Safe destinations for solo female travellers

Women travel to explore the world, broaden their horizons, nurture their passions, and liberate themselves from the pressures of everyday life. Solo female travellers are what every girl should experience at least once in her life. Traveling alone is not as dangerous and complicated as most people think. And the world has many beautiful and safe destinations for women to go to in their youth.


When traveling alone, you can arrange your own schedule, relax in the way you like, and return home whenever you want. When you go alone, the adventure is yours, the challenge is yours, and the victory is also yours. Therefore, be confident to win that victory. From the large and energetic metropolis in North America to the tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia, Wanderlust Tips will suggest you the top 10 best and safest destinations for girls who are passionate about conquering and traveling the world.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Reykjavík is known as the gem of the Atlantic Ocean. The city located in the northernmost part of the world is full of Icelandic features, such as the sun rising at midnight in the summer or the moon shining brightly in the winter. Reykjavík is considered one of the safest places for solo female travelers because it is the capital of Iceland, which was voted the world’s most peaceful nation in 2018 by The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). The crime rate in Reykjavík is very low, and cases of violence, drugs, and homeless people are rare. Visitors to Reykjavík will have the opportunity to soak in outdoor natural hot springs. And if you are an adventure lover, you will definitely enjoy the winding glaciers, where you can try kayaking.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Queenstown, New Zealand’s most graceful getaway city, attracts visitors from all walks of life to admire its magnificent beauty blessed by mother nature. Also known as the Queen City, in the summer or winter, Queenstown is always quietly nestled by the beautiful Lake Wakatipu. It is said that this city is one of the ideal and safest destinations for women, even when they are traveling alone. This place is suitable for adventurous girls who thrive for special experiences like admiring the panoramic view of the city on Gondola cable cars, trying adventure games like bungee jumping, parachuting, or simply walking around vast vineyards, enjoying classy meals on a cruise, and exploring the ancient Arrowtown where gold miners of Otago used to live. Going to Queenstown in the winter, winter sports enthusiasts will certainly be satisfied with the recreational activities of the world-class amusement park in the Remarkables Mountain Range.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Located to the north of Lake Ontario, Toronto is Canada’s largest and most vibrant city. It is the commercial, financial, industrial, and cultural center of the country, and is the capital of Ontario. Toronto is considered one of the safest cities in North America, featuring cultural, ethnic, and artistic diversity. According to police-reported crime statistics in Canada in 2010, Toronto had a lower crime rate than any other city in Canada. It is also famous for skyscrapers, the University of Toronto, and the world’s tallest CN Tower. Being considered a safe city, Toronto is also known as the cleanest city in the world; the streets were well planned and have a lot of green spaces. This city also provides many good educational opportunities, a health care system, and was voted North America’s best place to live by Stylist Magazine in 2013.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Amsterdam is listed among the safest cities in the world, according to the economic database of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The paper analyses the results of the index overall and in each of the four categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security. Known as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam attracts visitors with its gorgeous canals, famous museums, and bridges with exotic architecture. The generous lifestyle of the locals has created a comfortable atmosphere for this city. You will never see creepy or angry faces on the streets, and the police here are extremely friendly and polite. Perhaps due to the generosity in doing business, crime has never been a serious issue here. Like many other cities, petty theft still occurs in Amsterdam, but you do not have to worry too much about it. And even when you are in the crowded Red Light District, you are still safe.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Safety is one of the crucial factors that have made Vietnam an increasingly popular destination for international visitors. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in late December 2017 announced that Vietnam ranked sixth among the top 10 fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world in early 2017, and led Asia in terms of tourism growth. In particular, Hoi An was continuously honored as a friendly destination for solo female travelers and has become the “first love” of many visitors. It can be said that time cannot affect the ancient atmosphere that covers the tranquil streets. Moss-covered roofs, pretty streets covered in red-colored lanterns, elaborately carved horizontal lacquered boards, elegant cuisine, and the hospitality of the locals have created a great reputation for the peaceful town located by the romantic Hoai River. On the journey to explore the distinctive features of Hoi An’s culture, you can enjoy the folk songs of Quang Nam or watch exciting water puppetry performances, which promise to bring a lot of unforgettable memories.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Nestled in the foothill of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is one of the cities that bears a unique atmosphere, which is not noisy, bustling but quiet, peaceful, and suitable for ladies when traveling alone to the Mekong River. Chiang Mai does not have skyscrapers or overhead trains, but you can find small streets filled with green trees, homes that are close together, but one of its most beautiful features is that the city is surrounded by vast rolling green mountains. Known as “the Northern rose” of Thailand, Chiang Mai is an interesting historical city that features interesting culture, more than 300 Buddhist temples, and vegetarian cuisine. Visiting Chiang Mai, you can enjoy the abundant sounds of life, which is slower, more relaxed, and closer to nature.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Singapore is known as the “diamond” of Southeast Asia, as it usually contains many interesting features to satisfy all visitors who travel here. Though it does not have the world’s most beautiful beach or wonders of nature, thanks to its splendor and the modernity of the public transportation system, Singapore always leaves a great impression on its visitors. Friendly, safe, and extremely clean are the compliments that many visitors give to this prosperous land. Because of these criteria, Singapore has very strict laws to punish criminals. Selling gum and smoking in public is prohibited. Therefore, if you do not smoke and do not carry chewing gum, you will definitely have an interesting, convenient, and safe trip when in Singapore. A stable political environment and the policies that prohibit racial profiling also contribute to the peace of the city. This is also one of the differences between Singapore and many other countries in the world.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Osaka offers almost everything any tourist could ask for. This modern city still preserves its traditional beauty and culture. In Osaka, people can feel a safe atmosphere anywhere they go. The city is so safe that people can leave their personal belongings on the table without having to keep a lookout or worrying about it. You cannot find this perfect security anywhere else. Osaka is known as a commercial city, and everyone here works until late at night. Thus, night travel for women is no longer too dangerous in Osaka.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


