Savor the refreshing flavor of vibrant fruit festivals in the world

A perfect setting for fall festivities in many nations with a profusion of red and yellow leaves is when the leaves start to change color, and the crisp aroma of autumn permeates the air. Large and small music festivals are well-known for taking place in the summer, while winter events include shimmering lights. Autumn is the most gorgeous season to plan thrilling outdoor activities in many countries.

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America is not an exception to the rule that every nation across the globe has its own traditional cultural celebrations. You may have a good time, explore the area, and discover interesting cultural aspects and American traditional holidays at these festivals.

The National Apple Harvest Festival taking place grandly in Arendtsville

The National Apple Harvest Festival is an annual event held in Arendtsville, Texas, throughout the first two weeks in October. During the event, apples are turned into cider, juice, and apple pie will be shown for all attendees to enjoy. Many exciting events during the festival include vintage automobile shows, chainsaw carvings, and horse racing. Moreover, straw scarecrows may also be designed and displayed.

This event honors exquisite handicrafts and provides the perfect opportunity to eat local foods while listening to lively music. The festival welcomes everyone, gathering hundreds of shops specializing in handicrafts. In addition, numerous contests, food vendors, and other entertainment options are expertly and artistically planned.

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Location: Arendtsville, USA

Date: The first two weekends in October

La Tomatina: A unique tomato-throwing festival in Spain

The tomato festival, whose official name is La Tomatina, is not only a unique fruit festival in the world but also the greatest fruit festival in Europe. This event will typically be held on the last Wednesday of August in the town of Bunol in Valencia City Spain.

The tomato-throwing festival lasts for about a week, attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists. According to local people, this festival is held to pray for a good harvest. At the same time, it also honors the city’s patron saint Luis Bertran, and Mare de Deu dels Desemparats. Each festival that takes place gathers tens of thousands of people from around the world to Bunol.

It is estimated that hundreds of tons of tomatoes are used to serve the activities of this festival. Participating in the La Tomatina festival, visitors can use tomatoes as a weapon. All the tourists threw tomatoes and shouted together, creating a chaotic scene throughout the street.

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Location: Bunol, Valencia City, Spain

Date: The last Wednesday of August

Cranberry Festival with Humanistic Significance in Warrens, USA

The popular fruit in Wisconsin, cranberries, are the focus of the three-day Warrens Cranberry Festival in the United States. Every year, the event happens during the final weekend of September. Thousands of tourists flock to Warrens to attend the celebration, which coincides with the nine-tree cranberries festival. Fresh cranberries will be readily available for attendees, along with music and dance performances honoring a bumper crop of cranberries.

Family-friendly activities abound at Warrens’s Cranberry Festival, including harvest excursions, cranberry marsh tours, fantastic shopping at more than a thousand market booths, and much more. There are several contests available for visitors to participate in, such as a recipe contest, a contest for the largest fruit, a quilt block contest, and a picture competition.

The festival is to further contribute to the general welfare and common benefit of the Warrens community. This will be accomplished by organizing an annual community festival and collecting money that will only be utilized for social and civic advancements within the Warrens community. In addition, the hotels, bed & breakfasts, eateries, and petrol stations in all the neighboring counties profit from the Warrens Cranberry Festival.

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Location: Warrens, Wisconsin State, USA

Date: The final weekend of September

The Watermelon and Melon Festival: The most exciting fruit festival in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian watermelon festival is one of the most well-known fruit celebrations worldwide. The village of Salmanovo in the province of Shumen has a wonderful watermelon festival every year on the final Sunday in August.

There are a lot of locals and visitors from abroad attending this vibrant and entertaining event. Check out the melon festival, where attendees may participate in various entertaining and educational games centered around this fruit. Engaging in many interesting endeavors like competing to locate the largest or tiniest watermelon, or you may also get to play entertaining activities such as underwater volleyball with watermelon, watermelon eating competitions, and blindfolded melon feeding.

Approximately 6,000 travelers visit Salmanovo annually to witness the watermelon festival. Not just visitors but locals may enjoy themselves at this event. Additionally, this is a chance for individuals from Armenia, Romania, and Bulgaria to connect and meet one another.

Photo: Travel Channel

Location: Salmanovo, Shumen province, Bulgaria

Date: The final Sunday in August

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