Christmas tourist attractions not to be missed in Tokyo

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year in Japan, which is known as the paradise of sparkling dreams. If you are planning to travel to Japan during Christmas, don’t miss these 4 stunning Christmas destinations suggested by Wanderlust Tips USA.

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Christmas is world-famous as a special occasion for families to cluster around together; however, Christmas Eve in Japan has been likened to Valentine’s Day for those who are immersed in love. As usual, couples will celebrate the essential occasion by having a romantic dinner or attending special events and giving each other meaningful Christmas gifts.

The symbols of Christmas, such as images of candles, hymns, Santa Kuroshu, etc., no matter how much they change, the spirit of the Japanese people remains the same, which is the spirit of peace, giving gifts, and wishing the best of luck to everyone. Let’s explore 4 sparkling locations for tourists to celebrate a peaceful Christmas season in Japan.

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is a famous commercial, entertainment, and cultural complex in Tokyo. At Christmas, Tokyo Midtown is decorated with a 25-meter-high Christmas tree, along with millions of brilliant LED lights. Besides, Tokyo Midtown is chosen as an ideal location to organize a larger number of attractive Christmas activities, such as:

Light Festival: The Light Festival is held every year in Tokyo Midtown from early December to the end of January on a large scale with millions of LED lights lit, creating an extremely dazzling spiritual and magical scene.

Christmas Market: The Christmas market takes place in the outdoor area of Tokyo Midtown, with many stalls selling Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, and traditional Japanese food.

Christmas Exhibition: The Christmas Exhibition is organized on the 5th floor of the Midtown Tower building, which displays many unique Christmas artworks, giving visitors wonderful experiences.

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Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland, one of the most renowned amusement parks in the world, is a great place to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a giant, 35-meter-high Christmas tree splendidly decorated under brilliant LED lights. It will be wonderful to not only take photos with Christmas symbols and adorable cartoon characters but also enjoy the following activities:

Light Festival: The Festival of Light is one of the most appealing Christmas activities at Tokyo Disneyland on a massive scale, with millions of LED lights illuminated, producing an extraordinarily glittering and enchanting scene.

Christmas Show: The Christmas Show is a must-see when visiting Tokyo Disneyland during Christmas, featuring unique performances that give visitors wonderful experiences.

Christmas Dishes: Tokyo Disneyland serves a variety of traditional and modern Christmas dishes, bringing visitors exclusive culinary journeys.

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Odaiba is a famous artificial island in Tokyo. One of the highlights of Odaiba on Christmas Eve is the giant Christmas tree, 30 meters high, decorated with thousands of LED lights and brilliant Christmas balls. Like other great destinations in Tokyo, Odaiba also has a series of unique festivals and activities that promise to treat visitors to an unforgettable Christmas party. In addition, visitors can also participate in other activities, such as:

Visit shopping and entertainment areas: Odaiba is a large shopping and entertainment center in Tokyo, where visitors can find many shops, malls, restaurants, bars, and so on.

Visit famous tourist attractions: Odaiba has many famous tourist attractions, ranging from the Aqua Park Odaiba Marine Conservation Museum to the Joypolis Entertainment Center.

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Marunouchi, a financial and commercial district in Tokyo, Japan, is decorated with a splendid 25-meter-high pine tree at Christmas, creating a beautiful scene like famous movies. Here are some activities not to miss when coming to Marunouchi during the Christmas days:

Enjoy the brilliant light festival: The light festival is held at various locations in the Marunouchi area with millions of LED lights lit, generating an extremely sparkling and magical scene. Visitors can stroll in the Marunouchi area to see the bright Christmas lights.

Visit Tokyo Tower: Tokyo Tower is one of the symbols of Tokyo, lit up by thousands of LED lights at Christmas. Visitors can buy tickets to go up to the tower to see the beautiful Christmas scenery of Tokyo from above.

Enjoy great Christmas food: Marunouchi has many restaurants serving traditional and modern Christmas dishes for tourists to try typical Christmas dishes such as Christmas cake, roast turkey, Christmas ice cream, etc.


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