Singapore: Pearl of the East

A country no larger than a small town, Singapore is a fitting, bite-size destination that cannot be missed in South East Asia. It is among the most expensive in the world, but also the cleanest, most well-planned, and can be said the most interesting. The country offers an old-new fusion, with historic, British houses and modern buildings. Regardless of what you expect when visiting Singapore, the country has it, and more. 


Despite being a small destination, Singapore offers a plethora of choices to be picked. Right upon landing, you landed at one of the of the attractions, Changi Airport. Ranked 18th among the busiest airports in the world, Changi Airport is not only an airport, but a mall by itself. Duty-free shops, restaurants, even a transit hotel, Changi Airport is Singapore’s charming welcome to any visitor, even if they stay in Singapore or just transiting in the airport.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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1. Gardens of the Bay

With lavish floral collections enclosed in conservatories, it is the perfect, green and friendly start for your day. Immersed in lush nature with the huge indoor waterfall in the Cloud Forest to the seasonally-changing flower exhibition in the Flower Dome, the largest glass greenhouse in the world.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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2. SkyHelix Sentosa

Nothing beats a 360 degrees view of Sentosa and the Greater Southern Waterfront, SkyHelix can give that to you. This open-air cabin rises up 79 meters above sea level, getting you a breathtaking view of the island. Although it depends on your schedule, but it is recommended to enjoy this at night.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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As we have said above, Singapore offers an one-size-fits-most experience to anyone who visits it. Family with young children is also covered.

3. Dolphin Island

After a spectacular view on the SkyHelix, if you want to be up close and personal with dolphins and not afraid to get wet, Dolphin Island can give you that experience. The aquarium specialises in dolphins, where you can interact directly with them and learn a thing or two about their anatomy, as well as other interesting facts about them.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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4. Sungei Buloh Wetland Nature Reserve

The first of its kind in Singapore, it is the first wetland to be gazetted and a global stop-over point for migrating birds, this ASEAN heritage park boasts a magnificent mangrove forest and rich in biodiversity. A trek through this ecological jewel will bring you to a kingdom of native creatures, such as crabs, shellfishes, water snakes (not poisonous!) otters and many more.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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If you come to Singapore and wants a one of a kind and adventurous experience, the below activities are a must visit.

5. iFly Singapore

Mimic the feeling of a real sky dive 4000 meters above, this experience will make you feel as if you jumped off a plane into the open sky. The indoor turbine will re-create the sensation of skydiving, but without the actual height, and with a fraction of the cost for a real skydiving.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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6. Adventure HQ

The 2800 square meters headquarter of pure fun! Installed over 10 adventurous activities for all kind of thrill-seekers, from rock climbing wall to test your core muscles to ninja course to test your agility, Adventure HQ is a place for energetic visitors to blow off a lot of steam when visiting Singapore.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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If you do not seek adventure, or too tired of walking around all day, or just simply do not want to assert yourself in too many activities, Singapore can also offer other experiences.

7. Syoujin

A combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese techniques, Syoujin relieves you from your tensed muscles and chronic pain, and coming out feeling like a new person. Even if you are not experiencing any pain, then perhaps Syoujin can offer a clean and peaceful environment after a day packed with activities.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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8. Joya Onsen Cafe

Another Japanese-themed stop, but this is for pure relaxing and enjoying good Japanese food. Joya Onsen Cafe is a combination of onsen (hot spring bath) and a coffee shop. You can choose between a public or private bath, and enjoy a bite of Japanese food by the Zen garden in your yukata.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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For visitors intended on finding interests in artefacts and history, Singapore also has a collection of museums for you to choose from.

9. ArtScience Museum

This museum is truly where art meets science. Home to the teamLAB future world exhibition, you can play, imagine and explore in Singapore’s largest permanent digital display. Visitors will be immersed in a world of art, science, magic and metaphor as the artworks dynamically evolve through their presence and participation.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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10. National Museum

For those who wants an in-depth view of Singapore’s history as well as an architecture enthusiast, the National Museum is for you. Singapore’s oldest museum contains many historical artefacts, as well as a variety of audio-visual exhibitions to show you around.

Singapore - Pearl of the East | Wanderlust Tips

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