Discover beautiful destinations with friends

Holidaying with our best friends is always such a meaningful and inspirational trip. Pack your suitcase and travel around dreamy destinations that will take you back to your childhood whilst allowing you to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends


Taipei – a dynamic city that is the ideal beautiful destination for a friendmoon. The city impresses travellers not only because of its trendy and hectic charm but also thanks to its peaceful and nostalgic beauty.

Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

You and your friends can take a meander around Taipei 101 Tower, the iconic symbol of a modern and ambitious Taipei, visit the peaceful village of Shifen and then stroll around National Palace Museum and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to get a better understanding of its history and culture. Additionally, there is an array of luxury shopping malls and local night markets that you must add to your Taiwan bucket list.

Time zone: GMT +8

Currency: TWD 10 = VND7,637

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Best food: Bubble milk tea, fish ball soup, beef noodles, stinky tofu, pineapple cakes and blood soup.

Must-see attractions: Taipei 101 Tower, Shifen Old Street, Sisi Nan Cun Village, Shilin Night Market, Ximending Shopping District, Tamsui Old Street and National Palace Museum.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

America, a prosperous and state-of-the-art country, is home to a vast array of interesting surprises for you to discover with your friends. The beautiful city of Los Angeles will certainly provide you with a beautiful and emotional experience. There is nothing better than enjoying the vibrant life of the most magnificent city in the world with your soulmate. Hollywood blockbuster movies supply loads of fun and laughter. Take some time to chill with a visit to the classical opera or relax and sip your bubbly on a gorgeous beach. Los Angeles will fill your heart with its magical charm.

Time zone: GMT -8

Currency: USD1 = VND23,162

Language: English

Best food: Hamburger, pizza, American breakfast, sandwiches and doughnuts.

Must-see attractions: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland, Venice Beach and Dolby Theatre.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Japan, an amazing country famed for many reasons in Asia, is always an attractive destination for a perfect holiday with friends. Every Japanese city possesses its own distinctive beauty, but Tokyo is considered the ideal city to enjoy a one-on-one holiday with your friends. Tokyo is renowned for its ultra-modern skyline and shimmering beauty that will leave both you and your friends mesmerised. Aside from outstanding architectural skyscrapers, Tokyo has people falling head over heels in love with its wide range of ancient architectural structures nestled in its small streets. Thus, Tokyo is truly a fantastic destination for your travels.

Time zone: GMT +9

Currency: JPY100 = VND21,250

Language: Japanese

Best food: Ramen noodles, Chanko Nabe hot pot, Yakitori skewered chicken, Sushi and Gyoza dumplings.

Must-see attractions: Tokyo Tower, Sensoji Temple, Yanaka Old Town, Akihabara Electric Town, Shibuya and Harajuku Fashion Walk.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Iceland is an island country that captivates visitors with its stunningly unrivalled beauty. Dating back more than one thousand years, Reykjavík is inhabited by more than half of the country’s population. In Reykjavík, take a stroll through the colourful streets and appreciate the tranquil surroundings, watch the full moon at night or welcome the break of dawn. Most interestingly, you will have the chance to catch a glimpse of the mesmerising aurora borealis illuminating the sky. With so many beautiful experiences, Reykjavík will bring you and your closest friends the best memories.

Time zone: GMT 0

Currency: ISK100 = VND18,950

Language: Icelandic

Best food: Hákarl fermented shark, Skate fermented fish, roasted lamb, Skyr Icelandic Yogurt, dark rye bread and ice cream.

Must-see attractions: Hallgrimskirkja Church, Oskjuhlid Hill, Blue Lagoon, Harpa Concert and Conference Centre and Perlan Museum.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Located on the edge of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is crowded and dynamic, yet somewhat nostalgic and dreamy. In Helsinki, visitors can admire eye-catching performances from the oldest architectural structures in Europe. Additionally, visitors will be awestruck by the cultural diversity oozing from every street corner and overwhelmed by the gentleness of the locals. Helsinki is dubbed “the twilight city” as when summer arrives, the sun forgets to leave. Hence, instead of a dark night, Helsinki bears a fanciful beauty into the night. There is nothing better than enjoying a magical moment in Finland with your friends.

Time zone: GMT +2 (Summer: GMT +3)

Currency: FIM10 = VND43,068. Additionally, visitors can use Euros in Helsinki.

Language: Finnish

Best food: Blood sausage, Lohikeitto Salmon Soup, Kalakukko (a fish pie baked in a rye bread crust), Poronkaristys (reindeer meat) and Glögi.

