Railway adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

Sitting on a train for many hours or even a few days can bring endless joy and happiness to your heart. Gazing out of the carriage window, simply watching the world go by really allows you to appreciate the stunning beauty of this vast world and keeps the burning desire for railway adventures alive.



Known as the world’s greatest railway, running from Moscow to Vladivostok and branching off to the Eurasian continent, the Trans-Siberian Railway will take visitors on an epic journey to explore tremendous destinations. Along the way, it provides remarkable views of the charmingly picturesque landscapes, but the real pièce de résistance is the leg of the journey between Mongolia and Beijing, China. After waving goodbye to Siberia and entering Mongolia, the train offers lush green views of the vast steppes dotted with scarlet-roofed houses.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Railway adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

Catching a glimpse of the immense lakes brings an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquillity. As night falls, cast your eyes over the glimmering surface of the lake, the moonlight dancing across the water will make you feel like you have been transported to another planet. The extraordinary splendour of landscapes in China awaits passengers after a good night’s sleep. The Great Wall of China is most definitely a highlight en route. With views of the seemingly limitless wall, the majestic natural surroundings form a breathtaking picture in the minds and hearts of travellers.

  • Departure Point: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Terminus: Beijing, China
  • Duration: 28 hours and 30 minutes


Travelling around ancient and magnificent European countries is a dream for many travel enthusiasts. Striking highlights include the charmingly quintessential United Kingdom, fascinating Germany or romantic Spain. A particularly beautiful journey is from Cannes to Ventimiglia, where you can catch a glimpse of the gloriously picture-perfect views across the beautiful French countryside into the heart of romantic Italy.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Railway adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

This exquisite railway journey provides spectacular scenery, for instance, the Ligurian Sea with sparkling turquoise waters, magnificent Cagnes-sur-Mer, Juan-les-Pins or Antes. The tracks glide through the long rows of trees through idyllic villages, where you can get a view of locals, enjoying the slow pace of everyday life – allow a touch of peaceful Europe to fill your heart. As the train arrives into Nice and Monaco, you will be fascinated by the wide range of yachts and boats gently bobbing off the bay. After a short peek at the stunning waves, the rail line offers views of the undulating hills as it heads across the border into romantic Italy.

  • Departure Point: Cannes, France
  • Terminus: Ventimiglia, Italy
  • Duration: ~ 1 hour and 40 minutes


Switzerland, a spellbindingly beautiful country, has always travellers falling head over heels in love with its beguiling landscapes. Instead of travelling by plane or car, hop on the Glacier Express connecting rail stations between the two mountainous resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz via Andermatt in the majestic Swiss Alps and take in the picture-perfect views of Switzerland. The eight-hour railway journey will allow you to gaze out at the breathtakingly beautiful natural surroundings. This extraordinary “express” will take passengers through 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Railway adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

The train offers panoramic windows with jaw-droppingly beautiful views of the vast green pastures. Additionally, the train ride climbs steep inclines to the Oberalp Pass at over 2,000m, then glides along the beautiful Landwasser viaduct with six limestone arches before winding its way slowly upwards towards the canyons. Take this rail journey in winter and you can watch the hypnotic snow as gentle flurries blanket the surrounding environment. Fall in love with the magnificent Swiss landscapes as everything is enveloped in ice. As the train heads into the final station, it is the time to hop off the Glacier Express, but the train journey through the Swiss Alps will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

  • Departure Point: Zermatt railway station
  • Terminus: St. Moritz Railway Station
  • Duration: ~ 7 hours


If you are a big fan of the famous Harry Potter film series, especially the Hogwarts Express that transported Harry and his friends to school, then take the opportunity to fully experience the fascinating wizarding world on the Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland and explore the magical Harry Potter filming locations. The railway journey will allow passengers to admire the picturesque beauty of Scotland and its captivating surroundings. Departing from Glasgow, you will travel through some of the United Kingdom’s most epic destinations.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Railway adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

Coursing through the mighty mountains, the train squeezes between the peaceful green fields and fetching Loch Shiel Lake, allowing passengers to marvel at the glorious views. Along the railway journey, there is a must for fans of the wizarding world. Be sure to pay attention when you cross over the 21-arched Glenfinnan viaduct – a location made famous by the Harry Potter films. Drawing inspiration from the Harry Potter film series, the train’s interior including tables, seats and doors, conjure a magically nostalgic picture. Taking a trip on the oldest railway in Scotland aboard the Hogwarts Express will definitely bring passengers the most fun-filled and memorable experience.

