Thai Binh Mountain: Taipei’s Poetic Fairy Forest

Taipei, one of the six busiest cities in Taiwan, is an economic, political, and cultural hub with substantial clout in Taiwan and East Asia. This major city draws a large number of tourists not only for its remarkable architectural masterpieces, such as Taipei 101 and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, but also for its gorgeous scenery.

Follow Thuy Dung, a Vietnamese travel enthusiast, explores the untamed, abandoned, but unexpectedly tranquil Thai Binh region.

Beginning her journey to dear Taipei in the new year, tourists will be greeted by the cover photographs, which show the train peaking behind the big old trees, getting the magnificent rays of sunlight through each leaf in the forest. Thai Binh moutain, about two and a half hours by vehicle from Taipei City, is an ideal sanctuary for individuals who appreciate the tranquil, unspoilt beauty of lush primeval forests.

Thai Binh mountain, unlike Bat Tien mountain or A Ly mountain, two prominent national forests connected with Taipei tourism, is simpler and more pastoral, where few tourists know about and it is difficult to visit. As a result, travelers seeking to escape the hustle and bustle will find this mountain to be a great getaway. A day spent exploring Thai Binh mountain allows you to relax in the cold weather, enjoy the early morning sunlight, and listen to birds sing in the center of the primeval forest.

Fairyland via the Bongbong Train

The bright yellow rail vehicle with the wonderful name “Bong Bong” runs around Thai Binh Mountain’s gorgeous forest, along the steep hillside, peeking under the enormous tree branches. It is simply constructed with iron bars across; when sitting on the railway, tourists may feel the chilly wind and the rare early morning rays of sunlight interlaced through the leaves.

The fairy train’s final stop is Maoxing, where travelers may immerse themselves in a magical environment from the ancient station to the observatory overlooking the beautiful Taiping Son mountains. Notably, you can choose any of the routes to begin your tour and discover the breathtaking scenery of Taipei’s hills. You will take the correct route if you follow your heart. After the chaos of life, we are surrounded by only the forest, wind, and sunshine; our hearts also become lighter and more serene.

Forests such as A Ly and Thai Binh were used as logging locations for the Japanese troops during the Japanese occupation. The Taipingshan History Museum houses rich information on the long-standing history that transformed the largest logging forest into one of the major tourist attractions associated with Taipei’s reputation. Hearing those stories from the indigenous people directly would be more thrilling than researching them on the internet.

When guests arrived at Bongbong train station, the manager would greet them and joyfully explain the history of train carriages. These picturesque railway lines were really used to move lumber down the mountain when they were Japanese colonies. He also directed the train’s camera angles and commanded the locomotive to blow its whistle in order to preserve the little footage.

In the midst of Taiwan’s enormous mountains and forests, two people who had never met before or shared the same nationality or language became naturally amicable. Perhaps those are the wonders you will encounter when you step foot in Thai Binh Mountain’s fairy kingdom. Without a doubt, the serene scenery here has a special power to bond pure hearts who are interested in nature. In addition, the strong and pleasant aroma of cypress sap from the train station that remains in your hand will transport you to your next journey.

Explore one of the world’s most stunning trails

Thien Tinh Trail, designated one of the world’s 28 most beautiful trails, is the next stop on the sunny and windy ride, with the train lines coated in green moss and a layer of mist. Although this is a short route, the scenery is spectacular because it changes dramatically with height. They were tall, woody ferns at times, and odd, unnamed plants at others. All of these circumstances have contributed to the Thien Tinh Trail being a hidden gem among the Thai Binh Mountains.

Relax at Jiuzhize Hot Spring

If you just have one day to see Taiping Mountain, you should not miss Jiuzhize, a well-known hot spring. One of the most popular activities for visitors is soaking in the hot springs. Nothing beats a relaxing soak in the hot springs after a long day of hiking.

The public swimming area at Jiuzhize is designed to be open, integrating into the natural beauty of Thai Binh mountain. Visitors can also boil eggs and maize directly in the hot water trough.

The Jiuzhize Hot Spring will be a fantastic escape for families traveling with young children, since it has an outdoor swimming area and a family bathing area.

Thuy Dung mentioned at the end of a one-day tour through Thai Binh mountain’s fairy forest that she still has many memories of seeing this beautiful mountain favored by nature, which provides a clear and vivid picture of the four seasons. She vows to come soon to enjoy the peace and quiet of Thai Binh Mountain, which is blanketed in dreamy snow and dotted with ancient pine and cypress trees.

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