4 Summer Vacation Destinations to Visit

Nothing could be more fantastic than taking a vacation from everyday life to visit some incredible places during your relaxed months. This summer, let’s get ready with Wanderlust Tips USA, the leading travel publication in the United States, to explore the top 4 wonderful destinations you must visit.

Daily stress and anxiety can take a heavy toll on your mind and body, which is why you may need to move entirely out of your comfort zone to truly decompress. A pleasant vacation not only rejuvenates your body but also restores your mind, laying the stage for a successful return to the real world. Here are some of the greatest soothing spots to visit when you need a break, a chance to reset, or some time to conduct some real self-care.


Kenya is well-known for its beautiful scenery and extensive animal reserves. Kenya gets a large influx of European and North American visitors every year due to the country’s rich animals and panoramic geography; thus, tourism is a major contributor to Kenya’s economy.

Masai Mara is an extraordinary natural city that travelers should not miss when visiting Kenya. It is one of the world’s most famous wildlife reserves, home to more than 40% of Africa’s great mammals and the world’s highest concentration of wild species. Visitors to this place can enjoy breathtaking scenery ranging from limitless grasslands to interesting perspectives. It is a must-see place for everyone interested in natural landscapes and wild creatures.

Photo: Masai Mara

Let’s close your eyes and imagine a gentle rolling savannah reaching out in front of you, with many wildebeest and zebras grazing quietly. That incredible and inspiring experience will be capped up with a fantastic excursion to the Masai Mara.

Photo: Masai Mara

In addition, Wanderlust Tips USA recommends an exciting jeep safari amid the area’s lions, elephants, and other wildlife for a more up-close and personal interaction. This is regarded as the ideal method to immerse yourself in spectacular nature and rejuvenate your soul.

Tel Aviv, Israel

 Tel Aviv, Israel’s second-largest city after Jerusalem, stretches along the Mediterranean’s magnificent coastline and plays a significant role in both cultural and economic activity in the country.

Since July 2003, the destination known as “White City” has recognized almost 4,000 buildings designed by Jewish architects that have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tel Aviv has become an appealing tourist destination on the international travel list as a result of this exceptional performance.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is described as a city of hedonism, tolerance, and culture, similar to Spain’s Barcelona or the United States’ San Francisco, with white sand beaches, warm sea, and rows of outstanding restaurants, bars, cafes, and colorful stores. Because of the city’s vibrant nightlife, it is also known as the city that never sleeps at night.

With skyscrapers overlooking the sea and a variety of engaging activities, this location is definitely a spectacular amusement world for visitors.


Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, located on a peninsula on Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast, is billed as the “Paris of the Middle East,” the true East-meets-West. It is also the capital and largest city of Lebanon, and it is rapidly developing in terms of shopping, socializing, and sightseeing.

Beirut, which features a modern architecture style with Ottoman and colonial French structures sharing space, has been renovated multiple times after wars to meet the demands of travelers. It would be fantastic if you could spend some time visiting a couple of superb museums, which are considered must-see tourist attractions in Beirut. Exploring the flavor of the many districts, wandering along the shoreline, and delving into the city’s fantastic restaurant and nightlife scene are also must-do activities.

Its vitality, soul, diversity, and seductive ambiance make it a lively and addictive city. It is fast-paced, fashion-conscious, and excessively welcoming.

Thai Binh, Vietnam

Vietnam is known as the Lotus Land because the national flower, the lotus, represents the noble character of the Vietnamese people. Lotus is the sole flower that satisfies the noble life meaning of yin and yang philosophy and the five elements, and it is a symbol of the Vietnamese nation’s strong will.

Many people think of the interesting lotus ponds in Vietnam when they think of Dong Thap Muoi, Ninh Binh, or the regal lotus species in Tinh Tam lagoon (Hue City). However, Thai Binh, located around 110 kilometers from Hanoi, boasts a diverse range of lotus ponds and species, ranging from the Van Dai lotus pond in Hung Ha district to the An Vu lotus pond in Quynh Phu district.

Photo: Hoa Sen Van Dai

Tourists visiting Thai Binh might enjoy seeing the lotus ponds snuggled under netted clouds that mellow the brilliance and taking wonderful photographs in the early morning. The light is soft at this time of year, and the petals are still covered in dew at night, giving out a sweet perfume that will soothe and distinguish you.

Photo: Am Thuc Thai Binh

Thai Binh is also well-known for a dish known as Thai Binh nuggets. They are produced using lotus as the main ingredient, then wrapped in flowers and lotus leaves with a mildly fragrant scent, which is thought to be a special gift from the North every fall.

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