 7-year story with Luke’s Diner. 

Location: 4 Green Hill Rd, Washington, Connecticut.

Wanderlust Tips | The Gilmore Getaway: 7 destinations we know so well
6. New Milford, Connecticut

Follow Route 202 South, get to the pretty New Milford, you’ll see the familiar town green with a gazebo that is the most Stars-Hollow-ish than it ever could, where numerous events and abundant magical Gilmore Girls moments have taken place.

Wanderlust Tips | The Gilmore Getaway: 7 destinations we know so well
7. Litchfield, Connecticut

Strolling down to the north on Route 47 and merge onto Route 202 North. Along the way, shop for antiques at Housatonic Trading Company and the Old Carriage Shop Antique Center to see if you can feel that Mrs. Kim vibe. And be sure to stop for ice cream at Arethusa Farm in Bantam, home of delicious ice cream that rivals Taylor’s Soda Shoppe.

Wanderlust Tips | The Gilmore Getaway: 7 destinations we know so well

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