Travel Tips: Experience in choosing suitcases for “workation” trips

“Workation” travel is known as one of the most popular tendencies chosen by a large number of entrepreneurs in this vibrant era. Choosing suitable suitcases will contribute to a comfortable business and leisure trip that everyone should pay attention to.

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There are some experiences to help you choose the right suitcase for travel that involve combining work with leisure, as suggested by Wanderlust Tips USA.

Determine your usage needs: Before buying a suitcase, you need to determine your usage needs. How long will you be on a workation trip? What kind of belongings do you need to bring? If you go on a short trip, you can choose a compact suitcase, and vice versa.

Choose suitcase material: Suitcase material is an important factor that you should take into consideration. Suitcases are made from many different materials; each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plastic suitcases: Plastic suitcases have the advantage of being light, durable, and easy to clean; however, they can crack if hit hard.
  • Fabric suitcases: Fabric suitcases have the advantage of being soft and easy to drag, so they can be torn if subjected to a strong impact.
  • Alloy suitcase: Alloy suitcases have the advantage of being sturdy and durable. But they are quite heavy and difficult to drag.

Suitcase size: Suitcase size is essential for your workation trip. A suitcase that is too small will not be enough to hold the necessary belongings. A suitcase that is too large will be difficult to move. According to airline regulations, carry-on suitcases have a maximum size of 56 x 36 x 23 cm, and checked suitcases have a maximum size of 115 x 115 x 23 cm.

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Suitcase features: A suitcase with many convenient features will help you use it more conveniently. Some convenient features commonly found on suitcases include:

  • 360-degree rotating wheels: 360-degree rotating wheels help you easily drag your suitcase.
    Sturdy handle: The sturdy handle helps you easily hold the suitcase.
  • Spacious storage compartment: A spacious storage compartment helps you store many items.
  • Strong zipper: A strong zipper helps protect belongings inside the suitcase.
  • Separate storage compartment: A separate storage compartment helps you easily organize your belongings.

Suitcase brand: There are many different suitcase brands on the market. It is crucial to choose to buy suitcases from reputable brands to ensure quality.

Opt for a suitcase according to intended use: For business trips combined with leisure activities, you should choose a suitcase with a design that is both polite and convenient with neutral colors such as black, white, gray, etc. to suit many different situations.

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Pay attention to suitcase weight: Suitcase weight plays an integral part in how convenient you are on any trip. A suitcase that is too heavy will make it difficult for you to move, especially when you have to walk a lot.

Use a suitcase suitable for the weather: If you travel to places with cold weather, you should choose a suitcase with thick material that can keep you warm. If you travel to places with hot weather, you should choose a suitcase with airy material that can absorb sweat well.

Consider costs: The price of a suitcase depends on many elements, such as material, brand, size, etc. It is necessary to consider your costs when choosing the right suitcase and check the suitcase first. When buying, make sure the suitcase is not cracked, the zipper works well, the wheels rotate smoothly, etc.

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