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[Wanderlust Tips February 2018] From the Business Class of famous airlines, 5-star luxury cruise or resorts in the world, it is time to explore the luxury travel trend with travel enthusiasts.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Luxury travel

I often travel and have the opportunity to stay at many resort hotels, but perhaps the most impressive is the Mandapa Resort, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Ubud area of Bali, Indonesia. The hotel is located in a pristine forest with a view of vast fields, offering a peaceful and relaxed space. The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong also impresses me with its spectacular views of Hong Kong Island and the harbor area. The services here are very professional including airport transfer, transport by Rolls-Royce motor car, private check-in at rooms. The experiences at the luxury hotels or resorts mentioned above has brought me a truly meaningful vacation with exceedingly great care that never make anyone feel less than appreciated.

Although it cannot be denied that the world’s most luxurious hotels bring great experiences to the trip, I think the choice of a hotel depends on the needs, the preferences and the budget of each person. If you only need to sleep in the hotel and spend the rest of your time exploring, you can choose an affordable and tidy hotel. And if you would like to relax and use the most comfortable services, you can choose a luxury resort. Each accommodation serves its own purpose, so it is recommended to balance and make the right choice for each trip.


I had the opportunity to experience the Business Class of many airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines on many domestic and international flights. Business Class passengers often spend more money than ordinary ones, but in return, they receive the highest priority as well as comfort in the journey.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Luxury travel

First of all, at the airport, as a passenger of Business Class, I usually did not have to spend much time on queuing and almost never had to wait, as there was a separate check-in area and sometimes a separate area for security, immigration and customs check. Prior to boarding, Business Class passengers are also invited to the private lounge where there is a wide range of hot snacks and a bathroom for guests on demand.

Regarding the seats on the plane, Business Class passengers will sit in the front row seats with more comfort due to the suitable seat width and distance between rows of seats. A modern wide-body aircraft also feature flatbed seats, which is extremely important especially for long-haul flights.

For meals on the flight, Business Class passengers are served meals which are well prepared. For example, in Business Class of Malaysia Airlines, passengers on long flights are often served world-famous chicken satay and lamb.


I had the opportunity to travel many countries in Europe, Asia, and The Americas. In my journeys, I especially enjoyed experiences of yachting adventure in which we explored islands or beautiful bays, which is considered the best way for middle aged people to relax.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Luxury travel

My recent and perhaps most impressive trip was to Miami, Florida, the USA. I had the opportunity to experience a holiday on the cruise ship “Harmony of The Seas” which is known as the largest cruise ship in the world. This cruise ship can accommodate up to 6,000 passengers and 2,000 staff members as well as the crew. And it lived up to its reputation; I was completely amazed by the grand scale of the room system, the entertainment, and food services. The condition of the rooms and the interior equipment did not seem inferior to the five-star hotel on land. The staff would clean the room twice a day. Food service was available 24/7 with all of the fees included in the original tour price. In addition, the entertainment services are also diverse, offering services such as spas, and ice skating to name a few.

In the daytime, we could leave the cruise ship to visit beautiful pristine islands on the route; and in the afternoon, we would return to the cruise with most comfortable service.


I have a strong passion for travelling and spend most of my free time on this hobby. As I am living in France, a country in Schengen Area, travelling between European countries is quite simple, and I have had the opportunity to visit many countries such as Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and Germany. Besides the hobby of travelling, I also have a special taste for food, so every trip is a chance for me to gain new experience of food.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Luxury travel

Before going to a new place I often find out information about local specialties. One of my most unforgettable memories was the trip to La Rochelle (France) where I enjoyed the menu of seven dishes at La Suite restaurant. The two appetizers were lobster spring rolls and foie gras, the two main dishes were low temperature cooked beef and grilled salmon, the three desserts were île flottant, soufflé, and choux à la crème, each dish had a distinctive taste and was served with a different wine. Lobsters still retained the natural sweetness, foie gras was soft and melting in the mouth, grilled salmon and caviar passion fruit sauce harmonized perfectly. Tender beef was served on a plate with a glass lid and smoked with pine nuts; when the lid was opened, the aroma was amazing and impressive. All of the dishes were cooked from expensive ingredients, but I think, more importantly, the talent of the chef created an unforgettable culinary experience.

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