Must-see attractions: Suomenlinna Fortress, Toolonlahti Bay, Hietaniemi Beach, Linnanmäk Amusement Park and Helsinki Cathedral.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Guatemala, an extraordinary country, is one of the best destinations for your group of friends to experience and explore together. Located on the Pacific coast and on the shores of the captivating Caribbean Sea, Guatemala attracts a large number of visitors due to the ancient Maya civilisation that developed and flourished here. Your journey will begin in El Mirador where you can witness the flourishing period of Mayan society. Afterwards, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tikal National Park with 3,000 remains scattered throughout Peten Forest. With so many mountains and hills, Guatemala will awaken your endless passion for exploring and travelling.

Time zone: GMT -6

Currency: GTQ10 = VND30,234

Language: Spanish

Best food: Pupusas, Chicken Pepian, Kak’ik soup, Empanadas and noodle Tostadas.

Must-see attractions: The ancient city of Tikal, Lake Atitlán, Semuc Champey, Pacaya Volcano, Santa Catalina Arch and Chichicastenango Market.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Cappadocia is famous for the breathtaking sight of many multi-coloured balloons floating in the air in Turkey. Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in the hot air balloon with your best friends whilst admiring the blue sky and strikingly unparalleled natural surroundings. It could be a completely unforgettable experience. Additionally, the Underground City in Cappadocia is a must-visit destination for your Central Turkey itinerary as you will have the opportunity to discover the most unique culture in the world. Whilst you are young, you should visit Cappadocia at least once to immerse yourself in a dreamy fairyland.

Time zone: GMT +3

Currency: EUR1 = VND25,720

Language: Cappadocian Greek

Best food: Kebab bread, Corba soup, Pide bread, Baklava and Kofte meatballs.

Must-see attractions: Red Valley, Pasabag Mushroom Valley, Göreme Open Air Museum, Uchisar Castle and Kaymakli Underground City.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Since the movie “I saw the yellow flowers on the green grass” premiered, Phu Yen has made a really good impression on people thanks to its peaceful beauty and memorable childhood experiences. The rich land stands out with its picturesque tranquil landscapes, making it a true escape for the young who are looking for a little peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. The place is home to crystal-clear turquoise beaches, a gentle breeze and lush green fields endlessly stretching to the skyline. As the sky fills with dazzling stars, sit on the sand whilst devouring delicious seafood and enjoying time with your friends.

Time zone: GMT +7

Language: Vietnamese

Best food: Fresh seafood, anchovy porridge, rice noodle soup, fern-shaped cake and steamed rice rolls served with pig’s tripes.

Must-see attractions: Mon Beach – Dien Cape, Da Dia Rapids, Bai Xep Beach, Tam Giang Dam, Vung Ro Bay, O Loan Lagoon and Xuan Dai Bay.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Ha Giang, the northernmost province of Vietnam, intrigues a large number of adventurers thanks to its majestic rocky highlands and hair-raising passes. Aside from a vast array of magnificent mountains and lush forests, the warmth and friendliness of the locals have travellers falling head over heels in love with Ha Giang. It would be no exaggeration to say that Ha Giang boasts a distinctive beauty in every season. For instance, Ha Giang is covered with the vibrant yellow of mustard blossoms, purple of buckwheat flowers, white of plum blossoms and the natural green of the endless terraced fields. Be ready to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Ha Giang with your friends.

Time zone: GMT +7

Language: Vietnamese

Best food: Thang Co, smoked buffalo meat, carried-under-arm pork, five-coloured sticky rice and buckwheat cake.

Must-see attractions: Yen Minh Pine Forest, Sung La Valley, Hoang Su Phi, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van Stone Plateau and H’mong King’s Palace.


Wanderlust Tips magazine | Discover beautiful destinations with best friends

Tay Ninh is perhaps an extraordinary destination for your bucket list, but the place is truly home to exhilarating mysteries for a holiday with friends. Located in the southwest of the Southeast region, Tay Ninh attracts visitors with its unique culture and diversity of popular attractions. After hard-working days, there is nothing better than taking a trip to Tay Ninh with your closest friends. As well as getting rid of your troubles, you could learn about the regional culture. Plan for a trip to Tay Ninh and enjoy fun-filled and unforgettable experiences with your friends.

Time zone: GMT +7

Language: Vietnamese

Best food: Trang Bang rice noodle soup, rice paper, Black Lady Mountain snails and grapefruit rolls.

Must-see attractions: Black Lady Mountain, Tay Ninh Holy Tower, Dau Tieng Lake, Ma Thien Lanh Tourist Site, Binh Thanh Ancient Tower, Tay Ninh Bamboo Stream and Thien Lam Go Ken Pagoda.

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