Pantai Merah: Indonesia beach with unique contrasting pink colors

Blessed by nature with the charming beauty of bright pink, Pantai Merah Beach located on Komodo Island is world-famous as one of the most enchanting destinations in Indonesia, attracting a large number of tourists around the world to visit on a yearly basis.

Photo: Golden Tour

Komodo Island is well-known as one of the rare places that possesses rich and diverse natural beauty, especially appreciated for the rosy beauty of the unique Pantai Merah beach with its gentle stretch of pink sand gradually changing color based on sunlight. Visitors will not be able to believe that this surreally beautiful masterpiece is real in real life while overlooking it from above.

The magnificent Pantai Mera beach has this distinctive color because of the vast amount of red coral smashed by the waves and blended with the sand to produce a brilliant pink tint. Adorning that pink color are Foraminifera microscopic creatures with pink shells, generating a unique color for Pantai Merah sand. The pink color has been completely created by nature without using any artificial products.

Photo: IDN Times

It’s wonderful to immerse yourself in the cool water under the juxtaposed contrast of the blue of the sea and the characteristic pink that glows under the burning Indonesian sun. On one side are mountains, and on the other side is a pink sand beach. This is the perfect blend of the majesty and dreamy beauty of the Komodo Islands.

Summer is supposed to be an ideal time for visitors to comfortably enjoy the clear sea water under the pink sand and bring home a collection of unique photographs. Tourists visiting Pantai Merah Beach can also participate in a variety of interesting amusement activities, such as scuba diving to see coral, kayaking and swimming in the water, walking along the beach, touring in Komodo National Park, and so on. With its unparalleled beauty, Pantai Merah Beach deserves to be called a paradise on Earth.

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After enjoying the sparkling blue-pink water sports, it will be ideal if visitors take a little time to join the journey to discover the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard species that still exists on Earth. This island with pristine natural landscapes in Indonesia is said to be the only place where the dragon species lives, which is also the reason why it is called Komodo. In 2011, Komodo Island was announced by the New7Wonders organization (Switzerland) as one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world.

The Komodo dragon, which lives on the Indonesian island of Komodo, is the largest lizard in the iguana family alive today. Komodo dragons can grow to be 3 meters long and weigh up to 150kg. Komodo dragons like hot, dry environments and can be found in dry grasslands, savannas, and low-altitude tropical forests. It is busiest during the day. Their top speed is 20 km/h, and they can dive up to 4.5m deep and climb trees expertly. Invertebrates, birds, and mammals are among the foods consumed by Komodo dragons. Their favorite foods include deer, wild buffalo, and wild boar.

According to the experience of indigenous people, this island offers many opportunities to see Komodo dragons of diverse ages in the most comfortable way. Three dragons can be found in roughly 15 minutes, and the majority of these Komodo dragons are distributed along the route. When you go deeper, you can admire some more unique moments in their daily lives.

Photo: Komodo Trekker

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