  • Departure Point: Glasgow Central Station
  • Terminus: Mallaig Railway Station
  • Duration: ~ 5 hours and 30 minutes


Explore the African Continent in a different way. It will be definitely an extremely exhilarating experience as you depart from Tanzania to Kapiri Mposhi, a small town in Zambia. The railway journey takes 46 hours to travel about 1,860km, allowing plenty of time to realise that aside from ancient Europe and vibrant Asia, Africa is too home to such astounding beauty and culture. It can be said that there is no place in the world as wild and naturally-friendly as Africa.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Railway adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

The line from Tanzania to Zambia will transport you through the epic forests. Passengers will gain a fleeting but unforgettable insight into the local way of life. This two-day journey is truly fantastic as it provides that vital time for introspection whilst allowing you to appreciate the extraordinarily striking landscapes. This unique adventure will expose you to the beautifully rhythmic chaos that spans the world’s second-largest continent.

  • Departure Point: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Terminus: Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia
  • Duration: ~ 46 hours


Aside from the Tuk-tuks running around the streets, one of the iconic features in Thailand is the railway. The Death Railway or the Burma Railway not only provides panoramic views of unparalleled natural surroundings but also transports you back to train travel through a heroic history. In order to build the rail line connecting Bangkok, Thailand and Yangon, Myanmar (also known as Burma), many people lost their lives.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

Today, a short stretch of the Death Railway is still in operation for visitors to experience the natural beauty of Thailand, where they can catch sights of the legendary bridge over the River Kwai after a long period of wars. The railway line cuts beautifully through the Thai countryside, allowing passengers to hear the murmuring water and listen for every rustle of the trees or the melody of birdsong. The magnificent landscape and great history have always made rail travel in Thailand more thrilling.

  • Departure Point: Thon Buri Railway Station, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Terminus: Nam Tok, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand
  • Duration: ~ 5 hours


You must not forget to add Japan by train to your travel bucket list. Japan is home to rail networks running all over the country. The high-speed trains have always attracted a large number of visitors, allowing them to catch sights of beautiful scenery. In particular, the Tokaido Shinkansen Railway offers incredible panoramic views of the beautiful scenery around Japan.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

The railway journey from Tokyo to Osaka takes visitors through the magnificent landscapes, passing the majestic Mount Fuji en route. You will be extremely impressed by the excellent service of the railway industry in Japan. The trains are extremely clean, tidy, modern and professional. Sitting in a carriage, devouring a bento box with all kinds of delicious dishes, sipping a cup of aromatic tea and keeping your eyes peeled for the spectacular views that can be admired is the pride of Japanese people. Travelling along the Tokaido Shinkansen Railway is an ideal experience for your trip to Japan.

  • Departure Point: Tokyo, Japan
  • Terminus: Osaka, Japan
  • Duration: ~ 2.5 to 3 hours


The Sunset Limited Train is the oldest continuously running train line in America. Since 1894, the route has been taking passengers from flashy Los Angeles to beautiful New Orleans. However, unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of the existence of the train. When visiting America, taking a trip on the Sunset Limited Train will be a unique experience to get a view of America and its modern and idyllic beauty.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Adventures that will make your heart skip a beat

On the Sunset Limited Train, bag yourself a window seat where you can marvel at the picturesque natural surroundings. Do not miss the views over peaceful Louisiana Bay, the bare cacti standing out against the vast sky and the spectacular sunset view in Arizona. Aside from the unrivalled scenery, the Sunset Limited Train has appealed to a huge range of passengers due to the rhythm of this two-day train journey. Enjoy the sound of American country music played merrily by amateur singers who might be carpenters, teachers or solo travellers by day.

  • Departure Point: Los Angeles, USA
  • Terminus: New Orleans, USA
  • Duration: ~ 21 hours

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