A bright node in promoting Saint Petersburg tourism in Hanoi

Following the success of the tourism promotion event “Visit Saint Petersburg” took place in Ho Chi Minh City, on October 20, the event was successfully held in Hanoi to spread the unique cultural values of Saint Petersburg city to Hanoi tourists.


The impressive “Visit Saint Petersburg” event took place at Pullman Hanoi Hotel, in the beautiful Hanoi’s autumn. Co-organised by the Tourism Development Council and the Tourism Information Department of Saint Petersburg city, “Visit Saint Petersburg” attracted the attention of a large number of Hanoians, the community of tourism enthusiasts. These include travel agencies in Hanoi and the northern region, hotels in St. Petersburg, representatives of cultural institutions and other tourist facilities of St. Petersburg.

The event “Visit Saint Petersburg” took place at the Pullman Hanoi hotel on October 20

Before this event, on the 18th of October, “Visit Saint Petersburg” had a successful launch in an exciting and bustling atmosphere with the large participation of the people of Ho Chi Minh City as well as agencies and organizations developing in the tourism industry.

The event “Visit Saint Petersburg” for the first time in Vietnam has introduced many new and attractive tourist programs and attractions in Saint Petersburg city such as museums, historical, cultural, events, etc. through specific prepared activities, including: introducing the tourism potential of Saint Petersburg, exchanges between Vietnamese tourism businesses and St. Petersburg.

The event brought a lot of interesting information about Saint Petersburg city to the Hanoi tourism community and surrounding areas, helping participants learn a lot of useful information about the new land. From there, people can arrange specific schedules for themselves to be ready for the journey to discover Saint Petersburg – the most ancient city in Europe.

The event brings unique experiences and interesting information about the city of Saint Petersburg

In addition, this is also an opportunity to connect and promote cooperation for sustainable development between tourism businesses of St. Petersburg city and representatives of tour operators and tourism operators in Vietnam, contributed to the development of Vietnam – Russia tourism in the future.

The event is a bridge connecting domestic tourism businesses with tourism operators in Saint Petersburg city

Saint Petersburg – a city steeped in history with splendid palaces is always an ideal destination for all visitors. The architecture in Saint Petersburg does not seem to have changed significantly since the end of World War II. Through the vicissitudes of history, Saint Petersburg retains the majestic look of the towers and the castles, bearing many profound values ​​of the culture. The city makes a strong impression with the antiquity of museums, art galleries, architectural monuments, world-famous cultural and educational facilities such as the State Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac, National Library of Russia, Russian Museum,…. Located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, Saint Petersburg has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the 8 most beautiful tourist cities on the planet, attracting 10 million tourists every year, and a must-see destination when visiting Russia.

Experience the unique Russian culture at “Visit Saint Petersburg”

Take part in exciting activities at the Visit Saint Petersburg event”

“Visit Saint Petersburg” has successfully taken place in two big cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, which is a bright node in the work of bonding, opening up opportunities for cooperation between the tourism businesses of the two countries Vietnam – Russia. Since then, promoting the development of tourism in the two countries in the new post-pandemic era.

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Official tourist website of St. Petersburg: visit-petersburg.ru

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