Pigeon Forge: A town more than 200 years old with a strong American feature 

The Pigeon Forge town has been likened to a real-life time machine. When you come here, you will feel like you have returned to the ancient year of 1800. Each street and house has an American style that has remained unchanged for more than 200 years.

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This all-American mountain town located in East Tennessee is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains as a major tourist destination, attracting more than 10 million people on a yearly basis. Besides the beautiful natural landscapes and miles of great outdoors to explore, there’s also a variety of shops, restaurants, shows, and attractions for visitors of all ages.

Old Mill Square: A 200-year-old hidden gem of Pigeon Forge

Featuring diverse shops growing close together in the architectural style popular in the 1850s and 1890s, Old Mill Square is world-famous as one of the historical pieces of evidence that is worthy of admiration. The most prominent feature in the square is the Old Mill flour mill, which is powered by water and is more than two centuries old.

Old Mill is an ideal destination that attracts the attention of tourists and is ranked by the US as a National Historic Site. Constructed in 1830, this flour mill is among the oldest and most frequently photographed in continuous operation in America. These days, visitors frequently purchase tours at a cost of $4 USD to spend 30 minutes inside the factory and witness how farmers ground flour centuries ago. The Old Mill’s architecture is a good example of the regional style; other structures have a similar design.

Address: Old Mill St, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States

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Dollywood: Pigeon Forge’s most attractive theme park

Dollywood is a theme park jointly owned by artist Dolly Parton and the entertainment company Herschend Family. It is situated in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in the Knoxville-Smoky Mountains metropolitan area. Don’t miss seeing and enjoying this site when you travel to Tennessee, because every ride at the park is a unique and enjoyable experience that will make you feel very joyful and calm.

Scattered across 150 acres, the celebrated theme park boasts 40 rides, ranging from water rides to kids’ rides and classic favorites, 15 distinct shows, authentic Southern-style dining, and five of the biggest festivals in the South, such as the Barbecue and Bluegrass Festival and Smoky Mountain Christmas, which is illuminated by over 4 million lights. Save a little extra time in the summer to visit Dollywood’s Splash Planet, a water park with slides, splash areas, wading pools, and river rapids.

Address: 2700 Dollywood Parks Blvd. Pigeon Forge, TN 37863 1-800-DOLLYWOOD

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Titanic Museum: The place for history-loving souls

If you’re looking to get to know more about the Titanic and the mysterious stories that spin it, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Titanic Pigeon Forge, known as the world’s largest Titanic museum attraction.

It’s not necessary to study about the historic ship as you can truly experience everything here, including exploring the staterooms and passageways, viewing the suites and the Grand Staircase, and even touching an iceberg that’s genuinely 28 degrees below freezing water. Each visitor will receive an authentic Titanic crew member or passenger’s boarding card upon entering the museum, provided that all of that sounds plausible. At the Titanic Memorial Room, where 2,208 names are written on the walls, you can learn what happened to them before you leave.

Address: 3235 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616, United States

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Outdoor gravity park: The only place in America where you can go zorbing

Zorbing is basically being inside a giant, human-shaped hamster ball or an 11-foot transparent sphere, to be more precise. If you’re brave enough to jump into one of these giant balls, you have your choice of three different zorbing experiences, such as Speed Demon, where you’ll run down a hill over 1000 feet; Extreme Zig Zag, a back-and-forth adventure track; and Funnel, a combination of two other songs. Riders can also choose a wet zorbing experience called H20GO, where 10 gallons of water (cool in summer and warm in winter) are added to the ball before you chase down the hill. Cold water in the summer and 90-degree warm water in the winter. This is an unforgettable experience; make sure you cross it off your bucket list.

Address: 203 Sugar Hollow Rd, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States

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