Adrian Anh Tuan: Grasp your chance for travel as time will pass very quickly

Despite a busy work schedule; Adrian Anh Tuan always makes others admire him for his travelling to gorgeous places. Especially, during his travels, there is always an appearance of his companion and soul mate entrepreneur Son Doan. The most wonderful thing is travelling the world with the person you love.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Adrian Anh Tuan: Grasp your chance for travel as time will pass very quickly

Hello Adrian, what has helped you to have such great passion for travelling?

I think that everyone has a passion for travelling; they all desire to travel around the world and discover new things outside of their daily life. What matters is whether you want to follow your heart and have the financial ability or not. In my opinion, going with a soul mate is always more wonderful than going alone. The soul mate you have mentioned here must be Son Doan – who has created a beautiful love story with you. Son and I are lucky enough to share the same passion for travelling. We go to learn more about the outside world, to broaden our horizons, to explore other cultures, and to try out the local dishes at those destinations.

Though being busy at work, we always try to arrange the time to travel together. Time goes by quickly, and before you notice you will be in your old age and may not be able to do what you want. So for me, I always attempt to make more room in life to have greater experiences.

Could you name the destinations that you have been to together?

There are too many places to tell. In Vietnam, we have been to all the places that we want to, many of which we even had to return dozens of times because of the beauty and our preferences. In Asia, we have been to Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore etc. Furthermore, we have come to America, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy etc..

Son and I are in our late thirties, so backpacking or hiking is not something we can do anymore. For me, travelling should be combined with relaxing leisure so that you can enjoy everything around you. That is why we always choose the most affordable and beautiful places, as well as try out as many local dishes as possible, which is also one of our hobbies and interests when arriving in a new place.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Adrian Anh Tuan: Grasp your chance for travel as time will pass very quickly

Can you share some of your most unforgettable memories during the trips?

For me, the memories are always enjoyable because I forget every sad memory from my mind. Of course, we occasionally encountered some unfortunate situations while travelling such as missing luggage, wrong hotel bookings, flight delays or stolen belongings, etc. but they did not make us upset. They were just funny experiences that we have gone through.

We have too many happy memories to mention. And we always try to retain the joyfulness in memory by capturing our happy moments. Son Doan and I are very fond of visiting new places where we have local friends, so we can discover more interesting things which a typical tourist may not have the chance to experience. Recently, we visited Aix En Provence (France) and stayed for a few nights at beautiful mansions, enjoyed food grown in the garden, as well as sipped the wines produced in the vineyard right in those mansions. We were also told many interesting stories that even the tour guides here might not even know.

As a designer as well as a travel blogger, are there any connections between your two passions for fashion and travelling?

The fact that most of my collections were inspired by travelling happened as I became a travel blogger. That is the reason why I have travelled to so many places in the world. Fashion also gives me more opportunities and conditions to travel and broaden my knowledge. Furthermore, travelling is my spiritual remedy and creative source, which inspires me to create beautiful collections for my clients. It can be seen that these two passions, two jobs complement each other perfectly.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Adrian Anh Tuan: Grasp your chance for travel as time will pass very quickly

It is known that you and Son Doan are quite successful with your Youtube channel Away We Wow. Could you tell us more about this work?

Away We Wow is a channel about travel and cuisine. Although Away We Wow was established less than a year ago, it has received lots of love and attention from travel enthusiasts, the media and many commercial brands with offers for cooperation. We made this Youtube channel to find more opportunities to travel together and share beautiful pictures as well as interesting information about the trips with other people.

Could you share with the readers your upcoming plans?

Away We Wow is going to have some clips of new interesting trips, including our trip to Japan later this year with a friend who we have specially invited to participate in Away We Wow team. Besides, there are also trips to famous places in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Quy Nhon and other provinces in southern Vietnam. We hope more people will subscribe Away We Wow channel. As for my fashion designing career, I’m going to hold a special event in November to celebrate my 10th anniversary, which will be a secret and a surprise for everyone.

Thank you, Adrian Anh Tuan, for sharing your interesting information with us. Wish you and your life partner wonderful trips ahead!

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