Drone the World: A classy way to get a tailor-made trip

(#wanderlusttips #Drone) Black Tomato has launched Drone the World service which allows the accompany of an expert drone cameraman to create the most stunning and memorable travel photos.


The package is sold at £4,000 per person (over 5,300USD), including flights and accommodation. The company has amassed a network of professional drone cameramen and artistic directors who have worked on Blockbusters including Star Wars and James Bond, as well as documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Drone the World: A classy way to get a tailor-made trip

Guests can choose any location they want and the cameramen can either accompany guests for part or all of their trip. Previous drone packages have taken guests to Myanmar, Iceland and Mongolia.

Before the trip, guests have a pre-trip consultation with their drone cameraman and editor to outline exactly what they want to capture.

They are sent the resulting featurette shortly after returning home, usually running between five and minutes in length.

One family celebrating a big birthday had cameraman Tim Browning join them, who has worked both on Star Wars and James Bond movies, on a trip to Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago.

There they toured the string of deserted islands in a private junk ship, with the journey filmed from above.

We’ve been seeing the rise of technology playing an important role in our tailor-made offerings, and in clients wanting to professionally capture their travels,” said Tom Marchant, Black Tomato’s co-founders.

For the rest of us, drones with filming capabilities can be purchased for as low as £30 (around 40USD) – no Hollywood pilot included.

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