4 well-known check-in points that draw thousands of photographers

Natural landscapes are always an endless source of inspiration for photographers. With the diversity of terrain, climate, and ecosystem, the natural world offers countless stunningly beautiful scenes, making anyone yearn to capture them with a lens, no matter if they are professional or not.

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In the world, there are many destinations with excellent natural scenery, attracting a large number of photographers from all over. From majestic mountains, colorful flower fields, and romantic beaches to mysterious caves and ancient cities, each destination has its own characteristics, bringing guests unforgettable experiences and emotions.

For photography lovers, exploring these destinations is a great opportunity to capture nature’s most beautiful moments. The photos taken at these destinations always have a unique beauty, making viewers admire them. Let’s explore some wonderful check-in destinations suggested by Wanderlust Tips USA that attract a large number of photographers around the world.

Iceland: The enchanting land of ice, snow, and fire

Iceland, a country located in northern Europe and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, is world-famous for its majestic, unspoiled natural landscapes, with volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and black beaches. Iceland is one of the most ideal destinations for photography enthusiasts, with countless stunningly magnificent scenes that anyone longs to preserve. In addition, Iceland has a rich ecosystem, with many rare flora and fauna species such as sheep, seals, penguins, etc. often appearing in photographers’ pictures. A harsh climate is one of the most contributing factors to creating impressive natural scenes, with icebergs drifting on the sea, white snowflakes falling on mountain tops, and so on.

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New Zealand: An amateur photographer’s paradise

Similar to the unique landscape of Iceland, New Zealand, an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, about 1,500 km from Australia, is renowned for its majestic, pristine natural landscapes, including volcanoes and mountains. glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, and lush green fields.

This wonderful place is said to be the perfect paradise for amateur photographers, as just by turning on the camera, you can have a set of beautiful photos without high skills. Possessing a diverse natural landscape with a rich ecosystem, New Zealand is currently home to many rare plants and species, such as kiwis, owls, seals, etc., that you often see in well-known photographs. Stretched by volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, and green grasslands, each location has its own unique beauty, making anyone open their eyes. Furthermore, New Zealand features a temperate climate with warm summers and cool winters, creating favorable conditions for photographers to capture moments all year round.

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Peru: The charming destination of ancient civilizations

Peru is a country located in the southwest of South America, famous for its majestic and pristine natural landscape, including the colorful deserts next to the ancient civilizations of the Atacama Desert region.

Peru’s colorful deserts were formed by the deposition of many different minerals, including iron oxide, copper oxide, and magnesium oxide. The combination of these minerals creates brilliant colors in the desert, from yellow, red, orange, and purple to green. Peru’s colorful deserts are a favorite destination for photographers, featuring strange and unique beauty that everyone admires during the day, at night, or at sunset; each time has its own beauty. Besides, Peru’s colorful deserts are located near major cities in Peru, creating favorable conditions for photographers to visit and take photos.

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Jordan: A wonderland of magnificent nature

Jordan is a small country located in West Asia, possessing beautiful natural landscapes that attract many tourists and photographers to visit. Two of Jordan’s most famous destinations are Petra and the Dead Sea.

Petra, an ancient Nabataean city located in the south of Jordan, is known as the “Pink City” due to its architectural works built from pink sandstone. This city was erected in the 6th century BC and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, with thousands of works including temples, mausoleums, and churches that are exquisitely and meticulously carved.

The Dead Sea, a salt lake located in the east of Jordan, is supposed to be the lowest point on the earth’s surface, with an altitude of -422 m below sea level. This place has the highest salt content in the world, making it possible for anyone to float on the water. The Dead Sea is also home to many minerals that are good for health.

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