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[Wanderlust Tips June 2019] With the theme “Family Travel”, Share the love section of Wanderlust Tips in June 2019 will tell readers thrilling stories about a wide range of travel itineraries of famous families.



Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love: Family Travel Itineraries

Whenever I’m feeling fatigued and stressed, travelling with my son is the way I find happiness and relaxation for my soul. We’ve travelled to various tourist destinations around the world, but in my heart, the landscapes of Vietnam are always more stunningly impressive, comfortingly familiar and hold more exceptional beauty.

My son and I both like Vung Tau, taking in the sea views makes us really happy. The coastal people are honest, sincere and extremely hospitable with their gentle smiles. We have fun together, strolling along the alluring beach with its azure water and smooth white sand. After an intense year of learning, this is the time when Trong Phuc takes a summer vacation and relaxes to prepare well for the new school year. I look forward to a comfortable trip without any hassles getting there or having healthy eating choices, and for this, Vung Tau is really just the perfect destination.

On our last trip to Vung Tau, we visited Marina Pier and were overwhelmed by its breath-taking scenery. Then my son and I went to Go Gang Island as well as Pearl Island, and we have to admit that landscape here was truly untouched, everything was pristine, and the weather was very fresh and cool. Perhaps most special though, is the seafood in Vung Tau is extremely fresh and delicious with a unique cooking style which suits our tastes. So even though I’ve been to Vung Tau three times, I still want to go back there more in the future.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love: Family Travel Itineraries

New Zealand is the next destination of my son and I to continue our journey in the reality TV series “Daddy, where are we going?” as I truly believe that New Zealand, one of the world’s most interesting tourist destinations, is a favourite amongst travel enthusiasts. I chose the option of transiting in Singapore on my journey thanks to the partnership between Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines.

During this exciting trip, we had the opportunity to experience the rich diversity of cultural and culinary traditions of New Zealand’ s four top tourist cities, Christchurch, Auckland, Rotorua and Nelson. I was keen to sail along the small rivers around Christchurch, while Rhino was interested in visiting farming villages which were the background to some of the scenes in the blockbuster movie The Lord of the Rings.

For a boy with such a great passion for science and travelling like Rhino, the thrilling experiences in New Zealand will surely be a high point of his growing-up journey with daddy on the road. As he grows up, he will have many more adventures of his own, and without a doubt the more he ventures out there, the more his mind will be expanded and his soul will be uplifted. And most importantly, the more he travels, the more he will love and appreciate his motherland Vietnam.

Travelling to different countries around the world with my family has brought a remarkable variety of feelings to me, but I have to admit that the one-of-a-kind experiences in New Zealand have borne their own which I have never felt anywhere else, helping me gain a deeper insight into this civilized land of friendliness and strong bonds with nature.

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