Mississippi River Cruise: A must-try experience

The Mighty Mississippi, is a fitting name for a river that covered the entirety of North America’s geographical line. Stretching over 2,350 miles down the States, the river is not just a sight to behold but is also a great opportunity to learn the history and culture of Northern Americans, exquisitely, on a cruise. 


The Mississippi River has its ups and downs, nevertheless, it will always stand as a monumental landmark for Americans and the like. Stretching over 2,350 miles from Minnesota’s Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River runs through 10 states, such as Minnesota, or Kentucky, and big cities, like the lively New Orleans.

To be on a cruise on this river is to be on a journey to discover the heart and soul of America. The experience itself, in its entirety, will take you 3 weeks to complete, whether you have the time for it, there are still viable options to choose from. We will be taking a deeper look into understanding the Mississippi River itineraries and the things we will learn along the way.

Mississippi River Cruise: a must-try experience | Wanderlust Tips

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Cruise lines – What are the main itineraries?

The Mississippi River is popularly known to have two sections to which the itineraries traveled back and forth, the Upper Mississippi and the Lower Mississippi. While the Upper part refers to the portion of the river upstream north of St. Louis, Missouri, with tempered weather, mild heat, and extremely pleasant in the Spring. While the Lower section started from the confluence of the Ohio River to its mouth at the Gulf of Mexico. A higher rise in temperature can be experienced here, to which many visitors prefer going in winter. 

Mississippi River Cruise: a must-try experience | Wanderlust Tips

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Each section of the River requires eight to nine days of cruising to finish, including rests and stops at towns, and other attractions. And if you got the time, spend 3 weeks sitting through the whole journey on luxury, modern boats that will compensate for any inconveniences. Have in mind that the experience in each part is also varied, while the Upper Mississippi offers a wide range of wildlife and natural sceneries, the Lower Mississippi brings out the best of Southern America’s culture and history.

The best time to travel

Due to the contrast in temperature traveling between the Upper part and the Lower part, the ideal time to sail on the Mississippi River is during spring or fall, as the mild atmosphere can be experienced on both sides, rather than them being extremely hot and cold in the summer and winter. 

Mississippi River Cruise: a must-try experience | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @Joe Ferrer

However, it is still reasonable to travel to the Upper Mississippi during summer and the Lower Mississippi during winter, since the effects of these seasons would be less harsh on either side. Meanwhile, Autumn is great for both as this is when vibrant, beautiful colors of flowers and vegetation paint the banks of the river.

Time to play Can you spot the animal?

Besides relaxing to the soothing jazz and the peaceful atmosphere of the Mississippi River, catching a glimpse of the natural inhabitants can always be a blast. The third-largest river in the world is the home to many exotic animals. Over 336 species of them to be exact. 

Mississippi River Cruise: a must-try experience | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @Orhan Cam

You may fish one or two of Mississippi River’s mascots – the Catfish, or do some bird watching to spot America’s spirit animal, the Bald Eagles, but the most exciting and easiest one to witness is the alligators. It is estimated that there are over 3,000 of these mean machines living in Mississippi, make sure to be careful and follow the guides’ instructions when doing water-related activities.

Embark on the journey full of America’s intricate history and culture

Floating on the Mississippi River will always be a perfect opportunity to learn and appreciate the profound layers of history and culture, as well as modern advancements. Through the ten states that inhabit the banks of the river, through small towns and green fields.

Mississippi River Cruise: a must-try experience | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @Suzanne C. Grim

You will be exploring stories from the old days, like the Civil War battlefields in Vicksburg, the Big Easy, or reviving the famous pages of Tom Sawyer created by world-renowned author, Mark Twain. Taste an ever-lingering cuisine and plenty of jazz, blues in the French Quarter, New Orleans, or Louisiana at the mouth of the river, surely will get your feet tapping, your hands waving, and a heart full of joy for the rest of the nights.

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