Fall in love with Guilin, China

With its marvellous tourist attractions and stunningly magnificent natural landscapes, Guilin in China has a large number of travellers falling head over heels in love each year.


For a long time, Guilin has been known as a paradise on earth’ in China. The land of two rivers, four lakes and countless mountains impress both Chinese and international tourists with a harmony of ancient beauty and modern features, making an unforgettable impression on anyone who has ever visited.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Fall in love with Guilin, China

This beautiful and unique mountain lies next to the famous Lijiang River that is considered a significant symbol of Guilin tourism in China. The Elephant Trunk Hill looks like a huge elephant stretching its trunk to drink the water of the Lijiang River. Between the ‘body’ and the ‘trunk’ is a vast round space called Shuiyue Cave. In addition, the hill is also home to an amazing variety of unique temples and fascinating caves. If you are an avid adventurer and a seeker of natural beauty, then Elephant Trunk Hill is a must to add to your travel bucket list.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Fall in love with Guilin, China

When considering a Guilin travel itinerary, you cannot miss the Lijiang River, which winds its way like a blue silk chain. There is a section on a branch of the Lijiang River that is 437km long and originates from Mao Mountain in the northern Xingan District, flowing down to the south through the city centre and ends at a confluence with the Xi River in Wuzhou. Visiting this river area, you can immediately immerse yourself in the gentle charm and relaxing ambience. The best way for tourists to admire the sheer beauty of the river with its lush green banks and sparkling waters is from a yacht.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Fall in love with Guilin, China

As the oldest citadel in China which has existed for 650 years, Jingjiang Wangcheng is one of the most beautiful destinations in Guilin and was listed as a national relic. This place is also home to 14 dynasties of Ming Kings, which started to arise in 1372. Located at the foot of Duxiu Mountain, Jingjiang Wangcheng intrigues both local and foreign travellers with its scenic natural landscapes and refreshing ambience. If you are a seeker of ancient culture and architecture in Guilin, then pack your bag and head to Jingjiang Wangcheng.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Fall in love with China

The Sun and Moon Twin Towers in Guilin are a special highlight of Shan Lake, which is located in the scenic spot complex of the famous Lijiang River and Elephant Trunk Hill. The Sun Tower is as high as 41 metres with 9 storeys and consists of 350 tons of copper while the Moon Tower has a height of 35 metres with 7 storeys and is made of coloured glass. Here, you can get a fascinating insight into the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Take a stroll around, this stunning spot will bring endless happiness and peace to your heart.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Fall in love with China

If you want to get away from the chaos of the modern world and to live with wild nature by the Lijiang River, the Xingping ancient fishing village should be added to your Guilin bucket list. Like many popular Chinese tourist attractions such as Fenghuang ancient town, Yunnan Citadel, Lijiang ancient citadel, the village in Guilin has both ancient and modern beauty. Rising from the Ming Dynasty (1506) with a long history of more than 500 years, the fishing village exudes a rich heritage architecture featured by dark tiled roofs and mossy walls. Lying by the side of the serene Li River and the surrounding magnificent mountains, Xingping is worth a visit.

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