Lotus-themed mooncakes at Windsor Plaza Hotel

During the season of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Windsor Plaza Hotel has boasted an exceptional collection of flavorful mooncakes for 2016 which is inspired from the lotus – a symbolic flower of purity and nobility.


Each mooncake box features a tasteful design of the lotus silhouette with a vibrant backdrop of the full moon representing a season full of love, happiness and gathering with family and friends. Delicately made for a perfect gift during the joyous season, the renowned Windsor mooncakes feature traditional and modern flavor choices including green bean, red bean, coconut, lotus seed, green tea, black sesame, tiramisu, roasted chicken, and shark’s fin, all to bring back memories of childhood and the joy of reunion with those you love.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Lotus-themed mooncakes at Windsor Plaza Hotel

This year, the eight-cake box features a choice of royal blue or purple colours in a unique two-drawer design and presents eight 100gr cakes, just 868,000VND per box. The four-cake box offers a square design with four 230gr cakes in savoury and sweet flavours, accompanied by a box of speciality Oolong tea. This unique set is 898,000VND per box.

With any order over 50 boxes, receive free shipping to District 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan.

Windsor Plaza Hotel

  • Add: 18 An Duong Vuong Street, District 5, HCMC.
  • Tel: (+848) 3833 6688
  • Website: visit www.windsorplazahotel.com/mooncake

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