The best innovative hotels in 2022

Tired of “copy and paste” hotels and resorts? Found yourself needing something more outside-of-the-box? Then these levitating above the trees, or encased in ice, state-of-the-art technology-oriented hotels are the perfect solution for the searchers for new and innovative hotels to stay and relax. 



The urge to stay on the trends and delight guests with new products and services to offer distinctive guest experiences has always driven innovation in the hospitality industry.

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips


While some remain half-and-half with new ideas, following the recipes of big names in the hospitality industry, there are places where truly creative and out-of-the-box ideas came to life. Here are a few notable examples that celebrate the innovative sides of designs. 

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort – Shanghai

The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, also known as the ‘doughnut hotel,’ is located on Taihu Lake between Nanjing and Shanghai. 

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @gu min | Shutterstock

Ma Yansong, the architect, designed the magnet-shaped hotel with premium embellishments including a foyer paved with White Jade from Afghanistan and Tiger’s Eye Stone from Brazil, as well as 27 stories above water and two below (to create a completely round shape).

Hotel Costa Verde – Costa Rica

Add this to your bucket list: daring visitors in Costa Rica may stay in a vintage Boeing 727 airliner that has been converted into a two-bedroom suite high in the jungle canopy.

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @hotelcostaverde | Instagram

The Hotel Costa Verde is nestled between the Manuel Antonio National Park and the Pacific Ocean in a coastal rainforest. While the lodge has three cliff-side pools, sundecks, and other room options, the 727 fuselages, which was built in 1965, is without a doubt its most distinctive lodging.

Kolarbyn Ecolodge – Sweden

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @kolarbyn | Instagram

This is the perfect way to live life like a primitive, with no electricity, no showers, and all nature, you will be spending your vacation here in this Sweden hotel with nothing but a small wooden house to sleep in the jungle. Water that is clean. Take a swim, catch some fish, or go for a walk around it. If you’re freezing, heat up the floating sauna and feel like a true woodsman or woman!

Woodlyn Park – New Zealand

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

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Many people who saw The Lord of the Rings trilogy had a desire to experience the comforts of a hobbit’s abode. The administrators at New Zealand’s Woodlyn Park concluded there was a market and built two imitation hobbit dwellings for guests (with somewhat higher ceilings, so those as tall as Gandalf aren’t inconvenienced).

Hotel de Glace – Canada

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @hoteldeglace | Instagram

The hotel is only open in the winter and was built in 5 weeks with 500 tons of ice and 15,000 tons of snow. This place provides its guests with the ultimate winter experience, which is complemented by its meticulous sculpting. Every winter, this one-of-a-kind establishment is remodelled and reconstructed, providing an amazing experience in North America’s only place of its sort.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland – Shanghai

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @intercontinental_shanghai | Instagram

The “world’s first underground hotel” is a luxury institution built into the edge of a quarry, featuring 18 levels underground and two floors underwater. Guests at the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland may kayak around the quarry or rock climb the 88-meter cliff face.

The Student Hotel – Amsterdam

The idea goes beyond simply providing a place to sleep — it’s about connecting people for work and leisure, with a combination of student housing, hotel rooms, co-working spaces, eating, and events.

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @thestudenthotel | Instagram

They’re also keen on new technology, embracing automation to minimize unnecessary admin and provide clients with a smooth experience, regardless of why they’ve entered the facility.

ProPilot Park Ryokan – Japan

Top innovative hotels 2022 | Wanderlust Tips

Photograph by @nissanjapan | Instagram

This ostensibly traditional Japanese inn pushes innovation to dizzying new heights. ProPILOT Park Ryokan, in addition to being a future smart hotel, blends the greatest traditional Japanese hospitality offering with Nissan’s ProPILOT Park autonomous driving technology! As a result, Intelligent furnishings and incredibly smart features that delight guests while also reducing staff workload.

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