Unveiling Japanese Hospitality Gems: A Glimpse into Three Exceptional Hotels

As the allure of Japan continues to captivate travelers worldwide, three new hotels have emerged, each offering an exceptional experience. From the serene landscapes of Hokkaido to the vibrant heart of Tokyo and the hidden charm of Saga, these establishments redefine hospitality, promising unforgettable journeys for discerning guests.

Photo: Nozo Hotel

Nozo Hotel: A Tranquil Escape in Furano, Hokkaido

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and picturesque farmlands of Furano, Nozo Hotel known as a haven of tranquility, embodies the essence of Japanese minimalism, offering a profound connection with nature and a sense of profound peace. Each room boasts expansive windows, framing breathtaking views of the surrounding meadows and snow-capped mountains, blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors.

Nozo Hotel elevates the concept of guest service to an art form. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with personalized attention, ensuring their every need is anticipated and exceeded. Whether you aim to unveil private tours of local farms or tailor spa treatments to individual preferences, the dedicated staff will assist you in creating a truly bespoke experience.

Photo: Nozo Hotel

The hotel’s restaurant takes guests on a culinary journey through Hokkaido’s rich agricultural bounty. Fresh ingredients sourced from local farms are transformed into delectable dishes that showcase the region’s unique flavors. Guests can savor these culinary masterpieces while enjoying breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscape, making each meal a multi-sensory delight.

Nozo Hotel fosters a deep connection with the local culture. Engaging activities such as guided nature walks, traditional tea ceremonies, and workshops led by local artisans provide guests with authentic experiences that go beyond the typical tourist itinerary.

Beyond the hotel’s luxurious confines, Furano beckons with its captivating charm. Explore the vibrant flower fields in bloom during spring and summer, embark on scenic hikes through verdant forests, or experience the magic of winter with exhilarating skiing adventures. Nozo Hotel serves as the perfect base camp for exploring the region’s natural wonders and immersing oneself in the rich tapestry of local life.

Address: 14-38 Kitanominechō, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0034, Japan

Photo: Nozo Hotel

Mercure Tokyo Hibiya: Urban Oasis in the Heart of the City

For those seeking an invigorating experience in the heart of Tokyo, Mercure Tokyo Hibiya offers a vibrant haven. Strategically located near iconic landmarks like the Imperial Palace and Ginza district, the hotel provides easy access to the city’s cultural and historical treasures.

Mercure Tokyo Hibiya blends contemporary design with Japanese-inspired elements, creating a stylish and comfortable haven for guests. Spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating stay, while the panoramic city views provide a glimpse into the bustling metropolis below.

Photo: Mercure Tokyo Hibiya

The hotel’s diverse dining options cater to every palate. Savor authentic Japanese cuisine at the signature restaurant, indulge in international flavors at the all-day dining venue, or unwind with a refreshing beverage at the stylish bar. Each culinary experience promises to tantalize the taste buds and provide a delightful break from exploring the city.

Mercure Tokyo Hibiya goes beyond providing accommodation serving as a gateway to exploring the city’s hidden gems. The hotel’s concierge team, with their local expertise, can curate personalized itineraries, recommend hidden culinary delights, and assist in booking unique experiences that go beyond the usual tourist trail.

Step outside the hotel and immerse yourself in the electrifying energy of Tokyo. Explore the bustling streets lined with vibrant shops and savor the diverse culinary scene. Visit historical landmarks like Senso-ji Temple or Meiji Shrine, and experience the city’s unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Address: 1-chōme-5-2 Uchisaiwaichō, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-0011, Japan

Photo: Mercure Tokyo Hibiya

OND HOTEL: Unwind in Takeo’s Serene Embrace

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Takeo, Saga Prefecture, OND HOTEL offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Surrounded by lush greenery and cascading rice paddies, the hotel invites guests to reconnect with nature and experience the serenity of rural Japan.

OND HOTEL embodies the philosophy of “Omotenashi,” Japanese for exceptional hospitality. The warm and welcoming staff caters to each individual’s needs, ensuring a personalized and comfortable stay. Whether you opt for relaxing spa treatments or recommend hidden hiking trails, the hotel’s dedication to guest satisfaction shines through in every interaction.


The hotel’s restaurant celebrates the bounty of Takeo’s local farms. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are transformed into innovative dishes that showcase the region’s unique culinary heritage. Guests can savor these delectable meals while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, making each dining experience a celebration of local flavors and natural beauty.

Address: 〒843-0021 Saga, Takeo, Takeochō Ōaza Nagashima, 18091, Japan


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