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[Wanderlust Tips January issue 2018] In the special issue about the North Pole, let’s explore this beautiful, snow-capped region of the world with brave young women who love to travel.


Although I used to live and study in Russia for a long time, when coming to Muransk, I was still overwhelmed by this snow land; sometimes I could not distinguish between the earth and the horizon. Landing at the airport, at the moment when being faced with the blizzard winds, I immediately felt the extreme weather of the North Pole.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Explore the North Pole

Everything here was new to me, from the specialized winter tires for travelling on ice, to the Snowmobile that we used to cross the snow desert to the Arctic Ocean. One side of it was the sea; the other side was the mountain, all of which were covered in a pure white color.

The most impressive thing of the trip was probably to admire the phenomenon of aurora dancing in the night sky. Bands of light constantly moved and appeared in different shapes.

To travel to the North Pole, the most important is to have good health, take enough clothes to keep your head, neck and feet warm. Furthermore, it is recommended to use fur-lined footwear that goes up to at least the calf. In order to have beautiful photos in the midst of the snow, you should wear clothes in bright colors.


I have travelled through 38 countries, 266 cities, and took about 188 flights. During our two-or-three-night stay in Murmansk with favorable climate conditions, I saw with my naked eyes the “dancing lights of the sky”. These were colourful bands of light twisting in the sky in various shapes, changing and moving continuously.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Share the love - Explore the North Pole

About 120 kilometres from the center of Murmansk, we travelled on a snow-covered road to reach the Teriberka village. Despite having the opportunity to travel to many countries and experience a sandy desert, dry desert, death desert, this was my first time to cross the snow-covered desert.

With ice and snow as their “speciality”, people here know how to develop tourism with all kinds of games and services such as driving snowmobiles to the Barents coastline to watch non-freezing hot currents, playing on a snow slide, fishing on ice, riding a dogsled at Husky Farm, and listening about their racing achievements.

In order to have a good Arctic journey, you have to prepare suitable clothes. You need to wear a lot of coats with a waterproof outermost layer and a lot of thin layers inside. In addition to a pair of snow boots that are not slippery on ice, it is recommended to choose shoes that are one to two times larger than your normal size.

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