Hello World #15: Visit Korea – Asia’s Most Luxurious Country

With the participation of two special guests: fashionista Chau Bui and Doan Thien An, Miss Grand Vietnam 2022, Hello World #15, was instructed by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and supported by Wanderlust Tips – The Leading Travel Magazine in Vietnam has given visitors incredible feelings.

Begin a new journey of discovery

Hello World continues to explore a dazzling summer in South Korea, the country of intersection with the youthful, quick speed of life and renowned historical buildings, after five years of success in delivering fresh and unique experiences in culture, history, and food to Vietnam and overseas. The four-day, three-night journey would take place from 3 to 6 July 2023, and would be led by two well-known artists, Fashionista Chau Bui and Doan Thien An, Miss Grand Vietnam 2022.

Korea has been considered as one of the best destinations to visit in Asia, attracting a large influx of visitors with its wonderfully gorgeous landscapes, impressive historical works, and sparkling skyscrapers. Hello World and the two charming ladies have access to the two most famous modern cities in South Korea are Incheon and Seoul, throughout this journey. Hello World #15 pledges to create a new wave for the next travel trend, not just for the sake of promoting Korea’s luxury tourism.

Accompanying two unique travelers

Chau Bui and Doan Thien An, two special guests on this tour, are both remarkable influencers in today’s youth community and are accompanying two unique travelers. Chau Bui, a 9X fashionista with a young appearance and charisma, is a familiar figure in many major fashion magazines and at famous international fashion weeks across the world, including Seoul, Paris, New York, and Milan. Doan Thien An, Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 is joining the voyage. This stunning woman has always proven herself via amazing efforts, and she has become an example to younger generations to achieve their aspirations.

Relaxing in Paradise City

The first stop on an interesting voyage was Incheon, Korea’s bustling modern commercial metropolis. From the vibrant metropolitan environment to the beautiful natural beauty, Incheon has everything that makes it a popular tourist destination. When Chau Bui and Thien An arrived in Incheon, they were taken aback by the luxurious and magnificent splendor of the “Paradise City” resort.

Paradise City, located on Yeongjong Island, approximately 2 kilometers from Incheon Airport, was delighted to welcome the Hello World team to Korea’s most opulent experiences. The 5-star resort incorporates the first novel and distinctive entertainment forms in Northeast Asia, thanks to an inherent advantage—a prime location. Paradise City pours new life into each peaceful spot here, inspired by a contemporary style full of individuality. The hotel, which also houses the casino, offers us incredible attractions such as shopping, an art museum, a spa, and the Wonderbox amusement park.

Revealing new impressive attractions in Seoul

After the fantastic celebration of “Paradise City,” lively Seoul was picked as the second destination for Hello World. On the first day in Seoul, fellow visitors visited the National Museum of Contemporary Art and shot a lot of colorful images at Hi-Kr Ground, a Modern virtual reality playground inspired by the Hallyu trend popular among youth.

Hello World had the distinction of admiring the Cheongwadae Blue House, a symbol of Korean political power, during this expedition, which is regarded as a unique opportunity to set foot in the residence and work of South Korea’s presidents. 

Experiencing a Korean-class entertainment resort

This luxury vacation would be incomplete without high-end entertainment and resorts steeped in Korean culture. Chau Bui and Doan Thien An experienced fascinating moments, tranquil tea ceremonies, and sightseeing in the lovely landscape of a traditional Korean village at Rakkojae Hanok Seoul.

Aside from traditional values, Seoul has demonstrated its youthful pulse through vibrant shopping activities that are very popular among young people. Lotte Duty Free, a duty-free shopping center in the heart of Seoul with famous brands and international class, and Line Friends, a lovely chain of stores famous for the BT21 characters from the popular K-pop group BTS, are outstanding destinations that tourists should not miss when visiting.

The dreamland has left two young and talented visitors with tremendously vivid experiences. Closing the significant voyage of Hello World #15, we hope that the forthcoming travels will provide a completely new experience, contributing to the promotion of exceptional tourism pictures in Vietnam and around the world.

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