5 stunning purple poinciana flower viewing spots in Australia 

Australia is entering spring, which is regarded as the most beautiful time of year to view the magnificence of purple poinciana blossoms. If you’ve ever visited Kangaroo Land between late October and December, you’ll be mesmerized by the calm environment surrounded by the vivid hues of this magnificent flower.

At this time, countries around the world are in late autumn and gradually turning to winter, while in Australia it is just early spring with an extremely wonderful atmosphere. It is no exaggeration to say that spring is the season of purple poinciana flowers on extremely poetic roads, attracting many tourists from all over the world to enjoy the peaceful natural scenery in purple.


Purple poinciana flowers, also known as Jacaranda, are commonly grown in Sydney and other Australian cities. Citizens always tell each other legends about the gorgeous purple Jacaranda flower, the most well-known of which is when each new household that comes into being is given a seedling by the hospital management, and the number of trees multiplied throughout the 20th century until now. Whatever its appearance, the jacaranda has steadily been a symbol of spring in Kangaroo country.

Every spring, Jacaranda dyes Sydney purple; the flowers bloom the most from mid-October to mid-November. Significant purple color can be seen in abundance at the Royal Botanic Nursery, The Rocks, Paddington, Lavender Bay, and the Kirribilli neighborhoods.

Photo: Sydney


In Adelaide, purple jacaranda flowers are often planted in parks and along both sides of the streets. Traveling to Adelaide during the flower blooming season, starting in November, visitors will stand a higher chance of admiring the romantic showers of flowers falling all over the road every time the wind passes by, and then they will never forget the scent of flowers left in their hearts.

The greatest attractions can be found in the southern suburbs of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, such as Millswood, Goodwood, and Unley. Along both sides of the roads in these residential areas, they are covered with purple flowers, signaling Australian spring.

Photo: Adelaide


If the rows of poinciana flowers in Vietnam signal a brilliant summer, the Jacaranda season is considered the invitation of spring in Australia, filled with purple poinciana flowers. Starting around mid-October and lasting until mid-November, the wonderful season is a popular time for Perth grammarians.

Visitors can freely admire the flawless beauty of this typical flower in the northern suburbs of the city, such as Inglewood and Subiaco. To the south of the Swan River, along the city, there is the suburb of Applecross, which also has boulevards lined with purple poinciana flowers.

Photo: So Perth


Although it originates from South America, thanks to the lush climate and soil, Jacaranda flowers in Australia cover the whole sky with a purple color every year. The historic town of Camden in the state of New South Wales, about an hour’s drive from Sydney city center, is also known as one of the ideal destinations, attracting a huge influx of tourists during the purple poinciana flower season.

Since 1920, around 39 purple poinciana trees have been planted throughout the town. Camden’s Poinciana blooms in November this year. Visitors can admire the purple color of this bloom at Macarthur Park in Camden.

Photo: Daily Telegraph


Jacaranda flowers in Melbourne bloom quite late around December, but that does not make this flower less unique than other places. During the season, the Botanic Gardens and Melbourne University areas will be dyed everywhere a poetic purple color. There is nothing more wonderful than walking in a poetic space and capturing beautiful moments in the wonderland of Melbourne.

Whether your time traveling to Australia is long or short, don’t forget to admire the beautiful sight of purple poinciana flowers blooming at 5 attractive destinations suggested by Wanderlust Tips USA.

Photo: Trees

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