Sai Kung: A tranquil ambience to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known as a modern and bustling paradise; however, it also has beautiful natural tourist destinations, attracting visitors from all over the world. One of Hong Kong’s most peaceful places is Sai Kung.

Photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Sai Kung, known as Hong Kong’s backyard garden, is world-famous for its fishing villages, stunning landscapes, walking trails, beaches, islands, and geological formations, as well as a free-spirited lifestyle. Located in southern Hong Kong, Sai Kung is Hong Kong’s second-largest area in terms of land area. Most of the activities are concentrated in Tay Cong Town, where fishermen sell their freshly caught fish right from their boats parked near the pier.¬†

Sai Kung, ranked as the most beautiful small town in the world, is a place that helps tourists escape the noisy life in Hong Kong and find a quiet place. The gorgeous town, located on the same-named peninsula in the New Territories, one of Hong Kong’s three main zones, next to Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula, was once a fishing village; however, it now mostly serves as a tourist destination.

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Despite modernization, the town still retains many of its old features. The majority of the area is covered by country parks, ranging from the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark to the East and West Country Parks. These grass-colored green spaces and parks dedicated to nature conservation are the primary reasons Sai Kung preserved its wild aspect prior to the urbanization process. It also serves as the gateway to the protected Hai Ha Bay Marine Park and the first leg of the famous 100-kilometer Mach Ly Hao Trail. Furthermore, the harbor is always busy, and fishing boats parked close together selling the day’s catch to locals is a fantastic characteristic that draws travelers from all over the world.

Photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Coming to Sai Kung, visitors can participate in many interesting activities, such as:

  • Swimming: The beach in Sai Kung is one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful beaches, with clear blue sea water, fine white sand, and cool green coconut trees. It is known as an ideal place for visitors to relax, swim, and watch the sunset.
  • Hiking: Sai Kung is also renowned for many beautiful hiking trails where tourists can go hiking to explore nature and see the beautiful landscapes here.
  • Climbing: Sai Kung is home to high mountains and tropical forests, which makes it wonderful for adventurers to climb mountains and challenge themselves under breathtaking views from above.
  • Explore fishing villages: The fishing villages in Sai Kung are rich in traditional Hong Kong culture, which is excellent for those who are passionate about learning about the lives of local people.

Photo: OKAY

Nowadays, it is not challenging to travel from the US to Sai Kung, with many types of transportation for tourists to choose from, specifically:

  • Plane: This is the fastest and most convenient means of travel. Travelers can fly from major US cities to Hong Kong International Airport. From the airport, visitors can take a taxi or bus to Sai Kung.
  • Train: This is a more economical means of transportation than flying. Visitors can take trains from major American cities to Shanghai, China. From Shanghai, visitors can take a train or plane to Hong Kong.

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