Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

Hangzhou is one of China’s most picturesque cities and definitely worth visiting for a couple of days. Block off your working time, take a visit to this fascinating spot and you will have the opportunity to embark on an exhilarating cultural and culinary journey.



Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

Located on the south side of the Yangtze River Delta and worlds away from Beijing or Shanghai, Hangzhou boasts an extraordinarily gentle and ancient beauty that is the perfect blend of history and modernity, nature and culture. Travelling to Hangzhou – a city with more than 6 million inhabitants – will afford travellers a better insight into this fabulous city. Hangzhou intrigues travellers with its enchanting natural scenery and rich cultural heritage. It might be the reason why there is an ancient Chinese proverb stating that: “Above there is heaven, below there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

The subtropical monsoon climate contributes to the varied seasons in Hangzhou, making it one of China’s most popular travel destinations all year round. There are four distinctive seasons and a temperate climate, so travellers can visit Hangzhou at any time of the year. Between mid-August and October of the lunar calendar every year, Hangzhou attracts a large number of regional and international tourists due to the tide-watching festival on the Qiantang River. Here, you will have the chance to chill out and participate in an amazing variety of exciting recreational and cultural activities.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

From Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang, there are several travel options with a range of budget airlines, for instance, China Southern Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Air Macau, China Eastern and Eva Air. Once in Hangzhou, you can opt to travel by bus, tram, taxi or boat. Additionally, in Hangzhou, there is a direct route to Shanghai by train. Your time in Hangzhou will allow you to understand and appreciate the distinctive lifestyle of the local residents.



Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

West Lake – the symbol of Hangzhou – is famous for its stunning scenery and various historical sites. Peacefully situated in the west of Hangzhou City, China’s most beautiful lake spreads itself across an area of 6.3sq. km. Its scenic vistas from the perfect Chinese watercolour of willow-lined banks and charming old bridges spanning the serene river. You could also take a boat trip on the lake embraced by an ancient town and majestic mountains. It will be an unforgettable travel experience during your trip to Hangzhou.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

Ancient tea ceremonies have long been a popular cultural activity for Chinese people. If you want to know more about the tea culture of Hangzhou, then a visit to this region is a must so that you can learn about Chinese tea culture and taste the exquisite flavours of Longjing tea. Located on the west side of West Lake, the picturesque village of Longjing is home to lush green tea hills and plantations. Pay a visit to the village, explore one of the tea factories and buy some tea as a gift for your family and friends.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

If you want to feel the authentic prosperous charm of Hangzhou, you will definitely need to pay a visit to Qinghefang Street – the city’s shopping paradise. An easy walk from West Lake and dubbed the famous Silk Road of China, Qinghefang Street is home to a variety of traditional items, for instance, silk and ceramic products or tea. Be sure to allocate a few hours of your evening to wander the city’s splendid historic district and experience the beautiful city of Hangzhou.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

As a typical Chinese architectural structure in Hangzhou, Yue Fei Temple will take you on a journey to discover ancient times. This splendid ancient temple was constructed in 1221 in memory and honour of General Yue Fei. The temple really impresses visitors with a sculptural statue of Yue Fei placed in the main hall. Additionally, Yue Fei Temple is home to plenty of historical artefacts and valuable treasures. If you want to explore the historical and cultural heritage of Hangzhou, this fascinating temple is a must to add to your travel bucket list.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

Located about 8km from the city centre, Liuhe Pagoda perfectly depicts antique grandeur in Hangzhou. Constructed during the Song Dynasty, Liuhe Pagoda is famous for its significant cultural and historic features. Each architectural line of the octagonal building meticulously and deftly showcases the life of the ancient Chinese people. Furthermore, built-in a favourable location, Liuhe Pagoda provides a terrific opportunity to enjoy the peaceful panoramic view of the Qiantang River and its breathtaking natural surroundings.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

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Hangzhou provides an extremely unique culinary paradise in China. Aside from a diversity of traditionally-flavoured dishes, Hangzhou cuisine has gastronomes around the world falling for its impressive and sophisticated aesthetics. What’s more, each of the most famous dishes has its own story and culture. If you visit Hangzhou, treat yourself to a gustatory feast with an amazing variety of popular traditional dishes, for instance, Dongpo Pork, dried tofu, fried shrimps with Longjing tea, Aunt Song fish broth, beggar’s chicken, Pian’er Chuan and Longjing tea.

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