Sapa autumn gold

Sapa is a small ancient town in the heart of the Hoang Lien Son range – a magnificent mountain range of Vietnam hidden many miracles of the natural scene. The scenery in Sapa with natural beauty combined with the creativity of the people create unique beauty. Especially in the autumn, Sapa is beautiful as a painting of aquatic beings are arranged in a harmonic layout to create a charming poetic scene.


If the beginning of the season is the two-color harmony of the main color blue – yellow, the season of the season, the yellow color is spreading will dominate the eyes of visitors. At the foot of Fansipan is the majestic mountain, so many people “delusion”, “drunk” conquered countless fields in Trung Chai, Sa Pa, Ta Phin, Lao Chai, Ta Van … yellow as a dream Make a captivating picture. People like it is the endless wave of gold, someone said it like raspberry gold or sky ladder. It seems all visualizations are meaningless when one has the opportunity to conquer this place.

Wanderlust Tips | Sapa autumn gold

Conquering Mount Ham Rong does not make people proud as Fansipan peak but makes people feel more satisfied and happy. By this place can see the beauty of Sapa in the best. The small town of Sapa drowned in fanciful mist, immersed with the sight of the hiding place. Each small road, each village, each tourist resort is small but beautiful strange, beautiful as a full color picture. Here you will only feel the beauty is pristine, untapped, no artificial hand so it still has a real beauty of itself.

Along the way, every few kilometers, the Mongolian and Dao ethnic minority people can be seen in their colorful costumes, carried on their back, walking, riding buffaloes to the mountains for sale. At times, some motorbikes carry people, the goods rushed to time to time.

Sapa enjoy many delicious dishes such as sprouts, salmon, spring fish, Ban, … with cold weather, sip a glass of corn wine to enjoy some charcoal grilled dishes are moments unforgettable in life.


Those who come to Sapa are also enthusiastic, admiring the beauty of terraced fields in Sapa, Lao Cai. The terraced fields are considered as the giant ladder connecting the sky became the attraction many tourists in Sapa. Sa Pa terraced fields have existed for hundreds of years and are built by industrious farmers of ethnic minorities. Terraced fields, large or small, are “carved” look good and easy to cultivate. There are hundreds of hectares of terraced fields in Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ta Phin … like huge landscape paintings with soft curving lines that “painter” painted.

Wanderlust Tips | Sapa autumn gold

In 2009, the famous travel magazine Travel and Leisure (USA) voted Sa Pa terraced fields as one of the seven most beautiful terraced fields in Asia and the world.

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