Marta Kulesza and her passion for travel and photography

Travel blogger Marta Kulesza’s instagram infarawayland has an abundance of amazing pictures of many natural landscapes around the world. At present, Marta is working on In A Faraway Land – a travel website that provides useful information to ensure that keen adventurers make the most of their precious vacation time. An interview with Marte has revealed why she is so popular in travel community.

What inspires you to travel? When did you start to travel regularly?

My biggest inspiration with regards to travel has to be photography, it gets me out of bed in the morning and has taken me to places that I never dreamt I would be able to visit in my lifetime. I started my world travels in 2005, when, as an 18 year old girl I moved to the USA by myself. My adventure with photography began with a trip to the Scottish Highlands back in 2009.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Marta Kulesza and her passion for travel and photography

In your journeys, you often travel solo or with others?

More often than not I am with other people. I find group travel much more relaxing, plus it has the benefit of cost reduction, the sharing of responsibilities, safety, and most importantly, friendship. For example, when I was backpacking in the Canadian Rockies, because of the potentially dangerous wildlife there, I wasn’t brave enough to adventure on my own. Since a few years now my fiancé accompanies me on my trips 90% of the time.

Until now, how many countries have you been to? What are they? Where do you love and want to return the most?

I think the official number now is 31, which in the travel blogging community isn’t all that much but personally I don’t find it appealing to travel quickly and only spend a few days in each country. I travel much slower and like to spend months, or even years, in a place. You get to know the country on a deeper, more personal level.
The last 14 months of my life I spent in the Canadian Rockies researching for my Canada Travel Guide. I also lived over a year in New Zealand, 6 months in Australia, close to 4 years in Germany and 2,5 years in the US, just to name a few.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Marta Kulesza and her passion for travel and photography

On your Instagram, you have shared a lot of beautiful natural images. Is this your favourite travel trend – exploring the nature? Would you mind sharing more about this?

I love nature, I mean, cities are great but being in the ‘real’ outdoors is something that really resonates with me. I come from a small village in Poland that’s surrounded by lakes and forests so I’ve had this connection my entire life. My Instagram feed certainly reflects that.

During your travel itineraries, you probably have many unforgettable memories. Could you share some of your memories with readers of Wanderlust Tips?

Naturally I’ve made loads of memories and I could probably write a book about them. One moment that has stayed with me vividly was the sunrise I saw after paddling to Spirit Island in Jasper National Park. What made it super special is that the cruise boats on the lake don’t operate at sunrise or sunset so we had the entire place to ourselves, watching the most spectacular sunrise I have seen in my life.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Marta Kulesza and her passion for travel and photography

With your experiences, could you suggest some interesting natural attractions that are less known?

The hikes in Kananaskis Country in Alberta have be to my answer. Kananaskis Country lives in the shadow of the much more popular Banff National Park, but in my eyes it’s even more beautiful! Moreover, there’s much fewer people there and I often found that our hiking group was the only one around for several kilometres in all directions. An incredible experience.

Could you share with Wanderlust Tips your upcoming travel plan?

Currently at the time of writing this I am in Poland visiting my family for the festive period, then early in 2018 I am going to New Zealand for several months, again back to Europe in June and then I plan to spend another summer in the Canadian Rocky Mountains!

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Marta Kulesza and her passion for travel and photography

Thank you for the interesting sharing. Wish you luck and success for the journey ahead.

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