Vienna, Austria ranked first in the 2018 annual survey of The Economist regarding the best cities to live in the world. The results are based on criteria such as crime rate, healthcare, education, public services, recreation, housing, and personal freedom which considered 140 cities from around the world, and the capital of Austria was voted as one of the safest cities in Europe. Located on the Danube Riverbank, Vienna is also home to the headquarters of the UN and several important international organizations like the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Moreover, this city is known as the cradle of European classical music and is home to well-known composers such as Mozart, Schubert, and Beethoven.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


There is no doubt when Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is considered the safest and most friendly city for women to travel alone in Europe. Known as a young city in Northern Europe, Copenhagen attracts female visitors because of its vibrant nightlife, diverse culture, rich cuisine, unique architecture, and shopping paradise. In addition, the city ranked first in many global lists regarding health care because of its cycling culture; this city has been reducing the amount of CO2 emissions for many years. Greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 20% since 2005, and Denmark’s government plans to turn Copenhagen into the world’s first carbon-neutral metropolis by 2025. Every day, 50% of Copenhagen residents go to work or school by bike. There are nearly 400 kilometers of bike lanes in the city, with about 36,000 cyclists in some major areas every day. Exploring Copenhagen by bike tour is environmentally friendly, and also helps you to experience the beauty of this city.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Safe destinations for solo female travellers


  • Before going on journeys, you should carefully learn about the laws and culture of the country you are going to visit, especially countries that have a strict viewpoint towards women like in the Middle East or countries with high crime rates.
  • Women are often in reach of bad guys. A bewildered face may accidentally lead you into many dangerous situations. To be safe, it is recommended to travel like locals so you will have a chance to be immersed in the lifestyle of the local people while avoiding dangers.
  • You should bring along a bag of medicines, eat well, and keep pace with your daily routine. Remember, even small health problems may become serious when you are alone.
  • When planning your trip, you should schedule all activities during the daytime. Night time is for eating or relaxing. The gold principle is that you should arrive at the destination before the night falls and should not visit remote areas or places that are not for tourists.
  • Give a detailed schedule and your flight information to your friends or relatives. It should include your name, address, and phone number of where you are planning to stay, and keep in touch with them.
  • Buy a SIM card when traveling so you can call the police for support in emergency circumstances. Save emergency phone numbers of the destination you are staying at, such as hotel’s phone number, police’s number, and ambulances.
  • Start learning simple sentences in the language of the places you are going to, such as, greetings, thanks, asking for directions, ordering, and calling for help. It not only helps you to win the sympathy of the local people but also is very useful when you are in danger.
  • Bring items such as knives and tear gas, or take a selfdefense class to protect yourself. However, the greatest weapon for women is to always observe their surroundings and believe in their intuition.
  • If you meet new friends, do not trust them too easily and share all your information. If possible, you should not let them know that you are traveling alone in a completely unfamiliar place.
  • Finally, buy travel insurance. Many people skip this step when traveling because they think it is unnecessary and expensive. However, during a trip, especially for women, travel insurance become their “safe ticket”.

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